Chapter 260- Explorer's Shield
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Zhan Yue Chapter 260- Explorer's Shield

First was that chestplate. Lin Xi waved and its stats appeared. It was actually a leather armor--

King Snowman Chestplate (Treasure Grade)

Type: Leather Armor

Defence: 400

Agility: +145

Stamina: +142

Strength: +140

Effect: Damage absorption +5%

Effect: Physical Damage avoidance +10%

Effect: Toughness, Raise user's health by 3000

Effect: Frost Armor, after use, damage reduction increased to 60%, moreeover, attacker's Attack Speed will be greatly reduced.

Bonus: Raise User's Attack by 58%

Bonus: Raise User's Defence by 55%

Introduction: King Snowman Chestplate, a chestplate that came from the snowman race. When the King Snowman descended, the snowman race used all their power to craft an armor that could shrink and grow. The giant could wear it and so could normal people. This is a treasure and it is said that after wearing it, one would become inpenetrable.

Required level: 70


"Not bad~~"

Lin Xi smiled towards Shen Mingxuan, "The introduction said that one would be inpenetrable, wear it and let me poke you!"


Shen Mingxuan opened her eyes wide, "Your Hellfire's Attack is so high, if you crit, along with the passive I would be insta killed. Lin Xi you are learning how to be bad too, making fun with me along with this Lu Li!"

"Where did I!"

Lin Xi waved and lowered her laughter, "I am still yours!"

"That's good."

This purple chestplate was not bad but it was far worse than my orange Hellfire Chestplate, one could just say that it was decent!

"Lin Xi, Lin Xi~~"

Gu Ruyi bit her lips and focused on the staff, "Look at the staff!"

"En en!"

Lin Xi picked it up and waved and instantly an orange light shone. Its strong stats appeared in front of our eyes and filled one with envy--

Frost Staff (Unique Grade)

Magic Attack: 525-650

Magic Power: +195

Agility: +193

Stamina: +190

Effect: Precision, accuracy of spells +45%

Effect: Spell vamp +4%

Effect: Frost, ice element magic +50% damage

Effect: Armor penetration, ignore 20% magic resistance

Bonus: Raise User's Magic Attack by 75%

Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 73%

Introduction: Frost Staff, gather the ice elements to form a staff. This was the snowman race's treasure but after the King Snowman left the group, he brought the staff around to kill many innocent people. Legend had it then if the staff lands into the hands of a cultivator, it would become a killing weapon,

one would win all battles.

Required level: 70


"The top staff?"

Lin Xi held it and smiled, "It should be the top one right?"

I confirmed. Anyways my Assassin didn't get any orange staff so there shouldn't be anyone else. I nodded, "Logically speaking this should be the best, if not then it would be second."

"En en."

She passed it to Gu Ruyi and smiled, "Ruyi, this is for you."

After saying that, she looked towards Breaking Dawn Fate, "Sister Fate, this staff adds attack and not healing so I will give it to Ruyi. If there are healing equipment, they will all go to you!"

Breaking Dawn Fate smiled, "I understand, there is no need to explain. I understand how this works."

"En en, that's good!"

After which, Lin Xi picked up the King Snowman's third equipment. This was a purple necklace. It really was a Super purple equipment and its stats were amazing--

Explorer's Necklace (Treasure Grade)

Agility: +155

Strength: +152

Stamina: +150

Effect: Critical Strike +1.2%

Effect: Lifesteal +3%

Effect: Explorer's fighting spirit, raise range Attack by 600

Effect: Barbaric Domain, after use, deal +35% damage towards target within the domain. Moreover, Attack distance +50% lasting 10 minutes. Cooldown of 120 minutes.

Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 55%

Bonus: Raise User's Defence by 54%

Introduction: Explorer's necklace, legend had it that this was crafted by the barbarian explorer of the last generation. This necklace has large amounts of barbaric power and can even release energy waves from that era. It has a really magical ability.

Required level: 70


"It actually is a necklace with a skill..."

I squinted and smiled, "The moment you use the Barbarian Domain, you can just stand and shoot. Shen Mingxuan this is yours!"


