Chapter 245- Perfect merge
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Zhan Yue Chapter 245- Perfect merge

As expected, an insta kill!

After confirming that Duan Shui Liu was killed, I heaved a sigh of relief. This Boss should be tough to deal with and moreover, he looked like he had a long ranged attack. My Bloodthirst Banner wouldn't be too useful. I had to use his arrogance and my strongest trump card to insta kill him. This was the best outcome!

The most important thing was that I got the demon spear!


I picked up the spear by Duan Shui Liu's side and instantly a heat surged into my palm like I was holding a hot iron rod. When I checked the stats, I was stunned and felt annoyed--

Demon Spear: Unreleased item


What did that mean? There were no stats at all, a bunch of NPCs were fighting for this? Were they idiots??

I was totally annoyed. I held this weapon and realised that it was useless. I had a slight idea. There was someone I know that was good with spears but who was he? All of a sudden, I couldn't recall!

Thus, I sat cross legged and started to think!

A few seconds later, I recalled... Orange Night!

I got up and summoned Orange Night. I then raised up the demon spear, "Orange Night what do you think about this weapon?"

Instantly, a bright light flashed in his eyes, "I... My weapon..."

"Your weapon?"

"Stop being shameless, I just got this from the Blood Dynasty elder, how can this be your weapon? But, if you like it then I can give it to you."

"Thank... Thank you Master!"

Orange Night suddenly started to stammer.

I stabbed it into the ground, "Take it!"

"Yes Master!"

Orange Night walked forwards and his handsome face was suddenly filled with undescribable confidence. He opened his hand and an orange color wrapped around his fingers. He grabbed his spear and instantly demonic energy released from it causing White Bird and I to close our eyes. Orange Night stood tall in the wind.

This can't be?

I frowned. Was Orange Night like White Bird and had an amazing background? Or, did this demon spear have something to do with Orange Night?

In the next moment, a bell rang in my ears--


System notification: Congratulations for obtaining weapon Demon Spear, the merger is close to perfect. Attack +200%, Defence+150%, Attack Speed +75%, obtained effect: Lifesteal +10%


Perfect merge?

I was about to turn to stone. A demon spear was enough to raise Orange Night's stats to a whole new level. Moreover he obtained 10% lifesteal. This meant that Orange Night could fight for extended periods of time.

After losing health to the boss, he would recover from killing monsters. It was a gift from the gods!

Orange Night's combat strength was originally exceeded by White Bird but now Orange Night took over once more. Even if he couldn't totally crush White Bird but they were on an equal level!

"Orange Night what do you think?" I asked.

He held the demon spear and said, "Master, I think that I have gotten stronger."

"Very good!"

White Bird walked forwards and she wanted to fight. She looked at Orange Night and said, "Lu Li I want to fight him to get stronger."


My heart shook, "What if you smash him? Definitely not, you can't?"


Her eyes were empty and she looked at me with a lost expression.

"Because... Because..."

I thought for a long while before finally thinking of an explanation, "Because Orange Night is like your brother, how can you fight your brother?"


White Bird was a little disappointed. She acknowleged before not saying anything.

I was in a good mood and I searched Duan Shui Liu's corpse again. Although he was a Boss but after I killed him he didn't drop anything and didn't give any experience. Did the system think that the way I killed him was too shameless? So it didn't want to give me experience?

Forget it.

Right at that moment, I touched a storage bag at Duan Shui Liu's waste and it provided 300 space. This storage bag should be able to sold for a lot. Moreover there were 4000+ gold and naturally they all belonged to me. There was nothing else. But at the corner were three familiar talismans. Right this was the legendary Blood Curse Talisman. I found one before but this time I had three!

Blood Curse Talisman was a good thing and each represented a strong attack!

After tossing them into my bag, I stood up and looked into myself. I noticed that the Heaven Lightning turned into a ball of lightning glow in my Spiritual Ruin. It buzzed and recovered its energy. After that strike, its strength reduced by 80% and I probably wouldn't be able to use it for a short while. Even if I tried, the outcome wouldn't be satisfying.


I looked at the time and it was around 3am. There was no need to play overnight. Time to rest, the next morning would be one spent sleeping.

I summoned the little secretary and went offline.

I walked out and summoned Star Eye to confirm that the area was safe. I then bathed before going to bed.

The next morning, it was noon when I woke up.

When I washed up, I noticed that Shen Mingxuan was carrying the food from outside. She smiled, "You are finally up you pig?"

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"Ha, yes..."

I smiled awkwardly and smiled, "What did you order. Did you order sour vegetable fish that I love?"

"Of course not!"


As expected there really wasn't any. Shen Mingxuan ordered some light dishes but they tasted good. They were basically dishes that were good wish rice. Although there weren't sour vegetable fish but I forgive her. My stomach started to rumble and I began while holding a packet of rice.

"I shall continue my quest today, I am not done." I said.


Lin Xi smiled, "I have no large map to finish so you can just enjoy your quest. Right Lu Li what level are you now?"

I thought about it and said, "Level 67, I am not sure but I should be close to 68."

"That is quite fast." She smiled.

Shen Mingxuan frowned, "How are you even leveling, you are actually even faster than I am?"


I rubbed my head and smiled awkwardly, "I am quite hardworking and I just do quests and kill monsters at the same time. If you think that I am leveling quickly, then you should ask if you are working hard enough."

Lin Xi smiled, "Mingxuan I think that he is right."

Shen Mingxuan scoffed, "You are helping the outsider now..."

Gu Ruyi smiled and didn't join in.


Afternoon, I continued in Undying Mountain Range.


I appeared near the place where I killed Duan Shui Liu and entered White Cloak once more. My body pretty much instantly disappeared.

Right behind me, two people stood. They were in blood colored robes and they were actually super orange Legendary Grade Boss!

Blood Cloak Elder- Hong Kang (Legendary Grade Boss): Blood Dynasty Blood Cloak Elder

Blood Cloak Elder- Jin Chan (Legendary Grade Boss): Blood Dynasty Blood Cloak Elder


The two of them didn't notice me and I just stood under the tree without moving. These were Blood Cloak elders and it was said that they were only lower than Marquis. Dozens of them nearly wiped out Black Castle so one could tell how terrifying Blood Cloak Elders were.

Moreover, Legendary Grade, super orange Boss, that far exceeded what I could kill.


Hong Kang knelt down and checked Duan Shui Liu's corpse, "He was sneak attacked and his heart was shattered by lightning. It was just one strike."

Jin Chan was calm, "What a piece of trash, an elder was killed in one move. What is worse is that he lost the demn spear, damn!"


Hong Kang frowned, "Our quest is not that. Since we lost the demon spear then let's go. We should return to report things."


In the next second, they flew into the air and turned into two streaks of blood mist which disappeared into the clouds. Only when their aura disappeared did I dare to move. I maintained my White Cloak stats and headed north away from those two.

Blood Cloak Elders, they were people even the five faction heads feared. Forget it, I knew my own strength.

I headed north to search for my target and to continue leveling!

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