Chapter 263- Silver Ocean Sword
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Zhan Yue Chapter 263- Silver Ocean Sword

"Keng keng keng~~~"

Ancient Ocean Snow Whale went mad and used its head to smash into my shield. I also added health to myself and so did Breaking Dawn Fate. The three others continued to attack and just like that we took its health down. Shen Mingxuan frowned while doing that, "Have you all heard, someone in Linchen County has a pet already."

"Is it August End?" Lin Xi asked.

"Right, you heard?"

"En, it is spreading so much so obviously I would know. " She frowned, "It should be from July Wildfire. Logically speaking the pet system is not yet open so how did those two get it, moreover... That Stone Snake's stats are quite good and is a match with his job."

Breaking Dawn Fate smiled, "Even someone like August End has a pet, as for July Wildfire... That person that hadn't appeared in such a long time, how strong would he be?"

"I think no one in Linchen County is his match." Shen Mingxuan said.

"That might not be the case."

Lin Xi gritted her teeth and she was unwilling to accept that, "We haven't fought so how can we be sure that no one can beat him? Although he is improving but other players are too!"

Shen Mingxuan laughed, "Okay, let me correct myself. Only you can be July Wildfire's match and maybe Feng Canghai. As for the others, they aren't strong enough."

Lin Xi touched her peaks, "That is much better..."

I was annoyed, "Are you shameless?"


Lin Xi smiled, it was rare for her to smile so happily.


Not long later, the Boss was left with 1% health and was about to die!

"Stop, let Lin Xi kill!"

Shen Mingxuan said, "Lin Xi's charm is at 69 so she has the best drop rate, let her get the final hit!"


Everyone stopped but I dissed to myself. My charm was much higher and was at 73. Logically speaking I should be the one to get the last hit but I didn't say anything. It felt bad that I had to act noob. One day I would openly tell the three of them, that... I am not weak!

With the sword light slashing, the Ancient Ocean Snow Whale walked its final journey on the earth.


Golden light pelted down and I rose to level 76. I switched my Paladin account to level 69. On the side, Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi leveled. On this day, we gained so much experience such that Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi both got up to level 70 before dinner. They wore their new equipment.

In the next moment, an ice staff appeared in Gu Ruyi's hands. Her face was filled with happiness. Shen Mingxuan switched the two high tier super purple equipment and she stood there proudly. I felt a little heartpained when I saw her long legs in those boots and I wanted to ask her if she felt cold or not. However, I was afraid she would beat me up too.


At this moment, the Ancient Ocean Snow Whale's body slowly landed.

It smashed onto the ground and a large pile of gold and equipment exploded from its head.

"The drops are here!"

Shen Mingxuan smiled and then bumped Lin Xi's shoulder, "Lin Xi, you are beautiful so you grab the equipment. Help us get a few more orange ones. If With You wants to progress, we rely on your hands."

Lin Xi's face flushed red and she stared, "Although you sound serious but I feel like you are going to diss me."

"Of course not!"

"Scoff scoff!"

Lin Xi walked forwards and kept all the gold. Instantly, the large pile split into golden light and flew into our bags. After they disappeared, four pieces of equipment lay underneath. One was a shining necklace, a black leggings, a pair of bracers that gave off gentle light and also an ice wrapped sword. They... seemed quite decent.

First, Lin Xi held up that necklace and a cold gem hung on the end. It was really exquisite and when she waved, an orange light shone and lit up all our eyes--

Snow Whale Necklace (Unique Grade)

Strength: +198

Agility: +195

Stamina: +192

Effect: Critical Strike +1.5%

Effect: Lifesteal +3%

Effect: +40% precision

Effect: Ice Snow Power, raise one's Attack by 1000

Effect: Ancient Ocean Rebirth, after use, recover 15% of one's health per second for 5 seconds, consumes 100 special skill value, cooldown of 120 minutes

Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 75%

Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 74%

Introduction: Snow Whale Necklace, an equipment formed from the vengeful energy in the Ancient Ocean Snow Whale's body. It is said to have the coldest energy in the world and once one wears it, one would have endless power

Required level: 72



Lin Xi smiled and looked at me, "Lu Li, both of us can use this... Can you..."

