Chapter 251- Lucky gains
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Zhan Yue Chapter 251- Lucky gains


After stepping into the teleportation formation and returning to Black Castle with Ding Heng, many people descended from above. Among them actually included King of Darkness and Yun Yue.

"Ding Heng, your heart..."

King of Darkness stepped forwards and blood energy wrapped around his palm. He covered Master Ding Heng's chest and instantly blood energy seeped in to recover his heart. Master didn't say a word and so did everyone else. Only 10 minutes later did King of Darkness heave a sigh of relief, "Although your cultivation is affected by your life is saved."

"Thank you Your Highness..."

Ding Heng sat up and coughed.


King of Darkness said, "What happened in Undying Mountain Range, those people who returned only said a little. Do you know Ding Heng?"


Ding Heng frowned, "I am afraid my disciple knows more about me. little fellow, tell us what happened."


I got up and said, "Land of Reincarnation wants to kill me and this isn't the first or second time. Before I left for the quest, Master gave me a horn. Those from Land of Reincarnation probably knew about it so Zhuang Huai Shui colluded with two Blood Cloak Elders to ambush me at the Cloud Reaching Stone. In truth, they didn't want to kill me, they wanted to kill Master!"


King of Darkness nodded. His face was covered in a mist and I couldn't see through him. I didn't dare to use Shifang Flame Spiral Eye in case something happened, "When I was about to get killed, I had to use the horn and in the end I dragged Master into a trap. Those two Blood Cloak Elders appeared and Master fought the three of them. He killed Jin Chan and Hong Kang but he was badly injured. In the end, I used Lightning Drawing Stone and Blood Curse Talisman to kill Zhuang Huai Shui."

"So that was the case!"

King of Darkness clutched his fist and his face was filled with rage, "Our Black Castle actually have moles! Damn! Damn!

Yun Yue frowned, "Your Highness, Ding Heng is injured and can't remain here. Bring him to the three divisions to heal up. We need to think about this and quickly solve the rebellion if not Black Castle won't have peace."


King of Darkness's eyes went cold, "Summon the left and right generals and also all the five faction leaders into the City Lord Hall!"


"Also you."

King of Darkness looked at me, "July Wildfire, you witnessed this all, you join the meeting too."

"Oh, okay!"


Half an hour later.

Ding Heng was sent to heal up whilei followed Yun Yue to attend this high level Black Castle meeting. moreover, this was the first time that I was entering the City Lord Manor, the most powerful place in Black Castle.

Many black statues stood tall outside. These were all the Black Castle experts and on them recorded the histories of each and every one.

Main Hall,

it was black in colour and was filled with killing intent.

The meeting hall was on the side of the hall and King of Darkness was at the helm. I followed behind Yun Yue and I saw all the higher ups. Left General Lin Mu, Right General Bai Jian were here. There was also people like Zhang Xiaoshan and Lin Fengnian as well as other elders from the three divisions. There were roughly over ten people.

All of them sat down.

Yun Yue told me to sit by her side. In truth, this seat was a little hot and only the ranked 4-5th person in Black Castle could sit there. I was sitting at a seat almost the same level as the right and left general. The elders all looked at me with a weird gaze but Senior Sister Yun was strong enough so she ignored them.

"Our Black Castle has a mole."

King of Darkness said, "When Ding Heng and July Wildfire were outside, Zhuang Huai Shui and two Blood Cloak elders sneak attacked. Ding Heng is badly injured. I think most of you know about this."


Lin Fengnian said, "I heard that it was Zhuang Huai Shui?"


Yun Yue looked at everyone, "I heard that Zhuang Huai Shui actually challenged a junior but this time he was too much. He actually colluded with Blood Dynasty to kill a five faction head, scoff... This meeting is to solve all future problems."

"Ah? Zhuang Huai Shui?"

Some of them had solemn gazes and some looked really lost.

King of Darkness pressed his hand down and a streak of golden light appeared around. "I have sealed this hall so no news can spread out. Yun Yue, you are in charge of all matters apart from war so this is down to you."

