Chapter 253- Queen Leg Cloth
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Zhan Yue Chapter 253- Queen Leg Cloth

I walked out of Heaven and Earth Pavilion.

 In the distance, deep in the mountain canyon, flames of war rose up around Land of Reincarnation. Time to head over, anyways there was some time before I went offline to rest.

 Thus, I walked over.

 Between the mountains, the families of Land of Reincarnation were split into buildings built between the mountains. At this moment, many people flew across the sky. One could see Left General Lin Mu riding on a bone dragon and leading a bunch of elites over, "Left General Lin Mu is here, Zhang Family Head please head out!"

 Not long later, an old man wrapped in death energy walked out of the world ender and said, "Greetings Left General, why did Sir come to Zhang Family today?"

 Lin Mu pointed, "Zhuang Huai Shui colluded with Blood Dynasty and tried to kill Ding Heng. Now that Land of Reincarnation is about to get wiped out, what is Zhang Family's attitude?"

 The old man's body shook and he led his family to kneel down, "Our Zhang Family is always loyal to King of Darkness and to Black Castle!"

 "That's great!"

 Lin Mu said with a threatening gaze, "Within three days, send your young master over to the three divisions, he will take orders from me."


 "Time to go to the next one!"

 My eyes opened wide. As the left general, Lin Mu was really powerful in Black Castle and he was only below Yun Yue and King of Darkness. The way he did things was fast and decisive!

 Beneath the mountain, the army that Zhuang Huai Shui was in charge of was replaced. After which, they would definitely get split up.

 On a hill, a familiar body stood there. It was Yun Yue.

 "Senior Sister Yun."

 I walked forwards and smiled, "Are you enjoying the show"


 She was speechless as she looked at me before sighing, "If we can't clear out Zhuang Huai Shui's forces, we will have more problems in the future. After all, the seeds of hatred would spread in their hearts and one day it would explode."

 I nodded and stood by her side, "How is Senior Sister planning to deal with people from Land of Reincarnation?"

 "People of his side will all be killed!"

 She looked into the distance, "Han Shang, Lie Hai, Long Yilan and Lei Ling are forced into the right camp for Bai Jian to train them. As for Land of Reincarnation, I discussed it with King of Darkness. Elder long Guo will become the head. He is really loyal and he would definitely be able to clear out the corruption there."

 "En." I nodded, "Right, what about Elder Di in Land of Reincarnation?"

 "I killed him already."

 She turned around and gave a deep smile, "How did you know that only one elder was left?"

 "I personally saw the other few elders died."

 I didn't hide, "Last time when I was collecting things for the Spirit Swallowing Hole, they tried to attack me but I broke free. In the end, they themselves were swallowed by the spirit in the hole."


 Yun Yue said, "Junior Brother, you can also sense the living being below?"


 I was a little nervous, "A little."

 Right at that moment, a voice exploded like lightning in my brain, "A little?"

 It was from Heaven Hound!

 I was wondering how did this guy still appear in my mind. In the end, he laughed coldly, "How can my mark be so easily wiped out? Xiao Chen only wiped out the contract so the mark is still there. Why, you didn't expect that right?"

 "Oh, Brother Dog you seem a little arrogant, once I am free I shall go play with you."

 His voice shook, "No... No need, I can entertain myself. You can play on your own. Spirit Swallowing Hole is so cold, there is nothing fun here..."

 I laughed. Heaven Hound really fears the seals of the Spirit Swallowing Hole.

 Yun Yue looked at me and scoffed, "You are actually hiding secrets from me?"

 I smiled awkwardly, "Some things are a long story. Moreover, I am not doing so on purpose. It is better that Senior Sister doesn't know. Anyways, memories are the source of pain."

 "Who even believes you..." She said, "Okay, I am going to restructure Land of Reincarnation's army so I will be busy. You go get busy. Master is healing in the three divisions and is in a good state so don't worry."

 My eyes lit up, "Senior Sister is willing to call him Master?"


 She smiled, "Although he can't beat me,.. His performance is worthy of me calling him master."

 "Then you must continue..."

 "Continue your head, I am the head of one of the three divisions while he is just a faction head. If I call him Master then won't the system get messy. Get to work, stop bothering me!"

 "Oh, goodbye Senior Sister!"

 I looked at the time and it was 11 pm. I sent a message to Shen Mingxuan, "Sister Shen, when are we eating, I am hungry!"

 "I haven't ordered!" She replied.

 "Damn, why aren't you working at all?" My eyes stared as I asked.

 She replied with a sweet voice, "Just wait for a while, why not we start at 12?"

 I felt my bones go soft, "Okay okay~~"

 After which I had nothing much to do. Time to head to Precious Treasure Pavilion. Moreover, I had 5 million points so it was time to do some things!

 Thus, I just walked into Precious Treasure Pavilion.

 "Little Brother July Wildfire, you are here~~"

 A beautiful attendant flew over and held my hand. She smiled, "You have not come in a long time!"

 "That is true!" I smiled.

 Instantly, there was the sad voice of a few Junior Sisters from Wind Cloud Platform, "I thought that Senior Brother July was a good guy, who knew that... He was actually a scum, wu wu wu..."

 I looked at the treasures in Precious Treasure Pavilion. First was the equipment but they weren't suitable. The few Unique Grade ones were close to 20 million so how could I afford them. I looked at the skills and they got more and more expensive.

 Finally, I walked to a middle-aged fatty. He placed a weird-shaped thing on the table and there were hundreds of them. "Time to begin, all these treasures are unsealed. Our experts got them from the outside world. Come, if you choose something then bid, the higher bidder will get it!"

 All of a sudden, the teens were pumped up.

 Among them, there were some broken blades, tree bark with inscriptions, anyways they looked quite amazing It made one feel like there was a story behind them and would allow one to cultivate to a whole new level.

 "Come come!"

 A cute undead teen walked forwards and picked up a shell that was sliced open. It shone and the middle-aged man muttered, "Come and take a look! East Ocean Shell, it was said that the deep ocean-being Seven Star Sea Cucumber lived inside and it has a portion of its memories and power. If one cooked soup with it, one's meridians will open up. One can cook it repeatedly, one each day and it tastes really good!"

 Instantly, the teens bid.

 I laughed, I activated Shifang Flame Spiral Eye and instantly its stats appeared in front of my eyes---

 Deep Ocean Shell: A shell split open by Flag Fish, apart from looking good, it isn't useful.


 En, trash. What soup, it would probably just end up like plain water. The merchants in Precious Treasure Pavilion were all scams!

 "I bid 100 thousand!"

 Two Balls shouted!


 I pressed him onto the ground, "Are you crazy, 100 thousand? 10 is not even worth!"

 "Ah ah ah, is that true?"

 Two Balls stood up and looked at me in shock.


 I looked towards the distance, "Just wait and see, if there is something good I will tell you."


 I just stared. I had to win this time. Pang Dalong was a businessman and only did winning business. I was going to make him lose this time!

 Another dumb disciple bought that shell. Next, the cute teen picked up another treasure. This was a broken piece of cloth and the aura showed that it was from years ago.

 "Come come come!"

 The fat guy shouted once again, "Ancient Saint expert, the cloth of Nangong Chanyue. After she died, this cloth wrapped around her body and absorbed strong saint power. Using this to cultivate, one would be much more efficient!"

 "This person really can brag..."

 Under my Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, the stats appeared--

 Queen Leg Cloth: It was said to be the leg cloth of a surnamed Wu Queen, her queen aura is left on it.

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