"Take it!"

I was generous, "This necklace has no healing at all, I don't care!"

"But.. You really don't want it?"

She blinked and smiled, "Paladins have many different factions, apart from healers, there are tank, explosive Paladins etc. This necklace are for those explosive and violent ones. If you want it, we can roll for it. As the studio head, I won't bully people!"

My mouth twitched, "No need, it is a waste on me. I don't lack the Attack value, you are different. You are a pure Attack Warrior, you take it."

"Hehe, you are so nice!" Shen Mingxuan rubbed my shoulder and smiled.

I was speechless, "I am saying the truth, but if there are milk Paladin equipment then they are mine!"

Lin Xi smiled, "En, then I shall take this!"

After saying that, she switched for the Snow Whale necklace and instantly under her exquisite armor, a necklace appeared between her twin peaks. It looked really beautiful like it was custom made for her body. I took one look and my face turned red, "Next, next!"

"En en!"

Lin Xi bent and picked another item. This time her luck was okay. Those bracers were just a super rare equipment. At least out of the few of us, we didn't bother about it. A second later, Lin Xi picked the third one up. An orange light shone and all of our eyes opened wide--

Silver Ocean Bracers (Unique Grade)

Type: Cloth Armor

Defence: 350

Magic Power: +192

Agility: +190

Stamina: +186

Effect: Precision, Spell Accuracy +40%

Effect: Healing effects +60%

Effect: Toughness, raise user's health by 3000

Effect: Silver Ocean, after use, all party members between 40 yards obtain one 150% healing effect lasting 12 seconds. Cooldown of 30 minutes.

Introduction: Silver Ocean Bracers, an equipment with the sentience of the ancient ocean, it contains the warmth and gentle ocean. Once one wears it, one would obtain purer spiritual energy.

Required level: 72

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"Priest orange equipment, not bad~~"

Lin Xi smiled, "Sister Fate, this is yours, you are the only Priest here."


After Breaking Dawn Fate kept it, her eyes were filled with gratitude, "Thank you Lin Xi, if not for all of you bringing me here, I don't even know when I would get an orange equipment~~"

"Then you have to thank Lu Li, he is the one that provided this."


Breaking Dawn Fate was stunned and smiled towards me, "Lu Li thank you!"

"No worries!"

I waved my hand, "If you didn't come, we definitely wouldn't be able to beat that Ancient Ocean Snow Whale. We are just working together so there is no need to be so polite."

"En en~~"

Right at that moment, I looked at the final equipment, that cold sword, "Lin Xi look at that, I think my sword is about to appear."

"You think it is an orange sword?"

Lin Xi smiled, "In truth, sword weapons have the lowest droprate and top items are even rarer. The chance of this being orange is quite low..."

She held the sword and said. But she froze up and then looked towards me, "It... It is still an Orange sword?"

She reached out and bright numbers appeared in front of our eyes--

Silver Ocean Sword (Unique Grade)

Strength: +192

Agility: +190

Stamina: +185

Effect: Precision, Accuracy +40%

Effect: Quickness, Attack Speed +30%

Effect: Healing effects +70%

Effect: Silver Ocean, after use, all party members between 40 yards obtain one 150% healing effect lasting 12 seconds. Cooldown of 30 minutes

Effect: Armor Penetration, ignore 20% of Defence

Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 75%

Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 72%

Introduction: Silver Ocean Sword, the sword of an ancient saint expert. After a huge battle, this Sword Saint killed a demon path ancestor but he died too, falling into the ocean with this sword. This sword survived in the deep ocean and also absorbed the power of the silver ocean. In the end it was reborn as the Silver Ocean Sword, a sharp sword with sad memories

Required level: 72


"A sword with healing effect..." Shen Mingxuan couldn't close her mouth.

"The special effect is also Silver Ocean..." Breaking Dawn Fate's mouth couldn't close.

Gu Ruyi smiled, "Lu Li's sword, it really came..."

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