Chapter 258- Sparks of love
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Zhan Yue Chapter 258- Sparks of love


After losing its last bit of health, the Snow Monster fell to the ground and snowflakes flew all around. The instance it fell, my experience bar jumped. The experience was quite decent even after being split among five people. 3 gold was also dropped!

"So rich..."

Shen Mingxuan looked at the gold and smiled, "One basic monster can drop 3G, that is just unimaginable."


Lin Xi smiled, "Based on the current gold ratio, it is about 5 dollars. 5 dollars for one monster, that is such a quick get rich scheme. It is more worth it then other jobs..."

Breaking Dawn Fate laughed, "Actually this is because the monster's level is too high. Level 75 Unique Grade Monster, not many 5 men teams can beat it. once everyone can do so, wouldn't the price of gold drop?"

"That makes sense, this is the law of economics and balance." I held my sword and agreed.

Lin Xi stared, "You know economics?"

"No, I just randomly made up the name..."

"Hahaha, I knew it!"

Gu Ruyi walked over and smiled, "Continue, I feel like I should get to level 70 today!"



I opened the way and we walked in this white piece of land. The monsters further forwards were still Snow Monsters but there were more and more of them. Sometimes they started to group up. Fortunately, our party was strong enough. With me tanking, Lin Xi and Shen Mingxuan all dealt damage. With Breaking Dawn Fate's heal, I could tank five Snow Monsters.

"Huala~~ Huala~~"

Along with small piles of gold dropping, we laughed so much. In just half an hour, I earned close to 100 gold. Moreover, the gold was equally shared which meant that each person got so much. This income was like a home tutor, we were walking on the path to getting rich!

Just like that, over an hour passed and it was 10am. I couldn't remember how many we have already killed and my experience bar increased by a large amount. The white snow seemed endless with nothing at all but Snow Monsters. Right at this moment, a message came from Ah Fei, "What are you doing?"

"Why, are you thinking about me?"

"Ah, a little." His voice was a little weak, "I am training with Little Qian so I can't think too much about you. I just want to tell you that the Stone Snake is really strong and it only managed to reach level 40 now but can already tank level 62 monsters. Its few skills are also really strong!"

"It reached level 40 already?"

I squinted and smiled, "Did you not sleep?"

"What do you think?"

He opened his panda eyes, "To not burden you, of course I didn't dare to slack! But the gains are not bad too. I leveled three times and the Stone Snake raised to level 40. It would wrap, attack and use Stone Scale.

While I would attack and Little Qian would heal the Stone Snake. We are able to kill monsters 10 levels higher so isn't that really strong?"


I was delighted, "As expected from a pet that I gained."


"Right." I thought about something, "Ah Fei is the place you leveling at secluded? If there are many then people would find out. After all this is still the start of the game and the pet system is not open yet. If you walk around with a pet... You might draw trouble. What if people report you!"

"Don't worry."

He slapped his chest, "It is best to be more careful, I understand that."

"Also, don't let other people target you."

I said seriously, "For a long time, we only help other guilds inscribe and rejected all Breaking Dawn ones. Truthfully, they all hate you and want to deal with you. If your coordinates get revealed, it would be a problem. Call Little Black and Little Bell to train together."

"En, today their gym has a meeting so I didn't call them so I could only level with Little Qian. Don't worry, my level isn't too low and normal people won't dare to offend me."

"Oh, if that is the case..."

I glanced at his level 54 and scoffed, "Anyways be careful."

"I know, you have fun with your girl. Right, how is life with Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi, are there sparks?"

"Sparks your head..."

When I thought about how I was being a meat shield, guard and delivery boy, my face was covered in black lines, "Once Little Qian and I break up then I will move in."

"Ah? Look at what you are saying, is that what humans would say? Are you cursing us to break up?"

"After all, your past few girlfriends all didn't last over two months..."

"Ahahaha... I will try to love longer..."

"You need to learn how to love so that won't happen.."

"Damn, let's not talk, I will kill the last batch of monsters before sleeping!"



I cancelled the call and continued to kill monsters.

After a Snow Monster cried and fell, the wind blew heavily such that my Spiritual Ruin started to warn me about something!

"Be careful!"

I pulled the reins and raised my shield up. I became a boulder which blocked in front of them. At the same time I used Ash Fortress. Since Spiritual Ruin reacted, this definitely won't be simple!


In the snow veil, a two meter big snowball smashed onto my purple shield. My organs nearly even shifted and I flew back, rolling tens of meters before stopping. At the same time I lost 20 thousand health. This was even after I used Ash Fortress. If I didn't, I would probably get insta killed!


Lin Xi dashed forwards and her eyes were filled with shock.

Footsteps could be heard and a giant figure appeared in front of us. It was a giant that was 15 meters tall. Lin Xi was not short and was at least 1.7 meters but she was like an ant in front of it!

"A Unique Grade orange Boss!"

Lin Xi couldn't suppress her joy, "Lu Li heal and prepare to receive the Boss!"


I jumped up and at that moment, Lin Xi had shared the Boss's stats into the party channel--

King Snowman (Unique Grade Boss)

Level: 77

Attack: 8700-11250

Defence: 6000

Health: 6000000

Skill: Icicle Attack, Ice Trample, Cold Wind, Snow Whirlpool

Introduction: King Snowman, a king of the snow that was born from ice elements. He has a huge body and control over ice. The giant ice stick in his hands came from the depths of the ice and is hard like iron. When he waves it, it can destroy the earth. Apart from that, the King Snowman can use ice magic and is a tough character to deal with.


"Wow... Level 77 Orange Boss!"

Shen Mingxuan opened her mouth and she was filled with joy and nervousness, "We have a chance. Once we kill it, we would gain a lot!"


Lin Xi nodded and smiled, "Old rules, Lu Li first and we all support!"


Just like that, I galloped out and the King Snowman looked down onto me. His eyes were filled with disdain, "You ant want to fight with me?"


I laughed and used the ten seconds of Ash Fortress to attack. I used Judgement+ Saint Storm+ Momentum Slash on him. Apart from that, I roared and used Righteous Provocation. Golden light shone from around me and I attracted the aggro!

"You are asking for death!"

King Snowman hollered in rage and stepped down onto my shield. I was sent flying. But the moment he stepped, icicles shot forth that pierced me. I felt like my heart was going cold!




So painful! I raised my hand and used Saint Light Technique on myself to heal for 12000 health. At the same time, Breaking Dawn Fate healed me. Green light rose up and much of my health had recovered. I headed forwards courageously and after three slashes, I used War Trample!


King Snowman's movement and attack speed was reduced. All of a sudden, it was even more angry. The giant ice rod landed from above and smashed onto my shield. I was nearly turned into a fool by his attacks.

No choice, although the human account was strong but as compared to my Assassin, it was too weak. It was difficult to tank such an Orange colored Boss!

Fortunately, Lin Xi and I were fighting side by side. Her orange sword Hellfire burnt bright and along with her skills, the King Snowman cried out in pain. Shen Mingxuan used Seven Star Shot and Shockwave Shot from afar. There was also Gu Ruyi using her spells and the King Snowman's health was dropping at a visible rate!

The damage of this party was too high!

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