Chapter 257- Do you want to build a snowman
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Zhan Yue Chapter 257- Do you want to build a snowman

"Sister Fate, don't bother about what these people say."

Shen Mingxuan looked at their backview, "Breaking Dawn Dust is so uncultured. Just treat his words as the wind, once it blows past then its gone."


Breaking Dawn Fate was also looking at their backview and she found it hard to speak. She said with melancholy in her voice, "I just didn't expect we would reach this level. In the past he respected me but now he is so impolite. Why?"

"That is because this is their true nature."

Lin Xi said, "Breaking Dawn just care about your skills and your understanding of being a Priest, as for... That is hard to say. Maybe some have true feelings for you but as for people like Breaking Dawn Dust, he is someone who is petty."


Breaking Dawn Fate nodded her head and sighed, "I think I really need a name change card, even I find my own name jarring now..."

I frowned, "Didn't Breaking Dawn Ash talk to you?"

"We did."

She said, "But it was just a casual chat. He has been avoiding the matter about With You and avoiding his selfishness. I too don't know what to say."

I frowned, "Breaking Dawn will always be a second rate guild probably for this reason. I think you don't need to return to Breaking Dawn."

"En, I need some peace for a period of time."

She smiled, "Give myself some time to think, think about what I have done these few years and where I should go."

"Such a poetic girl..."

I smiled.

Lin Xi laughed too but then she stared at me, "Okay, we should start our quest. Let's work hard and try to pass right away, don't let someone like Breaking Dawn Dust affect us."

"En, prepare to begin!"


In the next moment, Lin Xi used the Hidden Dragon Scroll and it turned into a streak of golden light which appeared beneath my feet. At the same time, a voice spread into my ears--


System notification: Congratulations for obtaining the main quest (Dragon Roar Canyon) SSS Grade!

Quest details: Head towards Dragon Roar Canyon and search for the reason why the dragon race disappeared. Find Hidden Dragon Hall and kill the person who occupied it. After completing the mission, you will obtain huge rewards!


It was here!

Right when the bell rang, a strong wind blew in our ears and we entered a teleportation process. The five of us turned into a streak of light that flew up from Linchen County. We charged into the distance at unimaginable speeds and on the main map, we were out from Linchen County in one second. We flew for a minute before landing in another region!


There was a thud when we landed. Our boots stepped on a piece of snow land and I could hear sounds of things dropping around me.

A golden light flashed and formed into Lin Xi's beautiful figure. She held Hellfire and the way her hair danced was so indescribably beautiful. Shortly after, Shen Mingxuan, Gu Ruyi and Breaking Dawn Fate all entered the map.

"Ah... It is a snow region!"

Lin Xi looked forwards. Right in front of us was a snow covered region. Snow landed on my body and the visibility here was very small. Through the snow, I could see that we were standing on the peak of a mountain. Right in front of us was a giant canyon covered in snow. This small map was known as Dragon Roar Canyon!

A loud system voice rang out in my ears, "Hunters living on the snow mountain passed this place and they heard the roar of giant beasts. Some hunters thought that they were giant beasts of chaos roaring, some felt like they were dragon roars. But the Dragon Race was wiped out thousands of years ago in the continent and people seem to forget about the existence of them. At this point, Dragon Roar Canyon got its name."

"Thousands of years later, many cultivators visited this place and they only heard of dragon roars but no one witnessed true dragons. Some said that the dragon race went extinct and there weren't any more dragons in the world. Some said that these were just undead dragons summoned and that true dragons were gone."

"No matter what the truth was, above Dragon Roar Canyon reveberated those roars and no one knew what the truth was."



Right at that moment, a furious roar spread out from the clouds, it did sound like... The legendary dragon roar. But it disappeared right away and there was only rumbling clouds and endless snow.

"This patch..."

Lin Xi frowned, "So the dragon race went extinct..."

"Don't believe the mouths of those game planners, the dragon race definitely exists."

I laughed out loud, "Dragon City was Dragon City's selling point and without its defence, the human race land would be lost. I would be surprised if Illusionary Moon didn't have the dragon race!"

"Makes sense!"

Lin Xi smiled.

Shen Mingxuan held his bow and looked towards the snow in the distance, "Can we begin and search for the legendary Hidden Dragon Hall! There are a few of us and this map was so huge. Who knows how long we have to search. Moreover, SSS Grade quest would definitely be very difficult so we should be careful!"


Lin Xi nodded, "Share the quest and Lu Li lead the way. You are the main tank and I am in charge of protecting the back. Mingxuan, Ruyi you in the middle, Sister Fate at the back."

Breaking Dawn Fate nodded, "Okay, head out!"

"Head out, we must each level up at least twice today!"


I summoned the bone horse and jumped up. I then walked at the front with confidence. Facing this snow region, the humans were just so small but one had to be confident. I stepped into the snow ocean and behind me were the shuffling sounds of footsteps. Shen Mingxuan stepped on the snow and the sound was really loud.

In the end, the sound of wind breaking could be heard!

"There is something!"

I focused and something was flying over. I raised my shield and hid behind it. There was a loud "Peng" and a loud snow ball smashed onto my shield. I was forced back and a damage number appeared on my head--


Such a strong damage!

Right when I was shocked, a giant person charged out of the snow that was at least three meters tall. His body was covered in snow and this was a monster that looked like a snowman. In the next second, Lin Xi shared his stats to the party--

Snow Monster (Unique Grade Monster)

Level: 75

Attack: 6500-8050

Defence: 4200

Health: 600000

Skill: Snowball Attack, Frost Sweep, Avalanche

Introduction: Snow Monster, a living spirit buried deep in the snow ocean, they are formed from ice elements and have sentience. For some reason they became very violent over these thousands years and attacked all living beings that entered the snow region. If you bump into a snow monster you need to be very careful as they aren't easy to deal with.


In the snow, the Snow Monster's giant body seemed really nimble and right away it was five meters away from me. It opened its mouth and laughed arrogantly, "Human, do you want to build a snowman? !"

I charged and stunned him before slashing with my blade, "Then let's play, we are good friends!"


The Snow Monster slapped and used Avalanche. Instantly I lost 14000 health. This was an AOE strike and after which, it roared, "Great, let's play. We only have each other now!"

I used War Trample and Momentum Slash while shouted, "That's good, if you didn't appear I would end up talking to a wall!"

The Snow Monster hollered in rage and continued to attack.

Behind me, the girls were stunned.

"Are those two people... Fools?" Lin Xi was stunned.


Shen Mingxuan laughed out loud, "When one fool meets another, it really is interesting!"

Gu Ruyi opened her eyes, "What are Lu Li and the monster talking about!"

Breaking Dawn Fate smiled, "It is obvious that you haven't seen Frozen."


At the front, I shouted, "Beauties can you do something? Do work, attack!"


Lin Xi dashed forwards and forced the Snow Monster back. Shen Mingxuan used Seven Star Shot and Gu Ruyi attacked, clearing out the Snow Monster's health.

Breaking Dawn Fate was stunned, "Your... Your damage is just so fierce?"

"Small matter."

Shen Mingxuan shot while smiling, "Heal Lu Li, he is about to get slapped by the monster!"

Breaking Dawn Fate smiled, "Okay!"

After she raised her hand, heal landed and I felt really comfortable. This felt great, I didn't need ot heal myself. Finally I had a healer and it was a beauty like Breaking Dawn Fate. She was so beautiful that Ah Fei could drool.

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