Chapter 252- Flames
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Zhan Yue Chapter 252- Flames

Activate, I entered the Achievement System!


I was sucked into another world and it was an empty area. I raised my head and clouds wrapped the sky. There was a whirlpool connected to the sky, like a path connected to the heavens. That old voice spread into my ears, "Young man, you have passed the test again, not bad!"


System notification: Congratulations for completing the fifth achievement Arrogance, obtained rewards: Charm +6, Gold +10000, obtained extra rewards: Soul Star +60! The next achievement would open in 30 days!


Soul Star +60?

I was stunned, I didn't expect that the biggest reward from this would actually be 60 Soul Stars? At that moment, my inner world was changing and the energy wave started to surge. The Spiritual Ruin became much brighter and it was spreading. In a blink of an eye, it was 50% bigger. Apart from that, the 40 Soul Stars in the sky shook. Apart from that, many ones that were originally dark started to light up. In a blink of an eye, there were 100 Soul Stars in the sky.

At this moment, I felt like my mind became much clearer. This was something that I never felt before. I even felt like the addition of Soul Stars helped to activate a part of my mind. Even my intelligence started to increase.

Shortly after, a loud bell shone in my ears--


System notification: Congratulations for awakening the third power of Spiritual Ruin, Soul Star +60, successfully awakened the third skill: Flames!



I was stunned and opened my personal interface. In the Shura Bloodline column I found that Flames was the same as Soul Star Explosion and Unparalleled Shattering, they were all active skills and this was a form--

Flames: Turn into Flame Shura form, after transformation Attack +100%, Defence +100%, Health +200%, when attacked, 50% chance to avoid all crowd control, 50% of damage dealt turns to true damage. Each minute will consume 1 point of Bloodline power.


This, this should be the strongest jump until date right? I looked at the Flame Transformation stats and my blood started to boil. There was an all out increase in stats and also 50% chance of crowd control immunity. 50% of my damage became true damage too!

Moreover, I could use this against players and wasn't restricted by PVP rules!

At the same time I looked at my status bar and a bloodline power value appeared. The current state was 3/100. 100 upper limit but they only gave 3 points initially. This value meant how long the Shura Bloodline could be used, I just didn't know how to increase this number.

But, no matter what, I should transform to take a look!?

When I thought about that, I was pumped up. I looked at the meeting hall and everyone was gone. I was the only one so I channeled my mind towards it.

I activated Flames!


Fire surged into my eyes and then my entire body started to be covered in flames. I changed and my normal Shura state became the legendary Flame shura. My hair turned red and my eyes were covered in red too. My chest, arms and legs covered in old runes and I was wrapped in flames like I had came down from above.

At the same time, power surged into my body and I felt like I could punch through the sky. I jumped and I was actually abel to stop in teh sky. My hands dropped low and my brows locked. Was this the power of Flames!?

Although I hadn't fought, but I already knew how terrifying Flames was!

Right at that moment, Senior Sister Yun's body appeared in the meeting hall and she used a seal on my body to seal my aura, "You brat, you actually dare to use your Shura power here. Are you not afraid that people know about this?"


I was a little awkward and landed from above. I smiled, "I was too emotional so I forgot about it!"

"You brat..."

She looked at me helplessly and smiled, "But... This transformation is not bad. Not bad kid, as expected from my Junior Brother!"

I laughed, "Senior Sister aren't you busy?"

"Go, I am leaving. You should too. This is Black Castle and normal people can't stop here. Although King of Darkness gave you permission but you shouldn't."


Senior Sister Yun floated and led a bunch of Blood Pool experts towards the outer mountain to kill those from Land of Reincarnation. I wasn't interested. Zhuang Huai Shui was killed by me and three of their four elders were too. I basically took revenge on Land of Reincarnation myself.

I had to do something else.

Right, raise Orange Night's grade!


Heaven and Earth Pavilion.

In the hall, the lights were gentle. At the corner was Lin Fengnian who was refining a very strong formation. The Cloud Reaching Stone was floating at the side and its power was being absorbed. He was repairing Black Castle's formation.

"Senior Uncle looks busy, I will come next time..." I knew my place.

"No need."

Lin Fengnian frowned and retracted his magic. He said, "You crafty brat, speak. Why did you come again?"


I was awkward and said, "Isn't it because of the puppet? If not for the puppet, uncle might not be able to help me with anything else!"

Lin Fengnian's eyes opened wide, "Is this the attitude you should have!?"

I was anxious, "Senior Uncle don't be angry, I came with money."

"Now this is more like it."

The moment he heard of money, his anger reduced, "Do you want to upgrade that Orange puppet?"

"Senior Uncle is smart!"

I raised my hand and under an orange light, Orange Night stood in front of Lin Fengnian, "Orange Night can rise to Grade Six but I couldn't do so myself so I had to trouble Senior Uncle Lin."

"Grade Six puppet..."

Lin Fengnian frowned, "You brat, do you know the value of a grade six puppet? Just to build one alone would consume huge amounts of materials. To upgrade it would need me to change the inscriptions inside. Moreover, I also need to collect a large amounts of fees."

"Of course of course, Senior Uncle please tell me!"


Lin Fengnian said, "100 thousand!"


My face turned green and I raged, "You are robbing me!"


Lin Fengnian laughed coldly, "You know nothing about refining!"

I gritted my teeth, "Can't you charge me cheaper? I can't take out 100 thousand gold."


He smiled, "Return that grade one puppet to me and I can help your Orange Night upgrade. You must know that a grade six puppet itself is valuable. As for an Orange Grade one, that is even more valuable. This deal is worth it."


White Bird was now grade five and was still white but her combat strength was not lower than Orange Night. For him to say that this was worth it, he was lying with his eyes open!

I said, "100 thousand then, wait and see, I will get the money quick!"


I turned around and right when I was about to leave, Lin Fengnian muttered, "Can this kid really get so much gold? Is he robbing that bank in Linchen County? Lin Huang might slaughter him like a fat lamb, how will I answer to Senior Brother Ding..."


Linchen County.

I walked into the city as my Paladin form and looked into my bag. I had around 40 thousand. I walked towards Ah Fei and said, "How much gold do you have, throw it to me?"

"Pa ta!"

The money bag fell crisply and Ah Fei didn't even turn his head, "20 thousand, take it daddy!"


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This wasn't enough so I headed to the auction house and bought a bunch of gold. The ratio was 1:1.5 now so I spent 75 thousand for 50 thousand gold. The price was worth it so I returned to Heaven and Earth Pavilion right away.

"Pa ta!"

The heavy money bag fell to the ground and caused Heaven and Earth Pavilion to shake. Lin Fengnian walked forwards carefully and his face was filled with a smile, "You brat you really have skill to get so much money. If you continue won't you become the richest in Black Castle!"

"Of course..."

I nodded, "Senior Uncle can you help me upgrade Orange Night now?"

"Sure, place your puppet here and take it tomorrow."

"Thank you Senior Uncle."

"I should be the one thanking you, you God of Wealth!"


All of a sudden, I felt like this deal was a loss!

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