Chapter 265-Are you calling me
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Zhan Yue Chapter 265-Are you calling me


I appeared in Linchen County and I was level 70. I could equip the Explorer's Shield. As for Silver Ocean Sword, it needed level 72 so I probably need to train for another 1-2 days. Of course, this was just on the surface. If I really wanted to equip it, I could have already done so. After all my Assassin account was already level 77!

On the side, Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan, Gu Ruyi and Breaking Dawn Fate all teleported over.

"Quest complete, we have gained so much."

Shen Mingxuan held her bow and smiled, "The delivery is here. Lu Li go get it and come up to eat."


I nodded.

On the side, Breaking Dawn Fate smiled, "Lin Xi, thank you all for calling me. I shall go eat, I have work to do at night too."

"Go go, let's keep in contact."



After they were done, I went offline. I came to the entrance and noticed the deliveryman holding the heavy food. He looked really anxious.

"Sorry for making you wait!"

I walked forwards apologetically and took the food, "Thank you!"

"No worries, no worries~~"

He nodded and then left right away. He seemed like a really friendly person.

Second floor.

The dishes were quite rich and there was a pot of yellow bean stewed pig trotters. It was said that this was filled with collagen but With You's few girls didn't lack any collagen. Thus, I ate the most!

"Next, we shall train on our own."

Lin Xi smiled, "Lu Li level up quickly and equip the Silver Ocean Sword. As for the rest of you, find your own parties to level. I shall go train on my own. I saw that Feng Canghai had overtaken me!"

"He should have completed a quest if not he wouldn't be so quick." I said.

"En, right."

She smiled, "Same as us, an SSS Grade quest."


It seemed like Elements had deep foundations. If With You really fought with them, we would get shredded.

Shen Mingxuan raised her head, "We are quite unlucky. A Guild Creation Token hasn't appeared yet, if not With You should start a guild too."

"Right, we killed so many bosses but no Guild Creation Token dropped." Gu Ruyi said.

Lin Xi smiled, "It is okay, we have time. We are just a small studio and it is too early to create a guild.. Even if we do, do the few of you have experience?"

"I can."

Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Data collection, form making etc are things I am good at. After all I did accounting when I was in school. As for events etc, I will recruit new people and they would be settled."

"That's good."

Lin Xi looked awkward, "For me... Apart from fighting, I don't know anything else..."

I grinned, "That is enough, isn't the game all about that?"

Lin Xi burst out laughing, "That makes sense!"


After eating to our fill,

the few girls talked about makeup. I wasn't interested so I went down and got online. It was time to play my Assassin account. I had spent too much time on the Paladin account!


Paladin appeared in the city and I charged deep into Great Sage Hall and prepared to change accounts.


A message came from Ah Fei. Something definitely happend!

Ah Fei's voice spread through, "Why are you only online now, we are fighting so intensely here. Come, we can't hold on anymore!"

"Who are you fighting with?" I asked.

"For Dreams!"

Ah Fei said solemnly, "Wine and Poems again. He said that he definitely won't let me head out to train. We are at Demon Forest, come over, I will send you the coordinates!"


I jumped on my horse and charged out of Linchen County. My Paladin account had a horse so it was much faster. After all the Assassin could only rely on legs. Ah Fei continued, "Damn, Wine and Poems is going all out. He sent 600 people over. Little Black's side has been nearly all wiped out."

"Don't panic, I will be there in five minutes. I will just slice in, you keep yourself safe."

"Okay, you alone... Can you deal with 600?"


"Then are you coming to die!?"

"That is if I fight them head on, but I can bait them and kill them slowly!"

"Okay, it is all up to you!"


In just five minutes I arrived in Demon Trace Forest. This was a map that was covered in demonic energy and even the trees and flowers were different from the outside. The trees were purple sunflowers and many blue bananas grew from vines. Fire red feathers grew from the trees and it made the entire tree look like it was in flames.


The moment that I charged in, I switched accounts and instantly the Paladin disappeared. A golden light shone on the ground and I looked towards the sky. The majestic Shura account descended with my daggers. I instantly entered White Cloak state and charged forwards.

The map showed where Ah Fei was at and I dashed over.


Right when I passed a small forest, I saw a huge bunch of people there attacking some players. The ones attacking were from For Dreams and there was 400-500 of them. They spread out and blocked the entire place. Within the circle were Ah Fei, Little Black and the others. They used the dense area to barely hold on. Without these thorny bushes, the 20-30 of them would have been wiped.


At the front of For Dreams was Wine and Poems with his sword. He said proudly, "I told you not to come out to train but you didn't believe me. Now good, do you think this Black Barbarian is enough? Tsk, what use. You are just pulling him down!"

In the bushes, Ah Fei's face turned green, "Wine and Poems you really are shameless. You really are a bully!"

"Scoff, continue scolding. You are trash, what do you know apart from inscriptions? Talking nonsense?"

Wine and Poems laughed coldly and he raised his voice, "Black Barbarian, Little Bell, we have no animosity with you. As long as you give up, we cna let you go. After all, I just want to kill August End, it has nothing to do with the others."


At the front, the half health Little Black held his blade, "Stop trying to break us apart. Wine and Poems, if you have balls then bring people in. I will smack you out!"


Wang Siyu held her staff and frowned, "As expected, birds of the same feather flock together!"

"Baby don't be angry."

Wine and Poems grabbed Wang Siyu's shoulder and consolded her. He then moved around her waist, "Shi Shangfei, isn't your July Wildfire strong? Why has he disappeared for such a long time? Was he terrified after Lin Xi and Feng Canghai wiped him out?"

Only Shooting God laughed, "That July Wildfire is just relying on his hidden job. His mechanics and skill are just average. If he really met people like Lin Xi and Feng Canghai, won't he just get wiped? He dares to come out? Isn't he agraid Feng Canghai and Lin Xi wiped him again? HAhaha~~ What Seven God, he is just someone that would get destroyed by everyone!"


Ah Fei was furious and cursed, "You wait and see. Once my Seven Brother comes, all you despicable freaks will be finished!"

"Oh, is that so? Then I will wait for him!"

Fenghua Sizhan laughed and held his staff, "Come July Wildfire, I am waiting for you to kill me. Come you rat!"

All of a sudden, Ah Fei, Little Qian, Little Black and Little Bell were shaking from rage.


Right at that moment, I had arrived nearby. I laughed looking at Fenghua Sizhan. He was actually so arrogant so I shall send him back first!

Thinking about that, I charged over. Under my White Cloak state, it would be a waste to just kill him. I locked onto a For Dreams level 67 Warrior. He was already one of their best!

Unparalleled Shattering, activated!

Lunar Eclipse turned into a streak of light that pierced into his chest!

White Cloak + Annihilation!


Insta kill!

This damage was so high!

The instance that I killed the Warrior, I turned around and used Godslaying Blade on Fenghua Sizhan who hadn't reacted!



Fenghua Sizhan was arrogant a moment ago but when I appeared, his eyes were filled with shock and despair. He wasn't even able to use Element Shield and flash aside. He could only die!

Right when he panicked, I laughed and said something that could give him nightmares--

"Were you calling for me?"

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