Chapter 256- Genius dying
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Zhan Yue Chapter 256- Genius dying


I nodded my head, "But... There are only four people in with you and I don't know who to find for the last spot. You are the captain so why not you decide?"


Lin Xi turned around and both Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi were here. After not meeting them for two days, their equipment looked renewed. Shen Mingxuan was wearing an exquisite leather armor that wrapped her beautiful body. She was the tallest of the three and the one with the nicest body. If she didn't smile, she gave off a cold feeling but when she did smile, she was like a summer breeze. Gu Ruyi was really gentle and had a body similar to Shen Mingxuan. She held a flame wrapped staff and looked like a high grade mage.

"All of you are here?" Lin Xi.

"En." Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi nodded.

Lin Xi waved the scroll in her hands, "We can share this to one more person and we lack one spot. Who should we give this to? After all, we should gather five people, if not we might fail this quest."


I agreed, "I think so too."


Shen Mingxuan nodded, "The four of us, a Mage, Warrior and Archer has enough damage. With Ruyi and I here we have enough damage too. Along with Lin Xi's damage, that is overpowered. Next is healing, damage tanking and control. Logically speaking, we have Lu Li to tank so that is enough but for him to tank and heal at the same time would put him under pressure. I think we need a healer."


Lin Xi smiled, "We lack a Priest and then we can release Lu Li from his position of milk cavalry. The quest grade is really high so we need the top Priest in Linchen County. If not then I rather we slow down and get one from another county."

"I have someone."

Shen Mingxuan smiled, "But her identity is really sensitive so you might object."


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Lin Xi and I asked.

"Breaking Dawn Fate!"

When Shen Mingxuan said that ID, we were all slightly stunned. She held her stuff and frowned, "She is from Breaking Dawn... She might not be willing to help us? Moreover, our animosity with Breaking Dawn is too deep, er..."

"Don't worry."

Shen Mingxuan smiled, "After With You and Breaking Dawn fought, Breaking Dawn Fate stopped joining in Breaking Dawn activities and she even wants to quit. I talked to her for a long time and she actually isn't one team as Breaking Dawn Ash and the others. She is working in another city and is a white collar worker so we don't need to treat her as one of them."

"What do you all think?"

Lin Xi looked towards Gu Ruyi and I, "Do you think we can drag her along?"

Gu Ruyi hesitated.

I nodded, "I think we can."


Lin Xi looked towards me, "What is your reason?"

"I think she is not on the same side as Breaking Dawn Ash.

last time after I fought with them, I checked the battle report and she didn't even heal once. It was obvious that she didn't agree with their actions so I think she is different."

"You are really meticulous, added points." Lin Xi smiled, "Since that is the case, I agree too. What about you Ruyi, you are the last one."

Gu Ruyi smiled, "Since all of you agree then naturally I do too."

"Okay, then Mingxuan you contact her?"


Half a minute later, Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Done. She will come online in five minutes and she just need some time to prepare. With this portable blood bank, we don't have to worry about healing."



A few minutes later, Breaking Dawn Fate's body appeared in the teleportation formation. A white robe wrapped around her exquisite body and she held a white jade staff. She walked over and she was level 68, higher than the other Priest players.

"Lin Xi..."

When Breaking Dawn Fate saw Lin Xi, her eyes were a little shifty and she didn't dare to look directly.

Lin Xi smiled and added her into the party, "The past is the past. Although With You and Breaking Dawn are enemies but we have never attacked you and you have never used Judgement on us. We can still be friends right?"

I smiled. Lin Xi was so smart and magnanimous, just one word and the grievances were settled.


Breaking Dawn Fate nodded her head and smiled, "If you don't blame me... Then I am already really happy."

Shen Mingxuan smiled and wrapped around her shoulder, "Sister Fate, since you have no joined Breaking Dawn activities for a long time, why not... Draw the line. Buy a name change card and change your name!"


Breaking Dawn Fate bit her lips, "Recently, many of my friends have been asking me to return, haiz... I am a soft person and is unsettled. When the time comes I shall make the decision."