Shen Mingxuan was delighted, "Today.. Am I just so lucky? Another one of my equipment, moreover the stats are so good. I love it!"

Lin Xi giggled and then passed the necklace to her, "You are one level away. let's try to equip you today. With these two equipment, your damage will reach another level."

"En en."

Shen Mingxuan kept it and her smile couldn't be hidden.

Right at that moment, I coughed and pointed at the last one. That shield that was covered in frost, "Lin Xi touch that, give me an orange shield okay?"

"I will try my best!"

She nodded her head and walked towards the shield. She reached out and an orange light shot forth. I already knew that my orange shield was here--

Explorer's Shield (Unique Grade)

Defence: 800

Block: +60

Strength: +198

Stamina: +195

Magic Power: +192

Effect: Damage reduction +8%

Effect: Toughness, raise user's Health by 8000

Effect: Ice Seal, transfer 20% damage to any enemy target within 10 yards

Effect: Healing effect +55%

Effect: Barbarian Ice, after use, 40 yards will turn into a barbarian region, all party members' Defence increase by 80%, heal 5% Health every second lasting 10 seconds

Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 79%

Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 75%

Required level: 70



Shen Mingxuan laughed, "I didn't expect the greatest winner is Lu Li in the end..."

Gu Ruyi opened her eyes wide, "Such strong stats, especially that skill, it is such a super support, it is so suitable for Lu Li."

Breaking Dawn Fate nodded and smiled, "Right, this should be the best equipment for a Paladin now right?'

Lin Xi walked in front of me and smiled, "Okay, the system must have seen your hardwork and talent. This shield is the greatest reward towards you. Our With You's top Paladin, good luck!"

I looked at her smile and my heart felt warm, "En, I won't disappoint With You!"

After which, I placed down my shield. Unfortunately my adjusted level was 68 and I was two levels away. In truth I could just equip it but if I did it, I would expose myself. Forget it, I shall equip it later on, if not it would be too fake.

I kept it into my bag and I felt delighted. Now, my Paladin account was rising up. Another 1-2 more orange gear and I would be able to complete Lin Songyan. The equipment has also made up for my lack of experience!



Lin Xi clapped and looked towards the snow in the distance, "Let us continue. We have not made any leeway in the quest and just killed one of the other area bosses. We need to calm down and continue."

Breaking Dawn Fate smiled, "I think we need to spend a day to complete. If we can finish before 12 that would be really amazing."

"En, so we need replenishments."

Shen Mingxuan looked at the time, "It is already 11 so should I order delivery? We eat at 12?"


Lin Xi smiled, "I want to eat gongpao chicken..."


Shen Mingxuan waved, "All of you level, don't care about me, I can damage and order at the same time..."


I continued forwards and it was a bunch of snow monsters. Anyways I needed to level so i continued to kill my way over!

After lunch, we gathered at 1pm and leveled once more.

We still killed the snow monsters.

Two minutes later, I received a news from Ah Fei, "Damn, so annoying, damn!"

"What happened?" I opened my video call.

He was standing in the Linchen County teleportation formation and his legs were naked. His leggings were gone and Time Strand was the same, she had lost her boots. Ah Fei was furious, "Just now, For Dreams caused my purple leggings to drop, zzz, Wine and Poems that dog!"

"He did it?" I frowned.

"En, who else apart from him?"

Ah Fei gritted his teeth, "Before I died, Stone Snake and I killed three of them but it was still a loss. I lost gear and also dropped one level. For Dreams are just too arrogant, they told me not to head out if not they will kill me everytime. Your slutty ex Wang Siyu was also an accomplice. She was the one that found my coordinates!"


I sucked in a deep breath, "It seems like I have to beat them up.. Now they are riding on your head and shitting on you. How can I let that happen? !"

Ah Fei was stunned, "They.. Haven't shit."


I said, "But I am doing an SSS Grade quest with With You and it is really important. Tomorrow I won't train. I will use my Assassin account to torment them. As for you, don't head out alone and wait for Little Black."


Ah Fei sucked in a deep breath, "Little Black has expanded to over 100 and For Dreams only have a few hundred. If we really fight who knows who would win. I will form a part with them in the afternoon."


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