Chapter 264- Dragon Race in hiding
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Zhan Yue Chapter 264- Dragon Race in hiding

"Silver Ocean Sword..."

Lin Xi's mouth opened wide as she looked at the Silver Ocean Sword's stats, "Its Attack is even higher than Hellfire... But its special effect is healing, as expected from an equipment prepared for a Paladin..."

I nearly laughed out loud, "En, this sword is not bad!"

"Not bad?"

Shen Mingxuan stared, "An orange sword with such an Attack pretty much makes it the top sword on the server, you think it is only not bad?"

Gu Ruyi smiled, "Right right!"

Breaking Dawn Fate smiled, "Lu Li congratulations, you finally have a good weapon!"

"En en."

I laughed. At this moment Lin Xi walked over and passed the Silver Ocean Sword to me, "Take it. With this, it would be easier for you to draw aggro. Moreover the sword's ratio is not bad and can help your Defence increase."

"En, thank you Boss!"

I accepted the sword emotionally. In truth I was really excited. The rating of the Silver Ocean Sword was definitely really high and was much better than Lunar Eclipse.With this sword, my Paladin's ability to solo things would increase.



Right when I was about to walk forwards, Shen Mingxuan pointed at the head of the Ancient Ocean Snow Whale and said, "There... There seems to be a book?"


Lin Xi dashed forwards and bent to pick out a shining gold skill book. She waved and instantly everyone was stunned once more--

Mind Restraint (SS Grade Skillbook): Lock onto a target and use the power of the mind to stun for 3 seconds. Under the stun, target's magic resistance and defence will drop by 30%, required level: 70, Required Job: Mage


"Mind Restraint..."

I frowned, "It actually is a Mage control spell and is a targeted one. That is quite overpowered. Ruyi, you will become a mage with long ranged control skills now!"

Gu Ruyi's eyes were filled with joy, "En en!"

Lin Xi smiled and tossed the skillbook over to Gu Ruyi, "Great, get to level 70 and you can learn it. Ruyi, in the future you can damage and control too~~"

"I know, I will work many times harder!" Gu Ruyi said seriously.

I laughed and looked at the area behind Ancient Ocean Snow Whale. That was the place that it protected and with my sensory ability, I sensed something strong there. There should be a teleportation gate-like thing there if I wasn't wrong.

"Let's go and see what is ahead. Our dinner is about to arrive. Lu Li why not you open the path?" Shen Mingxuan said.


I guided my horse forwards slowly and stepped into that ball of light. After a few steps forwards, the area ahead lit up. An ancient gate that gave off a dark aura appeared in front of me. Only a lone door appeared on the snow land.


this door was really old and on the edges were inscriptions and runes carved on them. Within it were rumbling noises.

"The truth is behind this gate." Lin Xi said.

I nodded and pushed the door open. A strong wind blew towards us and both the horse and I were pushed back. In the end when I stepped in, I realised that the area became really bright. An ancient hall appeared in front of my eyes that floated in the stars. It was as if a piece of ruins was floating in the milky way.

Behind me, Lin Xi and the others followed in.


When the bunch of girls saw these shocking scenes, they didn't say a single word.

From where we were standing, there was only one path in this Hidden Dragon Hall. It was a small path made of shattered stone that floated in the air. It looked really terrifying, like one would fall into endless darkness if one lost their footing. I sucked in a deep breath, "That looks like the only path."

Shen Mingxuan frowned, "Do we have to go?"

Lin Xi nodded, "It looks like it, if not how would we complete the mission? Lu Li you are a guy, you go first. We will follow you."

I added, "Understood, jump quest, so simple!"

I deactivated my war horse and walked instead. I placed my shield into my back too and just walked forwards with my sword. I jumped and landed on a stone three meters wide. Then I walked forwards, stepping on the pieces of stone forwards. In truth, it only looked dangerous but it wasn't when one was walking.

Behind me, the bunch of girls walked over too. Shen Mingxuan was second, Gu Ruyi was third, Breaking Dawn Fate was 4th and Lin Xi was the last. Her agility was the highest out of the few of us so if anything happened to those three, she might be able to help them.

