Chapter 254- Hidden Dragon Scroll
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Zhan Yue Chapter 254- Hidden Dragon Scroll

"What is the use, Precious Treasure Pavilion is conning people!"

I dissed while observing the people around.

As expected, a teen's eyes lit up, "It really is a piece of clothing that Nangong Chanyue used. It definitely will have really strong laws, this cloth, I want it!"

He raised his hand, "500 thousand!"

Very quickly, others bidded and it reached 1.8 mil.

"This... Do we want it?" Two Balls smiled, "Senior Brother you are knowledgeable, what about this?"

"Not much."

I smiled lazily, "Don't care about it."


Not long later, the leg cloth was sold for 3 million. That white shirt teen carried it happily and walked out like he had found a piece of treasure.

Shortly after, the Precious Treasure Pavilion fatty held up a piece of broken sword, "Here it is, a broken sword. It was said that Heaven Fire burnt it for 49 days and many things are recorded inside. Time to bit!"

A thin undead warrior's eyes lit up, "Such a strong aura, I want this!"

I squinted and used Shifang Flame Spiral Eye. Deep laws spun about my eyes and in a blink, the stats appeared--

Brokoen Lightning Sword: The weapon of a Saint. He walked on lightning and used this sword and the laws to kill. In the end he sliced off an opportunity but the Broken Lightning Sword was also struck by heaven lightning and in the instance that it was broken, Lightning Beast technique was recorded in it. Refine this sword and one would obtained Lightning Beast.


All of a sudden, my body shook. Lightning Beast Technique? It didn't say that it was a skillbook which meant that... Only NPCs could learn it. Even if I spent a lot, I wouldn't be able to learn it, "Two Balls, you can get this, maybe your strength will improve."


Two Balls was stunned, "Senior Brother is that true?"

"When have I ever lied to you!?" I shouted at you.

"I know, I know..." He rubbed his ears, "You don't need to be so loud, I am not death, really..."

He raised his hand, "500 thousand!"

"800 thousand!"

That teen undead shouted.

Two Balls frowned, "1 million!"

"1.2 million!" The undead bid once more but it was just slightly higher.

"Your mother!"

Two Balls gritted his teeth, "1.5 million!"


The undead hesitated before raising his hand and saying calmly, "1.8 million!"

All of a sudden, everyone was shocked.

"This sword looks ordinary and there isn't a strong aura. Why would these two people fight so aggressively for it, is it really a treasure?"

"Scoff, Lodan is a disciple from Wind Cloud Platform and his foresight won't be bad. The other is from the three divisions. Although he is unfamiliar but his aura is no weaker than Lodan. This sword might be special!"


"Senior Brother...

On the side,

Two Balls, said, "I don't have enough."

"How many do you have?"

"2 million."

"Don't worry, just bid, I can help you!"


Instantly, he was confident and shouted, "2.5 million! This Senior Brother, if you want it then I shall give it to you. I won't bid any higher."


The undead frowned. He didn't know whether or not the sword was valuable enough. After all 2.5 million was a large amount and many Black Castle disciples wouldn't earn so much in their lives. After hesitating, he waved, "Forget it, since Junior Brother wants it then you can have it!"

Two Balls heaved a sigh of relief and smiled.

I was speechless and said towards the auctioneer, "He doesn't have enough so I will help him."


The fatty waved for our tokens and two streaks of light flew into his sleeves. I had 600 thousand deducted but fortunately, I had close to 5 million so this... It was just a small amount.

In the next moment, the broken sword appeared in his hands and he was excited, "Senior Brother, how do I use this?"

I looked at him in disdain, "Go look for Senior Uncle Lin, he will help you refine it."


He dashed out excitedly while I continued standing there to witness a miracle.

After which, Precious Treasure Pavilion sold a bunch of other things but most of them were useless. Some were abandoned bamboo poles and some were old lamps, none of them were of value. When the fat NPC took out a piece of stone covered in algae, he said solemnly, "Precious Land Stone, I heard that a Black Castle expert brought it from far away and it has a really ancient aura, maybe there is something inside."


The disciples scoffed. They had taken losses so many times. The person who bought the leg cloth even charged in and told the other disciples that Precious Treasure Pavilion were cheaters.

But, the instance that I activated Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, I noticed that there was a life force around the stone. There were even signs of heart beating. Beneath the layers of the stone was a green egg. Inside it was an ancient life force. When I used Shifang Flame Spiral Eye once more, its stats appeared--

Stone Snake Pet Egg (Precious Grade Pet)

Specialty: Unhatched

Growth Potential: 5 stars

Attack: 4 stars

Defence: 6.5 stars

Health: 6.5 stars

Agility: 2.5 stars

Magic Power: 4 stars



I was shocked. The pet system hadn't opened up! The system just released a mount system so what was this Stone Snake? It actually appeared here!

I felt my blood boil, I had to get this!

"100 thousand."

I raised my hand and shouted a low number.


The fatty looked around, "Is Wind Cloud Platform's July Wildfire the only one bidding?"

"Yes liar Senior Uncle!" The disciples all replied.

His face turned red, "Since that is the case then this stone is yours July Wildfire!"

I was delighted and paid right away. This Stone Snake fell into my arms. I turned around and took it out before dripping my blood onto it.


Was I going to become the first person in the server with a pet? I was really nervous and my joy was undescribable.

But right at that moment, a bell rang in my ears--


System notification: You have special puppet White Bird, can't obtain pets!


Can't obtain?

I frowned, maybe the system felt that battle puppets and pets were the same, but.. Why did it show White Bird and not Orange Night? Was Orange Night not good enough?

I was annoyed and after feeling bad for Orange Night, I had a plan. I should give this to Ah Fei. He was so weak and he needed a meat shield. From the growth stats, the Stone Snake's Defence and Health were decent. With Ah Fei's damage, he should be able to level alone.

So I turned around and returned. Since Precious Treasure Pavilion had so many treasures, I couldn't miss out and I wanted to see if there were anything else.

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The fat NPC took out a scroll covered in dust, "An old scroll from King Ling's Tomb, I heard that a great opportunity is inside. No one opened it since it had came out from the ground so no one knows what is within. Is it a top technique or a story from the past, or a treasure map?'

He carefully placed it on the table, "Ancient scroll, starting bid 1 million!"

Right at that moment, a golden light shot up from the scroll and turned into a dragon which disappeared. Everyone could hear the dragon roar and it was really shocking!

"Another treasure?"

I was shocked, I activated Shifang Flame Spiral Eye to take a look. Golden runes appeared above it and gathered before revealing its stats. So it wasn't a skill but a map--

Hidden Dragon Scroll: After use, obtains Hidden Dragon Hall quest, 5 people at most.


It didn't show the detailed level and it might be a main quest or a side quest. But just from the nap, actually.. It wouldn't be bad. En, I could take this and it might bring benefits to With You. So I raised my hand and said, "1.5 million!"


In the distance, a person with the three divisions badge opened his eyes, "July Wildfire bid again! It must be a treasure, so... 1.8 million!'

"He is trying to outbid me?"

I smiled, "2 million!"



I was feeling nervous, was this person a hidden expert.

But right at that moment he laughed, "I am just kidding. Since you have so many contribution points, then I shall just give it to you. I am lazy to fight!"

Looking at how he was acting cool, he probably didn't have enough. After all, only a handful had more contribution points than me in Black Castle.

As there weren't anyone else, a few seconds later I got the Hidden Dragon Scroll.

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