Chapter 261- Ancient Snow Whale
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Zhan Yue Chapter 261- Ancient Snow Whale

Within the canyon, snow flew all around and the visibility distance was less than 20 yards. after we cleared out another batch of snow monsters, we saw slivers of blue light in the snow. At the same time we could hear weird sounds like they were some sort of ocean creature.

"What sound is that?"

Lin Xi held Hellfire and listened closely. Her hair danced slowly in the wind and she was so beautiful and attractive.

"I think it is a dolphin." Shen Mingxuan was certain.

"Let's just take a look and we would know!"

I walked forwards and a few steps in, a person was floating in the air. He looked around 10 meters and it was actually a snow white fish. Slivers of frost energy wrapped around him and its eyes revealed a fierce light. All of a sudden even I retreated, "What is that?"

"Snow Whale..."

Lin Xi opened her eyes wide and she was shocked, "Actually... There are actually whales flying in the air?"

Shen Mingxuan looked at the white whale and she smiled, "Seeing a deer late at night in the forest and seeing a whale when the ocean is blue? This looks so romantic..."

"Seeing a deer late at night..."

Lin Xi's lips curled up, "When I created With You, to a big extent it was because of that sentence..."

Although Gu Ruyi and Breaking Dawn Fate didn't say anything but they still focused.

"Cough cough..."

I coughed, "Girls are just too emotional. Pay attention, this Snow Whale is a monster and it will come and eat you, what seeing a whale when the ocean turns blue... When the ocean is blue you might die!"

Instantly, the four beauties stared at me and felt like I had spoiled their mood.

At that moment, the Snow Whale roared. Logically speaking, their sounds should be supersonic and humans couldn't hear it. But in game, it sounded real. The Snow Whale had noticed us and started to be aggroed. It waved its giant tail and swam over. It even opened its bloody mouth!

"Be careful!"

I retreated. At the same time, Lin Xi scouted its stats and shared it to the party channel--

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Snow Whale (Unique Grade Monster)

Level: 77

Attack: 6800- 8950

Defence: 4500

Health: 700000

Skill: Swallow, Ripple, Ice Stream

Introduction: Snow Whale, tens of thousands of years ago, Hidden Dragon Hall fell into the ocean and was buried deep down. Along with its shell shifting, Hidden Dragon Hall was pushed out to the surface. The area around it became a freezing snow region and these ocean beings started to evolve. Whales that swam in the water started to be able to fly in the air and finally evolved into a strong Snow Whale.


"As expected!"

I avoided its Swallow skill and then used Saint Storm+ Momentum Slash. After using Righteous Provocation, I grasped all of its aggro and said, "This whale really evolved from the ocean. This Hidden Dragon Hall was also originally buried in the ocean.

No wonder the Dragon Race hadn't appeared in such a long time."

Lin Xi slashed and used a series of skills on the side of the Snow Whale. Damage numbers flew all about and she said calmly, "The timeline is not right. Illusionary Moon didn't see Dragons over thousands of years but Hidden Dragon Hall sunk tens of thousands of years ago. Moreover, even if there are dragons inside, they should have all drowned. After all they are Dragons not water dragons."

"Dragons are mammals so they can't live underwater for too long." Shen Mingxuan siad.

"Dragons lay eggs, haven't you heard of dragon eggs?" I said.

Lin Xi giggled, "What nonsense are all of you saying..."

At that moment, the Snow Whale waved its tail and smacked my shield. Ripples appeared in the sky and swept towards Lin Xi and I. Both of us suffered from 13 and 16 thousand damage. The Snow Whale's attacks were quite high.

"Be careful."

Breaking Dawn Fate waved her staff and said, "We can't underestimate these monsters. If they wipe us out it would look quite ugly."


Lin Xi nodded. She also looked towards the north and frowned, "There... Seems to be echoes there? I heard other Snow Whales, was it an illusion?"

I listened while slashing, "No, there really was replies!"

"Is it..."

Shen Mingxuan was stunned, "Would they use sound to inform their other partners to assist?"

"Who cares, just kill this one first!"