"Yes Your Highness!"

Yun Yue nodded and turned to everyone, "My suggestion is to remove the roots. Zhuang Huai Shui has ran Land of Reincarnation for so many years and is connected to many families in Black Castle. Now that he is dead, that doesn't mean that the connection with Blood Dynasty is broken off."

A five faction elder said, "Lady Yun Yue wants... Us to kill everyone from Land of Reincarnation?"

"There is no such need."

Yun Yue smiled, "I sent people to investigate him and those behind him. Land of Reincarnation grand disciple Han Shang's Han Famly, Long Yilan's half dragon race as well as Li and Xiao Families. They might all be connected. We should take them all down and interrogate them to solve all the problems."

King of Darkness nodded.

One of the War Hall Elders frowned, "That is too dangerous. Han and Long Family are big families in Black Castle. If we touch them, the other families will be affected. Moreover, whether or not Zhuang Huai Shui betrayed Black Castle has to be investigated. We can't only listen to Ding Heng."

"I trust Ding Heng."

King of Darkness Xuanyuan Yu said, "Someone who dares to kill two Blood Cloak Elders for us definitely won't betray Black Castle. On the contrary, I sensed that Zhuang Huai Shui was cultivating the Soul Swallowing Technique in secret just that I didn't expose it. All things showed that Zhuang Huai Shui is trying to do something. As for Ding Heng, he is righteous and open. I have decided, if anyone tries to speak for Zhuang Huai Shui, they will be killed on the spot!"

"Yes Your Highness!"

The bunch of people nodded their heads and some people broke out in cold sweat.

While everyone was discussing, I looked at my bag. The spoils from the Iron Blood Wolf King was disappointing and there was no orange gear. Apart from that, I looked at Zhuang Huai Shui's storage bag. There were basically low grade materials and herbs. He didn't bring much precious things, the only thing was the Cloud Reaching Stone.

I reached out and it appeared on the table.


King of Darkness was stunned, "Cloud Reaching Stone?"

Lin Fengnian was shocked, "It really is?"


I nodded, "Zhuang Huai Shui used this as bait to hook me and forced Master to head over into their trap."


Lin Fengnian laughed coldly, "I knew that that old thing wasn't good, who knew that he would be so vicious. I didn't expect a Junior Brother would actually do that."

Yun Yue smiled, "Hand the Cloud Reaching Stone to Lin Fengnian. I hope that you can repair the formation soon."


"As for the others, send men to capture those few families."

"Yes sir!"


Everyone stood up and the meeting ended just like that. Right at that moment, a bell rang and I got the Cloud Reaching Stone rewards--


System notification: Congratulations for completing main questline Search for Cloud Reaching Stone (SSS Grade), obtained rewards: Level +1, Charm +5, Contribution points +1 million, Gold +12000, also obtained extra rewards: Courageous Leggings (Unique Grade)!


It was here, orange equipment! As expected from the reward of an SSS Grade main quest reward.

I opened my bag and saw a pair of orange leggings laying quietly in my bag. I held them in my hands and they felt heavy. I reached out and their stats were amazing--

Courageous Leggings (Unique Grade)

Type: Leather Armor

Defence: 540

Agility: +198

Stamina: +195

Strength: +192

Effect: Avoidance +120

Effect: Courage, raise Attack by 1200

Effect: Toughness, raise user's health by 4500

Bonus: Raise users Attack by 79%

Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 79%

Introduction: Courageous Leggings, a pair of leggings made from Heaven Fire Stone, legend had it that it had many famous owners.

Required level: 75


This was basically quite satisfactory. The 1200 Attack was really strong and brought my Attack to the next level. The 45000 Health upper limit was really needed too. Aanyways, this leggings could raise me to another level.

Right at that moment, there was an icon shining in my interface.

Achivement System!

That wasn't right, did I complete it?

Kill a Legendary Grade Boss, wasn't Zhuang Huai Shui...

Oh my god, this was the biggest gains, it was here!

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