Chapter 242- With You 3 Fat
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Zhan Yue Chapter 242- With You 3 Fat

Bottom of the mountain, border of a forest region. Many ancient teleportation formations shone a slight glow. Many Black Castle NPC mages stood beside them and they were all dressed in black cloaks. Without a doubt they were all experts in space magic and were in charge of the maintanance and protect of the teleportation formation.

"Where will you go to?" One of them asked.

"Undying Mountain Range."

I held my daggers and said.

"Undying Mountain?" His eyes shone and he smiled, "July Wildfire, Wind Cloud Platform's grand disciple is finally heading to Undying Mountain to search for Cloud Reaching Stones?"

"Yes, can you teleport there, Grandmaster?"


He nodded his head, "Kid, Undying Mountain Range is not a normal place, I hope that you can return alive."

"En, understood!"


He turned around and his palm was filled with streaks of space powers. The ancient teleportation formation behind me shone and the space gate appeared. I jumped in and my body was split into molecules before reforming once more.



My eyes lit up and I appeared in a dark looking area. Many connected mountains were ahead of me and behind me was an endless plains. The mountain range ahead should be the legendary Undying Mountain which Dimension Legion, Black Castle and Blood Dynasty fought for.

Right at that moment, the sounds of wings flapping spread through the air. A black eagle descended from above. The wings turned into arms and then into a young expert. From his name, I could tell that he was from left camp and his eyes had a deep gaze, "July Wildfire, you were sent to search for Cloud Reaching Stones?"


I nodded.

"Go, Undying Mountain Range is right ahead but be careful. I will look down from above."

"En, thank you."

He waves his arms and flew into the air, turning into a black shadow which charged into the sky once more.

Was this person... A beast?

I sucked in a deep breath. Black Castle really had many geniuses and even had such an expert. I was often in the outer five locations and only saw a bit of our strength. Black Castle had deep foundations and only then were we able to battle against Dimensiion Legion, Blood Dynasty and Xuanyuan Empire.

Time to go, Undying Mountain Range was calling for me!

I sunk down and the white cloak behind me flashed. I entered White Cloak state and disappeared into the moonlight.


Half an hour later.

I went through two ridges and finally entered Undying Mountain Range. Although three factions were fighting for this area but I saw no one from the three factions. This mountain range was covered in a mist and it made one feel really uneasy.

"Wu wu~~"

A low roar spread from in front. It was a walking corpse. Its eyes were really lost and who knew how long it had died for. It wore armor and had algae growing on it.

Zombie, level 76 Unique Grade Monster.

Its stats appeared in my eyes. I counted the number of them, there were around 500 of them in total and there weren't a low number. Moreover, they were Unique Grade monsters and weren't so common. Time to train here!

"Come out Orange Night!"

I raised my hand and summoned Orange Night who was wrapped in an orange light out. I then spread my hand once more, "White Bird come out!"


A white light pelted onto the ground and turned into that beautiful girl. After not seeing her for some time, her outer appearance changed slightly once more. Her face seemed real and the skin seemed much more human-like. One could even see small pores, different from the metal color from before. Her body was also changing. Her chest and stomach wounds were healing, just that her broken arm and sword were the same.


I held her broken arm and a metalic glow shone on it. I could see some lines and the metal with inscriptions on it. White Bird's past was just too mysterious and I couldn't even guess at all. I sighed, "If only it could heal."

She looked at me and kept silent for a few seconds before suddenly saying, "It will Lu Li."

I was emotional, "White Bird, you can understand me?"

Her eyes turned solemn once more and she said after another few seconds, "I need to fight... Only be fighting can I remember who I am..."

"Okay, I will give you a chance to fight!"

I pointed forwards, "These Zombies are our targets. Orange Night draw them, White Bird and I will crush them!"

"Yes Master!"

Orange Night's body was wrapped up in orange light and he charged forwards. His spear swept into the crowd and instantly he attracted close to hundred of them. If other players saw this, they would think that this person was mad, but I didn't find it much of a problem. I knew Orange Night's defence and Health and he was too strong. After activating Firm as Rock, their attacks wouldn't be able to do much to him!

After slashing, the 100 corpses were lined up and Orange Night only lost a small bit of health and was quickly healing up.


"Yes Master!"

He attracted another bunch and Orange Night and I had huge fun. White Bird kept silent and she turned into a beautiful spectre. Everywhere her broken sword reached would be a kill. Streaks of meteor sword flashed and even when she didn't trigger that effect, her slashes were really sharp. They either pierced the chest, the heart or sliced off arms or legs. As compared to her, I was totally unlike an Assassin!

White Bird's combat style was clean and her target was to kill or paralyse the enemy. For example if the zombie had only one arm and was holding a balde, White Bird would slice off that arm so that he had no threat at all. If there was a giant with one leg, White Bird would cut the other so that it would fall to the ground. Then White Bird will slice his head off cleanly!

She was born to fight!

The more I looked at her, the more that I felt that she was extraordinary. Since Lin Fengnian cared so much about her, where did she come from. She was getting more and more mysterious.


Just like that, after clearing out a bunch of high experience zombies, White Bird's experience reached grade 4 89% and Orange Night was at grade five 48%. One had to say the high grade puppets needed so much experience to level up. They were just bottomless pits for experience.

But if I continued to work hard today, maybe White Bird would reach grade 5.

Moreover, Undying Mountain Range was not only a challenge for me, it was also a journey of huge games. After all the outer map had Unique Grade monsters, if I headed further in, there would be much more opportunities!

Thus, I brought Orange Night and White Bird to sweep across the mountain path. We cleared the monsters that appeared. Anyways the map didn't show where the Cloud Reaching Stones was so I would just level and search at the same time.



11:30, a message came from Shen Mingxuan, "Lu Li come offline to eat supper and prepare to rest. I ordered crabs that all of you liketo eat."

My mouth twitched, "I didn't say that I like it, you are probably the one that likes it yourself?"

She giggled, "You can don't eat if you don't want. ARe you coming offline?"

"Of course, the studio is buying so why won't I eat!"

"Hahaha, quickly, we are about to start!"

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I went offline beneath a giant tree and headed to the studio.

Second floor.

A huge pot of crabs was on the table and on the side was egg fried rice and pumpkin cakes etc. The supper was really rich tonight and that stunned me. I looked at the six white legs beside me and asked, "Why, aren't you all slimming down today?"

Lin Xi burst out laughing, "No, we are having a cheat day!"

"Hahhaa, that's right~~"

"Scoff scoff!"

Shen Mingxuan smiled, "You want to see the three of us become fat?"

"There is nothing bad about that, With You 3 Fatties, that is quite smooth to say." I smiled lazily, "It is better than With You 3Cs?"

"With You 3Cs?"

Lin Xi was stunned, "What do you mean?"

I was stunned and realised that i messed up, "There are forums guessing your sizes that you are all C, so... They are calling you With You 3C, so vulgar!"


Lin Xi saw through everything and her face flushed red, "Scoff, they really observe closely~~"


Shen Mingxuan frowned and pushed her chest forwards, "I... Am I a C?"

I glanced, "No matter what you do it won't be D, forget it..."


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