Chapter 255- All skilled people
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Zhan Yue Chapter 255- All skilled people

I held the Hidden Dragon Scroll and felt delighted. I continued to spend an hour in the Precious Treasure Pavilion but nothing good came out. They were just trying to scam people and it made the disciples furious. However, they were just grumbling about wanting to take down Precious Treasure Pavilion. After all, who would dare to really take down Pang Dalong's Precious Treasure Pavilion?



At around 12, I got a message from Shen Mingxuan, "Supper is here, go get it and then come up to eat!"


Seeing that there was nothing else to gain in Precious Treasure Pavilion, I went offline. i took the supper from the deliveryman and then went up. Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi all went offline. They were fixing their hair and all of them were so beautiful. Just one look at them and one felt a lot better.

"What is supper?" Lin Xi rested on the sofa. She smiled while adjusting her skirt.

I took a look, "Seafood porridge, steam dumpling, siew mai and fried fritters. There are a lot."

Shen Mingxuan sat beside me and glanced at me, "Lu Li how was it today, did you gain anything? I saw that you levelled up."


I nodded, "Nothing much, I was just casually leveling. Right Lin Xi, do we have a With You activity tomorrow?"

"Nope, why?"

"I have a quest scroll that we might be able to use."

I took out my phone and showed her the Hidden Dragon Scroll. Instantly, the projection system of my phone showed the Hidden Dragon Scroll and also a line of words to introduce it.


Shen Mingxuan laughed, "So you are using HW T800, I heard that it is really new and expensive..."

"Still okay, I told my friend to get it, I got a discount..."

I smiled awkwardly. In truth, I got it custom made from my friend and inside it was a system specific to me. It matched with Star Eye if not it wouldn't be so useful.

Lin Xi smiled, "The Hidden Dragon Scroll is gold so it shouldn't be low grade. Did you get it from your friend too?"

My heart shook. Lin Xi was obviously questioning me, questioning how a Paladin could get so many good things. I had to be careful if not she would have more and more questions.

I slapped my chest and smiled, "I have many friends. I found many friends before joining With You. They needed a milk cavalry and I needed them to help me level so we are helping one another. As for this scroll, I spent 2000 RMB to buy it from them. I think it would be worth it?"


Lin Xi's eyes shone bright, "I believe that this scroll wouldn't be simple. How about this, we can't let you spend the money. Mingxuan, transfer 2000 to Lu Li, the studio will pay for that."


Shen Mingxuan nodded and transfered the funds. I was a little awkward, "Boss,

there is no such need? I am a member of With You so I need to contribute."

"It is different."

Lin Xi looked at me, "You just joined and you also signed a contract so I shouldn't let you spend the money. In the future once we are closer, naturally we won't have to bother about all this."


I naturally understood what she meant so I nodded, "Then I shall accept it."

"Accept accept~~"

After which, Shen Mingxuan picked up her chopsticks and smiled, "Time to eat, I am so hungry!"

Gu Ruyi burst out laughing, "All of you finally remembered that we are to eat? I was so embarrassed and awkward, I just want to eat all these food..."

Lin Xi and I laughed as we started to eat.


Late at night, the three girls bathed and slept.

I stepped into the hall and went back online. There were still some things I had to do and I wasn't in a rush to sleep.

After going online, I switched to the Paladin account and headed to Linchen County!

East Square. Although it was late at night but it was really busy. Players were trading and talking. In front of Great Sage Hall, Ah Fei was still at his store. On the side, a beautiful priest sat there and she placed her staff on the ground. This was Ah Fei's girlfriend Time Strand.


Ah Fei raised his head and looked at me, "Sir you are here?"


I smiled and lowered my voice, "I want you to help me carve an inscription. Apart from that, I have something to give to you to help you level."

"Oh, what thing?" His eyes lit up.

I opened the trading platform and traded the Stone Snake Pet Egg over, "Go and see if you can activate it. If you can then it would be the first pet in the server."


His body shook, "How... How did you have such a thing? Isn't the system not opened?"

"En, but I have it, I also don't know why."

I grinned, "Okay, help me inscribe this."

I passed the Courageous Leggings to him and he rolled his eyes, "Damn... You really have so many quality items. No wonder you crush rookies like Breaking Dawn and Hidden Dragon Mountain..."

I laughed. Not long later the Courageous Leggings returned and there was one more line that added 300 Attack. So now my base attack was 6900+ and along with those ratios, I had close to 50000. In this era, even a top rate Warrior had at most 30 thousand. So, my daggers were quite terrifying and I was truly the top demon in Linchen County!

Before leaving, I looked at his level, "You are still 50+, that can't do. When will you reach level 6 inscription technique. We can't rely on level 5 forever Once other Inscriber players appear, we might lost the advantage."

"I understand."

He nodded lazily, "I have contacted Little Black to bring me to level tomorrow."

"Okay, then I am heading to bed."


I waved and went offline. I took off my Glory Helmet and walked about the courtyard. After confirming the safety did I head back to the room. I took a hot shower and then went to bed.


Next morning.

"Dang dang dang~~"

Someone knocked on my window and the sun shone in.

I peaked and opened the curtain. Shen Mingxuan's beautiful face stared at me, "You are finally up


I nodded, "Why are you so noisy?"

"What would you like to eat for breakfast?"

"Fried dough fritters and pepper soup..."

"You are so tough to serve, okay wait!"

She left.


I rubbed my head. When did Shen Mingxuan become so well behaved to actually head to buy breakfast in the morning. She usually dragged me over. Probably because I was asleep which was why she didn't. I wope up to brush up and when I walked out of the room, she was back. I helped her to carry the food up.

At the corner above, Lin Xi moved her wheelchair with one hand and carried a big cup of fruit juice. After she saw us walk up, she asked, "Do you all want to drink?"

I was stunned, "You do these yourself?"

"Of course."

She glanced at me, "My legs are the problem not my hands. I will naturally do what I can."

"Then where is Ruyi?"

"She is washing her hair. She should be done soon."

"Oh, let's eat then. After which go online to level."

"En en."


After breakfast, we went online.


My Paladin account appeared in the square and I went to fix my equipment and gather potions. Among them I got a large amount of blue potions since there were many in our studio that needed mana. Shen Mingxuan and I both used skills and Gu Ruyi was a Mage which swallowed mana. If I didn't have man potions I wouldn't be able to continue to heal.

After preparing everything, Lin Xi was here. Her exquisite armor wrapped around her body and her legs wore boots that were wrapped in flames. She held the orange Hellfire and in her left was the reins of the silver horse. One look at her and one looked like they were about to float into the sky Like all the beauty in the world was gathered on her body. No wonder everyone on the server said that she was a top beauty.

Moreover, Lin Xi in game was more confident and friendly, totally different from in real life.

"Are you all ready?" She smiled and looked at me.


I handed the Hidden Dragon Scroll over, "You are the boss and leader so you keep this."

"En, okay..."

The moment she kept it, she smiled and said with deep meaning, "Lu Li your friends really are all skilled!"

My heart shook so I laughed, "That is true, none of them are weak!"

She smiled, "Let's wait. Those two would come soon."

Her eyes brushed along the scroll, "Yi... This scroll allows 5 people to share the quest?"

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