Chapter 259- Blissful hit
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Zhan Yue Chapter 259- Blissful hit


King Snowman kicked and once again sent me back by ten minutes. Shortly after, he chased and the giant ice rod descended from above.

"Lu Li tank him, don't lose the aggro!"

Lin Xi chased.

"Don't worry!"

I activated Ash Fortress and after tanking a hit, I used Righteous Provocation to pull the aggro to full! One had to say that Righteous Provocation was such a good skill. Only after having this skill was I a passable tank. Of course... Since the server began, there weren't many passable ones. Even Lin Songyan from Elements didn't have Righteous Provocation. Let's not mention Breaking Dawn Dust. When I used Righteous Provocation previously, his shock expression showed everything.

"Very good, max aggro. Continue to damage!"

Lin Xi smiled and continued to attack the boss with Hellfire. In a blink of an eye, her damage exceeded that of Gu Ruyi and she was top of the party. This fellow really was a monster. Gu Ruyi's mechanics and equipment weren't bad and she could nearly be said to be a first rate Mage but she was still being surpressed. There weren't so many of such Warriors on the server.

Not long later, the Boss's health was lower than 50%.

"Everything is smooth..."

Breaking Dawn Fate healed while smiling, "But... An orange Boss definitely isn't so weak, be mentally prepared."


Right at that moment, King Snowman roared and stopped attacking. He raised his left hand and wind energy gathered in his palm. He shouted, "You ant, prepare to be bathed in the cold wind-- Cold Wind!"


He tossed out his skill and a strong wind flew out. I held my shield and sword and tried to avoid it but this wind actually wasn't charging towards me but Shen Mingxuan behind me!


Saint Light Technique couldn't reject at all and she was swallowed by that wind. A large bid of her health dropped. I instinctively used Saint Light Technique onto her and all of a sudden, a large number of damage and healing numbers popped up!






Cold Wind dealt three stages of damage and I was able to heal her between the second and third one. After the wind blew, Shen Mingxuan was left with less than 2% health. She stood stunned to the spot and she really didn't expect that she could survive.

"So dangerous!"

Lin Xi stepped forwards and used Gale right away. She blocked the Boss's attack path and then Breaking Dawn Fate healed twice for Shen Mingxuan.

"Too dangerous!"

Breaking Dawn Fate healed while saying, "The King Snowman's third skill was a legendary targeting spell and fortunately Lu Li healed in between the damages if not Shen Mingxuan would be finished!"

I was breaking out in cold sweat too, "Hold on!"

After saying that,

I dealt a bunch of damage to the King Snowman and then used Righteous Provocation to pull all the aggro. But this was useless as due to this targeting spell, accidents would still happen!

"Keng keng keng~~~"

Lin Xi dealt a three combo strike and then after two critical strikes, she pulled the reins and shifted the war horse out. Her eyes were very serious but she said calmly, "Ruyi just activate Element Shield all the way even if you spend mana. Lu Li and Fate, Shen Mingxuan's life is in your hands. Especially Lu Li. Use Saint Light Technique right away. You need to anticipate the damage gaps if not Shen Mingxuan is finished."


I rode around the King Snowman and attacked. Less than a minute later, the King Snowman used the same skill. He hollered and used Cold Wind once more. This time, Lin Xi and I used Assault but both of us missed. Shen Mingxuan's Stun Shot didn't hit either. High grade orange Boss's resistance was too strong!


Cold Wind swept forwards and this time it was aimed at Gu Ruyi!

"Ruyi don't panic, continue to attack."

I locked onto her and after the two damage numbers broke her shield, I used Saint Light Technique. When she lost 70% of her health, my Saint Light Technique pretty much pulled her back to full health.

Mages were so pitiful. She was about to reach level 70 but only had 20 thousand health. She was just so easy to kill!


After which, everything proceeded as normal.

Not long later, King Snowman lost 15% of his health.

"Be careful!"

Lin Xi attacked while frowning, "We don't have to be afraid of anything, just that he might point and click his ultimate. That would be tough."

I nodded, "Leave all your control skills. Once Boss uses his ultimate we wil interrupt it!"


The moment I said that, the King Snowman shouted once more, "Ants, accept the wind-- Cold Wind!"


This time it flew towards Shen Mingxuan!

"Be careful!"

Lin Xi was stunned. Her eyes were filled with shock, "Oh no, the Boss is about to use his ultimate too!"

The instance it used Cold Wind, a giant frost star appeared beneath his feat and he hollered, "Endless snow spirits, give me the power of the cold and the courage to smash these enemies- Snow Whirlpool!"

I didn't have time to bother about the ultimate. I raised my hand and used heal of Shen Mingxuan!

This time, I healed her between the first and second damage and she was left with less than 6% health. Right after confirming that she was not dead, I used Assault on the boss. At the same time, Lin Xi did too. Shen Mingxuan also used Stun Shot but we all missed!

"Righteous Provocation!"

I shouted and my body was covered in golden lightning light. Something unexpected happened which was that I taunted the target. The instance that it worked, King Snowman stopped using the skill and hit me with his rod.

This time it was a happy rod hit!


"Well done!"

Lin Xi was delighted. She didn't expect that Righteous Provocation could interrupt the skill at all. If this ultimate was really used, the outcome would be really hard to describe. At least Shen Mingxuan would not be able to escape. Although Breaking Dawn Fate's healing was strong but she couldn't heal her to full help. Without being full health, a squishy Archer would definitely be killed!

"Continue to attack."

Lin Xi continued to command and the two of us attacked the King Snowman from front and back. We restricted its movement so it didn't know who to attack. That greatly reduced the damage I was taking. To fight alongside an expert was an enjoyable thing. She was always able to handle things perfectly.

Just like that, under our attacks, the King Snowman's health started to drop. Although his attacks were strong but he only targetted twice. Once was Lin Xi and once was me. It just slowed down our attacking tempo but didn't change the final outcome.


Another ear piercing shout. This was his final shout and he knelt down in front of us, "You ants are actually so strong, to lose to all of you, I accept it..."

As he said that, he dropped a bunch of equipment and gold!


Gu Ruyi and Shen Mingxuan both levelled. They were both level 69 and was one step from 70. Currently, there were only a handful of level 70 and above players. Just Lin Xi, Feng Canghai and Mars River. If we reached level 70 today, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi would both enter the top ten.

We were all delighted.

Shen Mingxuan walked forwards and shoulder bumped me, "Little brother thanks for saving me twice. Next time I will cook maggie mee for you~~"

I smiled, "Okay, don't poison me."

"Hahaha, that would depend on my mood!"

Gu Ruyi smiled, "Don't worry, I will stare at her."

I grinned, "Ruyi is the best."

Breaking Dawn Fate looked at us joke around and a bit of sadness flashed across her eyes.

"Let's look at the equipment."

Lin Xi said, "Lu Li, you or me to touch the equipment?"


I touched my nose, "The beautiful one should do it."

She burst out laughing, "Tsk, what a flirt!"

She was still the one to look at the equipment. Each one of us got 500+ gold and it felt like we were rich. As for equipment, there were four of them that laid out one by one on the ground. A chestplate, a staff, an exquisite necklace and also a shield covered in frost. They all looked quite decent.

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