"En, that is something you should decide on your own." Gu Ruyi said.

"En en."

Breaking Dawn Fate smiled towards her and after which her gaze landed on my body. We weren't familiar so she just gave me a polite smile. I returned that. In truth, I was familiar with her. My other identity clashed with her a few times and even killed her!

"So, let's prepare for the quest?"

Lin Xi looked at the time and smiled, "There are still three hours of the morning, we must cherish them."


Everyone nodded their heads but at that moment, a weird voice spread from behind, "Eh! When did someone from Breaking Dawn walk with someone from With You?"


Lin Xi and I turned out heads and saw a familiar person. There were dozens of them from Breaking Dawn. The one at the front was their top Paladin Breaking Dawn Dust. He was the one who spoke.

Breaking Dawn Fate's face was ashen white. She held her staff and gritted her teeth but didn't say a word.

"Sister Fate, what is the meaning of this?"

Breaking Dawn Dust said coldly, "You have not been doing activities with Breaking Dawn recently but you are here with With You? How did Breaking Dawn let you down for you to.... Let me say something harsh, aren't you colluding with the enemy?"

"Zhao Chen!"

Breaking Dawn Fate gritted her teeth, "Pay attention to your words! What colluding with the enemy, what letting Breaking Dawn down? This account is mine, I will level with who I want. Do I have to be restricted by you?"

"Well said!"

Breaking Dawn Dust laughed coldly and pointed, "Look at your equipment? The staff was dropped when we killed the Forest Prophet, the robe was one we got from Purgatory Demon Realm, the bracers were from the boss in the swamp. The boots were dropped when we attacked Blood Canyon. May I asked, which equipment on your body is your own? You eat from Breaking Dawn, you drink from Breaking Dawn and now you work for With You. Aren't you colluding with the enemy?"

"You!" Breaking Dawn Fate was furious and her shoulder shook.

At this moment, Lin Xi walked forwards and stood in front of Breaking Dawn Fate. She looked towards the Breaking Dawn players and smiled, "That is considered colluding with the enemy? But based on what I know, be it the Forest Prophet or Blood Canyon, she was your highest healing output. Without her, your party would have been wiped out several times. When one kills a Boss, the equipment are split based on need. Breaking Dawn Fate earned hers with her healing so why do all of you make it sound like Breaking Dawn gifted the things to her?"

I laughed, "Well said, without a Priest like her, how could you get a first kill? Stop dreaming!"


Breaking Dawn Dust's face turned green from rage, "With You is determined to protect her and determined to pull her away from our side?"


Lin Xi nodded and pulled out Hellfire. She pointed her sword at Breaking Dawn Dust, "Breaking Dawn Dust you want to fight? If you want then let's meet at the east city gate. One or one or a group battle you decide. If you don't have the balls then scram, stop being a menace here."

"Lin Xi!"

Breaking Dawn Dust was a little furious, "Don't think that everyone is afraid of you, I am Breaking Dawn Dust..."


I walked towards Lin Xi, "Boss, you don't have to personally do it, I can finish him.

After saying that, I raised my blade, "Breaking Dawn Dust, do you dare to fight me one against one!?"


Breaking Dawn Dust was not confident enough and his expression changed.

"Boss Dust, forget it..."

An Archer said solemnly, "We have a leveling mission today so why bother with these people?"


Breaking Dawn Dust stared at Breaking Dawn Fate, "We shall wait and see. As for the traitor, we too will wait and see!"

He waved his hand, "Brothers, let's head out to level, don't care about them!"


Breaking Dawn and I brushed shoulders.

I said, "Such a noob Paladin dares to say he is Breaking Dawn's top Paladin, Paladin really is weak..."

"Sha sha..."

When Breaking Dawn Dust heard that, he nearly fell to the ground. After standing still, he acted like he didn't hear it and walked out of the city. In truth, if they wanted to fight, we didn't have much of a chance of winning.


The autumn breeze blew past.

Lin Xi looked at his backview and muttered, "Lu Li is such a toxic person..."

I, "..."

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