Chapter 244- Definitely insta kill
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Zhan Yue Chapter 244- Definitely insta kill

In the next second, the Boss's stats appeared in front of my eyes. It looked a little strong--

Iron Blood Wolf King (Unique Grade Boss)

Level: 78

Attack: 8500-11050

Defence: 6200

Health: 6000000

Skill: Bite, Flame Claw Strike, War Trample, Summon Tribe

Introduction: Iron Blood Wolf King, a king of Undying Mountain Range. It was said that the Iron Blood Wolf King was a kind pup which followed its mother on the plans. After its mother was stepped to death by a horse, it was raised by a mage before being returned to the forest. The demonic nature exploded and it turned into a wolf king.


This introduction, I thought that I was watching Animal Planet!

This was the first time I could see the stats of a Unique Grade Boss. The stats were really eye catching. Its attack exceeded 10 thousand and the Defence was over 6000. Comparing this to a purple Boss, it felt like two different worlds. I had to be careful. Especially since this Boss had War Trample, the speed reduction was fatal for Assassins!

Luckily at this moment I had two helpers. One was Orange Night and one was White Bird, they should be enough!

I stuck flags all about and only when I stuck five flags down did I suck in a deep breath. I walked forwards and fired a Cloud Piercing Arrow at it!



The damage was pitiful, but this was without using Soul Star Explosion.


The Iron Blood Wolf King roared. It jumped off the rock like lightning and charged right in front of me. It raised its claws and used Flame Claw Strike!

Good timing!

The moment the Boss used it, I used White Cloak. After avoiding damage, I used Soul Star Explosion and then Annihilation onto his throat!


Not bad, the Boss's stats were high but my Attack was quite overpowered too!


I stepped around its right and ordered them to attack. The moment the wolf king tried to bite, I used Gouge to stun it!


Orange Night used Giant Dragon Storm onto the Boss and dealt 4000+ damage. One had to say that Orange Night's Attack wasn't enough!

But at that moment, White Bird appeared above the Boss's head. White Bird's broken blade gave off lightning energy and she used Lightning Blade on its head!


Damn, White Bird's Attack was much more than mine!

The Wolf King smacked White Bird with its claws and it was obvious that White Bird hadn't faced such a strong Boss before. It was calm and held the broken blade in front of her chest. "Peng", she was forced back and lost 3% of her health. That was a perfect defensive attempt.

At that point, I was already behind the Boss.

While it was attacking Orange Night, I used Backstab+ Godslaying Blade+ Flames of Karma. Damage numbers popped up. Now my Critical Strike had reached 27% so I hit critical strikes quite regularly!


The wolf king roared in rage. It raised its claws and used War Trample!

I acitvated Blood Drawing Blade and then Separated by water. Although it didn't interrupt War Trample but it absorbed all my lost health. Before the wolf king's claws landed on the ground, a white light charged over. This was White Bird's skill-- One Sword!


The sword stabbed right into the Boss's throat and dealt 61727 damage. White Bird pulled her broken blade out and then sliced the side of the wolf king. She waved her blade time after time which triggered the meteor sword effect. Her overall damage was no lower than me!

She was just too strong!

On the side, the Bloodthirst Banners fluttered in the wind. But this time they were just supportive elements. I didn't even need to use Dark Shadow Jump. After White Bird upgraded, she was just too strong and it felt like she was going to replace me. Her eyes were filled with a desire to fight. As I expected, she was born to fight. She probably had a special background but ended up as a puppet in the end.

Maybe, this was fate~~


Not long later, Orange Night's health dropped to 50%. Just in case, I kept him!

Next would be White Bird and I working together. I would take more damage but thanks to my high Attack and base lifesteal of 20%, I could just focus on attacking.

Just like that, under our fervent attacks, the wolf king's health dropped to 20%. At that moment, it raised its neck and roared, activating the skill- Summon Tribe!

I used Dark Shadow Jump to get close. I used Gouge+ Separated by water at the same time but both missed. I then used Demon Tribulation but the outcome was the same. The wolf king managed to summon 20+ Blood Demon Wolves around!


Right when I was about to panic, a white body landed. It was White Bird and thick blue lightning appeared on her broken blade. She struck the Boss's head and the lightning jumped. They turned into sword energy which struck the wolf rtribe. Instantly, all of them lost a large chunk of their health!

We had a chance!

I was delighted. I used Apprehension+ Hunter's Edge on the crowd. Along with Lightning Blade's attacks, I cleared out another large bit of their health. Most of them were low health so I used Dark Shadow Jump to kill them all. As for White Bird, she tangled with the wolf king.

"Ang ang~~"

The Wolf King used Summon Tribe once more.

This time I was experienced and White Bird was too. She used Lightning Blade once more. One Lightning Blade actually easily countered the Boss's ultimate. I gained a lot of experience too so I felt really happy.

Just like that, the Boss's health dropped to 1% and it could be killed really quickly!


But at that moment, a person in a black robe appeared. He held a blood colored spear. His spear looked like it was still burning hot and one look and one knew that it wasn't an ordinary weapon. He pointed, "Kid stop, this Iron Blood Wolf King is a great mount, it is mine!"

"Who are you?"

I attacked while looking at him.

he took off his veil to reveal an old face before laughing coldly, "I am Blood Dynasty Duan Country's Black Robe Elder, Duan Shui Liu, let the wolf king go or I will kill you!"

"Let your mother!"

I laughed coldly and used Soul Star Explosion. Lunar Eclipse in my right hand disappeared and what replaced it was a stream of golden light. A loud explosion as the palm smashed onto the wolf king's body. Its last bit of health was removed just like that!


I leveled up to level 74!

At the same time, I kept them all into my bag. I had no time to look so there was no point. I had to deal with this black robed elder first!

I turned around and looked proudly at the elder. I smiled, "I have already killed it, what can you do karate Senior Brother?"

His eyes were filled with killing intent, "I am not your Senior Brother, I am one of the few black robed elders in Duan Country, the deputy dean of Red Tiger College. I have not trained in any karate, how will I be your Senior Brother? Prepare to die. Since you want to die then I shall send you off. At least that Iron Blood Wolf King won't be lonely down there.

"Bring it on!"

I laughed out loud and my expression turned vicious. In truth I was focusing on his spear. If things were expected, this should be the demon spear that the two Blood Dynasty teens were talking about. I sensed the aura of it, it was so violent and so chaotic. If I could kill this old man, it should be mine. Who cared if it was an equipment, I was going to snatch anything good!


"You are asking for death!"

Duan Shui Liu shouted and waved the spear. Demonic energy surged around it and it felt like the sky was turning dark. He struck down from above!

I frowned. I held onto White Cloak previously just for this moment. I had to kill him in one strike if not I wouldn't be his match. I ordered White Bird to retreat. At the same time I bent down like a bowstring being pulled to its limit!


Duan Shui Liu hollered and used a terrifying strike.


I pushed against the ground and used all my strength to jump into the sky. At the same time White Cloak flashed and I entered the forced invincibility state. The spear was actually hiting my face but it dealt no damage. In the next second, Lunar Eclipse stabbed into his heart. At the same time, my Spiritual Ruin shone bright and lightning surged out, flowing along the dagger and into his heart!

Heaven Lightning!

This was Senior Sister Yun's Heaven Lightning so one could imagine how strong it was!


In an instance, my killing move had appeared. This Senior Brother Duan cried out and his chest exploded. The Heaven Lightning scorched him and a huge 5 million damage number appeared above his head. He was insta killed just like that!

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