Chapter 262- Mind Restraint
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Zhan Yue Chapter 262- Mind Restraint

Although I could see the stats but I couldn't tell Lin Xi and the others if not I would expose myself. After all I was level 68 and I couldn't see stats too much higher than my level.

So we could only fight head on!


"Prepare to fight!"

Lin Xi's eyes were serious and she frowned. However, she couldn't help but laugh, "He is so big, how will we fight? If my Hellfire stabs it, it probably doesn't even feel like a needle..."

I laughed out loud, "En, I agree. I think we would have to rely on Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi. Wait, we have already attracted aggro and it is about to come."


Right at that moment, the Ancient Ocean Snow Whale started to swim down. Its body was too huge and it felt like the moment it smashed into the ground, we would all get wiped out. Fortunately the system wouldn't allow that, players had to have some hope!

"Young man, you shouldn't be here."

The Ancient Ocean Snow Whale opened its mouth and gave out a low voice. It was as if it was talking to us from thousand iles out. Its eyes were covered in blood and it said, "That year, even the protector of the Hidden God Hall wasn't able to defeat me. Much less humans like you? Now, all of you have no choice, prepare ot die!"


Lin Xi gritted her teeth, "Lu Li prepare to fight, it is real this time!"

"I know!"

I raised my shield and rode the horse over. I saw the Ancient Ocean Snow Whale pounce over with its huge mouth opened. It used Consume like it wanted to swallow all of us along with this entire area. But when it was about to succeed, the sky started to buzz.

"Si si si~~~"

A golden light shone in the sky and turned into a giant gold chain. It actually wrapped around its neck and the other end was deep in the clouds. The Ancient Ocean Snow Whale bit onto my shield and dealt 28 thousand damage. It was as if that golden chain had restricted it a lot.


Behind me, Shen Mingxuan, Gu Ruyi and Breaking Dawn Fate's faces were all ashen white. The Ancient Ocean Snow Whale's attacks were too shocking.

Fortunately the Ancient Ocean Snow Whale was locked up and its face was filled with rage, "Damn, ten thousand years. Even your shell is gone but why does this artifact not release me?"

Snow continued to rain down but there was no reaction at all.

That artifact was definitely good. At this moment, it became our hope for winning. Logically speaking, without this, we would definitely all get wiped. The strength of this Ancient Ocean Snow Whale was far above that of Unique Grade Bosses!


It tried to breakfree from the golden chains while opening its mouth and shooting out a shockwave onto my shield, dealing another 30 thousand damage. Fortuntaely, Breaking Dawn Fate had been healing so I could tank it. In the next moment, I stopped taking damage for nothing. My bone horse jumped up and then I used Judgement+ Saint Storm+ Righteous Provocation together onto the Ancient Ocean Snow Whale's body.

It was fully attracted to me!

"Time to damage!"

Lin Xi held Hellfire and Heaven Sword Umbrella. Behind her, Shen Mingxuan fired and Gu Ruyi started to use various spells. Magic runes rose up around her body and she released Ice Soul Dragon Roar, Storm, Flame Whirlpool, Wind Blade etc skills.

"Just like that!"

Lin Xi moved in front of me and streaks of blade light that were attacking the boss condensed into the Heaven Sword Umbrella to help me block the Boss's Swallow damage. She smiled, "Mingxuan and Ruyi attack. Lu Li can totally tank the boss's aggro."

Right when she moved aside, I jumped up and used Righteous Provocation once more. When attacking bosses with people that dealt so much damage I had to use Righteous Provocation. If not we would get totally wiped. This depended a lot on tanks like myself. In truth, top squads were the same. Each person had to go all out. As for those that wanted to slack, they didn't have the rights to remain in a top squad.

In the end, all of us were fully focused on our tasks. Lin Xi controlled her damage and then I locked the aggro onto myself. Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi damaged while Breaking Dawn Fate healed us. With such perfect coordination, although the Ancient Ocean Snow Whale was strong but its health started to drop.

"50%, be careful!"

Five minutes and Ancient Ocean Snow Whale's health was down to half. I warned everyone as I saw that it had two skills that it didn't use. At that moment, the Ancient Ocean Snow Whale roared and a blood colored mark shone on its head. A blood thread appeared and pierced into Lin Xi!


Lin Xi was stunned and then her eyes turned empty. She just stood on the spot and was unable to move.


Battle notification: Please note, Ancient Ocean Snow Whale has used the skill Mind Restraint, player Lin Xi is unable to move for 7 seconds!


"Mind Restraint?"

Lin Xi was shocked, "My aggro was third and I was hit.This was obviously a targeted skill!"


I blocked the Boss's attacks while panting, "Unique Grade Bosses are considered quite high grade already so for them to have targeted skills aren't special. Fortunately you were the one, if it was the Priest, we might get wiped out."

Breaking Dawn Fate was shocked, "Then how?"

Lin Xi was calm, "Don't panic. Lu Li what about your purify, use it on my effect and try."


I used War Trample and then waved my blade towards the sky. A white light descended on Lin Xi and instantly the Mind Restraint effect reduced by more than half!

"Oh, so that is the case~~"

Lin Xi woke up from that and smiled, "Although it isn't able to Purify everything but it can reduce some effect. Sister Fate you are a Priest and also have Cleanse, if someone has been Mind Restraint, let's just cleanse one another."

Breaking Dawn Fate nodded, "Understood!"

Half a minute later, Ancient Ocean Snow Whale hollered. As expected, it used Mind Restraint once more!

"Lin Xi take the aggro!"

Breaking Dawn Fate shouted and then used Purify on my head. Lin Xi headed forwards and used Combo+ Storm Slash +Flying Flame Slash +Heaven Sword Umbrella to attack and then she took over the aggro. The next two attacks from Ancient Ocean Snow Whale were tanked by her and when she dropped to low health, she retreated. "Lu Li take over!"

At that point, I had woken up!

Assault! Righteous Provocation!

Instantly, I pulled back the aggro. This time we were able to do so without much problems.

"Too dangerous!"

Breaking Dawn Fate healed, deep down she was feeling quite nervous.


Lin Xi gritted her teeth and drank a health potion, "Mingxuan and Ruyi attack. Try to kill it, if not I suspect the Boss still has some skill."

Of course, it still had an Ice Ocean Tsunami!

Of course, I couldn't say that. I saved Assault and Righteous Provocation. After all, my level was the highest and I was only 3 levels away from teh Boss. The chance of my control spells hitting was the highest..

In the blink of an eye, the Boss's health was down to 18%.

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Ancient Ocean Snow Whale hollered once more and its eyes gave out an ice cold glow, "Humans, you will never understand the power of heaven and earth. Come, let me teach you to respect the earth and the ocean- Ice Ocean Tsunami!"

Its body froze up and started to shake. Streaks of frost energy rose up and it started to channel!

"It is using the ultimate!"

Lin Xi said hurriedly, "Throw all our control skills!"

Instantly, Stun Shot etc spells were used but all missed. Even Lin Xi's Assault failed. I used Assault onto the Boss and then used Righteous Provocation. A golden lightning exploded and interrupted the spell!

"Jerk, you should die!"

It raged but there was no use anymore.

Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan and the others were surprised, "Lu Li... Not bad! I will add a chicken thigh for you for dinner!"

I laughed, "Nothing much!"


Ancient Ocean Snow Whale attacked but it had no effect at all. With its ultimate broken, its chance of killing us had disappeared. Next would just be its health dropping. Based on the attack difficulty as well as our charm, the spoils of war from the Ancient Ocean Snow Whale wouldn't be lousy.

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