We worked hard to attack and right when we killed the first one, many others appeared in the snow. Five appeared at the same time and cold killing intent rose up in their eyes. They moved their giant bodies over and used Swallow!

"Be careful!"

I waved my arm and summoned Ash Fortress, "I tank four, Lin Xi tank one, let's play safe!"


In the next second, I pulled my reins and made my bone horse move left and right. Just like that, I shifted 4-5 yards. The Snow Whale smashed down and opened their mouths. Some dealt damage but some missed.

All of a sudden, Shen Mingxuan opened her mouth wide and her eyes were filled with shock, "What... What kind of mechanic is that?"

Lin Xi laughed and charged towards one of them, "It seems like when we killed the first one, Lu Li deduced the attack trajectory of Swallow, what an astute observation~~"

I counter attacked while laughing, "Of course, without this skill how can I survive in With You?"

Lin Xi smiled. After which her body shot forth and she started to attack seriously.

I raised my shield and continued to use Saint Storm and War Trample. At the same time I used Righteous Provocation to tank the aggro of the four Snow Whales. I also locked Saint Light Technique onto myself to heal. Breaking Dawn Fate needed to heal both Lin Xi and I so after using one longer lasting heal skill, she threw out a large scale healing technique. This wasn't the time to hold back on mana potions.

In the end, after Lin Xi killed her Snow Whale, I was left with only 30% health and was forced to retreat.

"It is fine!"

Lin Xi opened her left hand and a golden sword light flew out from her chest and formed into Heaven Sword Umbrella to help me block an Ice Stream. She then used her combo to clash with the bunch of Snow Whales. I healed while tanking some damage, trying my best to block more of them.

After a round, when the five of the whales turned into corpses, Lin Xi and I were at low health. Breaking Dawn Fate was left with 40% mana and we all looked at one another.

"Unique Grade monsters are just too sick."

Lin Xi gritted her teeth and said, "We actually end up in such a bad state, not simple..."

I nodded, "Fortunately they provide enough gold and experience. Next we should switch spots in case they surround us. Five is our limit and anymore and we won't be able to hold on anymore. Either we all get wiped or we need to try to flee."


Lin Xi wiped the blood off her sword and returned it to her sheath, "Let's continue forwards. We can't kill Snow Whales endlessly. We have to find the entrance."


Thus, after healing up health and mana, I opened the way with the bunch of girls following behind. We killed Snow Whales along the way and if there weren't any then we continued to search the map.

Just like that, we trained until 5pm. After we killed numerous Snow Whales, we came to a wide snowland. At that moment, there was a furious roar and it caused one's head to hurt. There was a giant figure flying in the sky and looked at least hundred meters long!


I raised my head and frowned, "My brain is about to explode!"

Lin Xi looked at me, "Me too!"

"The boss is here!" Shen Mingxuan said firmly.


I looked into the sky and slowly saw clearly. That was a huge Snow Whale and its body gave off a thick aura. Just one moustache was ten meters long. Its tail felt like it was covering the entire sky and it just looked down on us. The pressure even made one feel like kneeling down.


I held the shield in front of Lin Xi and said, "This game is too real, if this was real life, I would definitely kneel..."

"You really have no class..."

Lin Xi muttered and smiled, "Okay, this is a Boss whose level i can't see. Be careful. Like what Mingxuan said, this is definitely the Boss!"

Her level was not enough to see the Boss but I could. Not to mention that my real level was enough, even if it was not enough I could. From hundreds of meters away, I could use Shifang Flame Spiral Eye. And instantly the Boss's stats appeared in front of my eyes--

Ancient Ocean Snow Whale (Unique Grade Boss)

Level: 78

Attack: 9000-12500

Defence: 7000

Health: 8000000

Skill: Swallow, Ripple, Mind Restraint, Ice Freeze Tsunami

Introduction: Ancient Ocean Snow Whale, a Snow Whale that lived for tens of thousands of years. He protected this snow region and grew alone over these few years. It became violent and its heart was covered in hatred and rage. Only by killing it can it be released. But it is too strong. Adventurer, when you see its name, it is best to flee.

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