On the sides, light flickered.


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On the right, a giant dragon appeared. This was a huge blue dragon that was covered in blue scales. It just flashed before disappearing into the air. It didn't look real and just looked like an image in space. That was because I didn't sense any dragon energy at all.

I continued forwards and a few steps later, there was a dragon roar on my left. A red light lit up the entire world and three fire dragons flapped into the sky. Looking at them, I felt like my blood was burning. But the pressure was quite terrifying too and it made my Spiritual Ruin buzz.

Moreover, this was just an afterimage, if this was a true pure blood dragon, my Spiritual Ruin might even explode. That would be embarrassing.

I walked forwards step by step and giant dragons started to appear on the sides. The giant dragon roars were defeaning and the few girls all looked really serious. Only Lin Xi frowned slightly while saying softly, "Be careful, don't lose your footing..."


I turned around, "Calm down, I will wait for all of you. Don't fall down, if not you will become a fallen teen..."

"Tsk tsk tsk, nonsense!"

Shen Mingxuan laughed, "I knew nothing good could come out of your mouth!"

I grinned, "I am just caring about all of you."

After saying that, I turned and continued forwards.

Not long later, when I stepped on a flame wrapped stone, I was finally in front of the Hidden Dragon Gate. This hall that floated in space was finally about to be opened.


"Weng weng weng~~"

When the door was pushed open, the sound was so loud that it shook one's eardrums. After I opened it, the girls around were shocked. In front of us was a god dragon that was glowing gold. Its giant body was like that of a giant serpent, slowly moving. The head that was buried at the middle of its body slowly rose up.


When I faced such a huge being, I couldn't say anything.

Lin Xi held Hellfire nervously and gritted her teeth.


It slowly flew into the air and its giant body filled the hall. The golden scales shone and streaks of clouds spun around it like they were born naturally from it. The aura from the golden claws and the powers from the scales made it hard for me to breathe.

"1... 2... 3... 4...5..." I counted.

"Oi, what are you counting?" Lin Xi asked.

"Take a look."

I pointed, "5 claws, damn... Five claw golden dragon, it should be a true king of the dragon race..."


Shen Mingxuan frowned, "Five represents emperor, this dragon... His identity is really noble."

"Of course!"

In the air, the dragon opened its mouth and spoke in human language, "I am the Ancient Dragon Emperor, why did you come here?"

I said seriously, "We got a Hidden Dragon Scroll that pointed us here so we were able to see you."


It was curious, "So that annoying Snow Whale was already killed by all of you?"

"Yes." I nodded, "We have killed it."

"Very good."

The Dragon Emperor nodded, "Since I took over, the dragon race has been lost and the times of the dragons ruling the world is over. Since you have helped Hidden Dragon Hall remove our problems, naturally I will reward you."


I walked forwards, "Dragon Emperor, where did the dragon race go to?"

"Go to?"

It just looked right at me making me feel really uneasy. After a few seconds it said slowly, "Dragon Race chose to hide from the world and we are already not in the Mortal World. There isn't a pure blood true dragon in the Mortal World anymore. This Hidden Dragon Hall is just a gate between the Mortal World and the new world that the Dragon Race is in."

"So you aren't in the mortal world at all?"

"Right, everything you see is just a part of my body. If my true body appears, how can that Ancient Ocean Snow Whale trap me here for so long?"

Lin Xi asked with hope, "So it is impossible for the dragon race to appear in the human world already?"


He nodded, "Dragon Race doesn't participate in mortal battles."

It looked a little impatient, "I have already wasted too much time on all of you, now take your reward and honor and leave!"

It waved its tail and a golden energy wave swept towards us before it flew away into the space tunnel. As it travelled through the tunnel, a bell rang--


System notification: Congratulations for completing the main quest Dragon Roar Canyon (SSS GRade), obtained rewards +1, Reputation +8000, Gold +5000, Charm +3


All of a sudden I was helpless, it ended just like that?

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