Chapter 243- White Bird, Upgrade
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Zhan Yue Chapter 243- White Bird, Upgrade

Shen Mingxuan's eyes spat out flames and she looked like she was about to kill. She was like a furious mother dragon.

Lin Xi was really calm, "Okay stop talking. Any more and we are about to have an internal war. Let's eat quickly, it smells so good..."

"En en."

With great food ahead, Shen Mingxuan became gentle right away. She smiled, "Eat and then go to bed."

I recalled something, "I took a quest so I might stay up. I might not be able to join in any activities we have tomorrow morning..."

"So long as you can level up, you don't have to join the activities."

Lin Xi smiled, "Then the three of us can level together. One more day and we can enter Purgatory Demon Realm once more. That is good, this time I will get above level 17."

I recalled the female Archer Boss I met on the 17th floor. As an Assassin, I really felt helpless. I probably wouldn't be able to defeat her the next time I entered unless my strength increased by a lot. If not I wouldn't have much of a chance.

But, Purgatory Demon Realm opening was beneficial for me. With more and more items appearing on the market, my Shifang Flame Spiral Eye would be of use. Just that staring at stores for over an hour would make my head hurt. It was happiness to get items but in truth it was quite tiring too.


After supper, the three girls went back to their rooms to rest.

I returned to my guard post. It was still drizzling outside and I frowned as I looked at the neon lights in the distance. For some reason, when I turned around and saw the shadows that reflected from the blinds above, my heart shook... Like staying here was quite meaningful.

I went online to level!

The skill cap of the Paladin account was too low as it was a milk cavalry and no matter how strong I got I wouldn't be able to protect With You 3C's honor. So it was down to July Wildfire!


I appeared in the forest near to Undying Mountain Range. The instance that I got online, I activated White Cloak. Along with a few leaves falling, I disappeared into the wind. It was as if I had never appeared before. At this moment, this habit seem to help me dodge something.

"Pui pui~~"

There was the sound of the wind being pierced through. On a giant tree, two bodies flashed across and they landed above me. They were two teens dressed in really majestic and expensive looking clothing. Their faces had blood patterns and they looked really handsome. Without even needing to think, one knew that they were from Blood Dynasty. One of them had reached mid Heaven Realm and his aura was strong. Of course, compared to me who had a Spiritual Ruin, his aura was much weaker.

"En? !"

The teen stood on a thick branch and frowned, "I sensed an aura but it suddenly disappeared."

"Was it an illusion?" The other teen asked.


That teen looked around with an ice cold gaze. Half a minute later he heaved a sigh of relief, "I think it was an illusion. With our Duan Family's ability, no one will be able to totally cover his aura."

"Hahaha~~ With our two families working together, the demon spear would belong to us. Oh right, I heard that Black Castle also sent many experts into Undying Mountain.

"Scoff, they are looking for the legendary Cloud Reaching Stones and has nothing to do with us. However, if we bump into it then we mustn't miss out. Let's just keep it."

"En, in the end, the demon spear is most important. It was said that woodcutter saw it when it appeared. Who knows if that is true or not."

"Scoff, a wild woodcutter definitely wouldn't dare to lie to us. Don't worry, let's just try to find it."


The two of them jumped and disappeared into the forest.


"Demon Spear?"

I frowned and walked out of the darkness. What did it mean for the demon spear to appear? Did a god weapon appear in this forest? That would be interesting!

Forget it, I shall level first!

I brought White Bird, Orange Night forwards and when we crossed another mountain range, I jumped onto a tree with a red crown. It was close to hundred meters above the ground and I looked down on the Undying Mountain Range forest. There was not much movement and I didn't see any beautiful scenes. There was only the silence and tranquility of the night.

Go, continue to level!

I crossed this part of the mountain and came into the valley. The moment I entered, I heard wolf howls ahead. Not far away, many giant wolves were spread out in the forest. Their bodies were black and only their heads had red fur. Their eyes were vicious and it was obvious that they have been hungry for a long time.

Blood Demon Wolf, level 77 Unique Grade Monster.

Finally, a really suitable monster for leveling. I waved my hands, "Orange Night prepare to draw the monsters. Be more low profile and draw a few. Around 50 will be enough."

"Yes Master!"

Orange Night really was an orange puppet, its AI was really good. When I communicated with him in game slang, he could understand it perfectly. I turned towards White Bird after. As compared to Orange Night, White Bird was quiet and was quite cold. She didn't understand basic words much less game slang.

Midnight, the killing began again!

Blood Demon Wolves were really quick and their Attack was high too. Even Orange Night with Firm as Rock activated found it tough. I could see his health dropping. Fortunately, White Bird and I sliced them quickly. Apprehension+Dark Shadow Jump was the nightmare of such monsters with low health. Although Orange Night was injured but we could still continue.

We continued to kill the wolves like that!

We would spend 2-3 minutes for a bunch of Blood Demon Wolves that Orange Night attracted. I killed while culculating. Since a wolf tribe was seen, would there be a leader? If there was, then it was definitely a Unique Grade Boss!

Thinking about it, I have killed many Orange colored Bosses. The first three kills were all mine. If I continued, other players would revolt.

But if Destiny wanted to weaken me, I would have something to say. They weakened Soul Star Explosion and my stats weren't so overpowered anymore. Now that I was using Bloodthirst Banner, I was relying on skills. They probably had nothing to say!


Just like that, I trained until 3am and most of the Blood Demon Wolves were killed by me. When White Bird stabbed her sword into the throat of one wolf and killed it, light descended and covered her body. Finally she upgraded!


System notification: Congratulations, your White Bird has reached Grade Five. As her strength has broken through, Attack+150%, Defence +150%, Health +180%, Recovery +300%, she has also comprehended Lightning Blade, One Sword, Protective Sword Energy!


She comprehended three skills at once!?

My body shook. Damn White Bird was overpowered now! I clicked her skill list and the skill details appeared in front of me--

Lightning Blade: Activate a strike powered by lightning, dealing 400% damage. moreover the lightning energy will jump to a next target. At most 10 times, each damage will reduce by 10%

One Sword: Deal a heavy blow to the target, dealing large amounts of damage and have chance to immobilise

Protective Sword Energy: Summon sword energy to protect the body so that one won't be damaged.


This, this was White Bird? !

I was stunned. This was too strong? Moreover, White Bird was able to attack and defend now!

I turned around and looked at White Bird.

She stood straight on the spot. Along with her leveling up, her body was changing. A blue lightning power flashed at the broken sword and her body started to give off a metalic light which formed into a new armor. Outisde of which, a flowing sword energy also formed. This was the legendary Protective Sword Energy. Before this shatters, White Bird wouldn't be able to take damage. Moreover, the durability of this Protective Sword Energy depended on White Bird's Attack.

At this moment, White Bird's attack was definitely above Orange Night!

Of course, if Orange Night could get to grade six then maybe he would overtake her. After all he was an orange puppet and its stats were really special. The reason why it was beneath White Bird was because White Bird was too special.

"White Bird."

I looked at her and smiled, "How do you feel now?"

"I feel... Very good."

She looked at me with lost eyes, "Lu Li, I... Miss home..."


I frowned, "Do you know where home is?"

"I don't know."

She shook her head, "But I can sense it, it is far away, but I miss it..."

"It is okay."

I tapped her shoulder, "Once you recall everything, I will follow you back."


She nodded her head and stopped saying anything.

The moment I turned my body, a giant wolf stood on a piece of stone. Its eyes were ice cold and just looked at me calmly. Its fur stood on their ends to show its rage and fierceness. Finally, the Boss had appeared!

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