Chapter 246- Enemies meet again
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Zhan Yue Chapter 246- Enemies meet again

North of Undying Mountain Range, a Silver Almond Forest.

"Dong dong dong~~~"

The ground shook and the leaves started to shake along with it. From afar, there was actually a ten meter tall giant being walking underneath the dozens of meter tall trees. On close look, it was holding a blood colored iron piercer and its body was covered in blood colored talismans. Each one of them had two heads so when facing it, one would have 4 eyes staring at you.

Their names were blood red with giant skeleton images behind them. They were from the Dimension Legion Territory.

It seemed like my next leveling target had appeared!

I walked forwards slowly and very quickly, the stats of one of the giants appeared in front of me--

Twin headed Giant (Quasi Unique Grade Boss)

Level: 79

Attack: 7500-9050

Defence: 5200

Health: 1000000

Skill: Heavy Drill Strike, Furious Roar, War Trample

Introduction: Twin headed Giant, a giant race that came from deep purgatory. These Twin headed Giants have naturally strong bloodline powers and after the Dimension Legion saw them, they promised them benefits. They turned into the front soldiers of Dimension Legion to strike Humans, Elves and Dwarves, dealing unimaginable levels of damage.


Quasi Unique Grade Boss!

I nearly fainted from joy. The stats and skills of the Twin headed Giants looked normal. With my current strength, Orange Night + White Bird along with myself could easily kill them. Most importantly, Orange Night had 10% lifesteal effect. We can train here for long periods of time!

"Come on then!"

I raised my hand and both Orange Night and White Bird appeared in front of me. I pointed at the Silver Almond Forest and said, "Do you see those Twin headed Giants, those are our targets. Kill them one after another and kill them all. Sent them back to hell, they don't belong here!"

"Yes Master!"

Orange Night replied word after word and with the demon spear in his hands, he gave off an invincible aura.

White Bird was really calm and her eyes were empty without energy. She didn't say anything but she wouldn't object either.


Orange Night led the way and charged towards one. He hollered and a bright light shot out from the spear. It smashed onto the body of the Twin headed Giant with Giant Dragon Storm. He then used Firm as Rock to tank War Trample and Furious Roar. War Trample and I attacked them it from two directions!

"Shua shua shua!"

My daggers shone a cold light as I used Backstab+ Godslaying Blade+ Flames of Karma. At the same time, Lunar Eclipse's Dance effect triggered twice. Damage numbers flew all about and all of a sudden, I dealt large amounts of damage.

On the side, White Bird held her broken blade. Lightning Blade+ One Sword exploded together and her damage was no lower than mine. Moreover, she attacked the legs of the Twin headed Giant. After she finished, its movement speed would greatly reduce. This puppet... Really was a genius!

"Damn all you ants!"

The Twin headed Giant was half paralysed right at the start.

It raised its arms and shouted, "Taste my heavy drill, die!"

It pushed its palms forwards and caused a storm!

I activated my combo and under my Separated by water's golden energy waves, his attack was interrupted. I was delighted. I couldn't stop a proper orange Boss but I was able to do so for a Quasi Boss.

In less than a minute, under our intense attacks, a Twin headed Giant fell to the ground!


A large amount of gold and a pair of boots dropped.

I kept all the gold into my bag and glanced at my boots. It was just some Excellent Grade boots and was not really useful. However, I still tossed it into my bag. I was mentally prepared. Quasi Boss's droprates were higher than normal monsters but it wasn't much higher. The items they dropped were basically lousy items.

But the experience gained was really generous and I could get contribution points too. It felt so good to level here. Not only could I level up, I could also upgrade Orange Night and White Bird. I could even help Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map and Bloodthirst Banner gain experience. Anyways, it was so worth it leveling here.

Just like that, I spent an afternoon here.

At around 5pm, my experience was at 47%. Orange Night was at Grade Five 93% and was a little away from upgrading. As for White Bird, her demands were much more than Orange Night and she only gained 2% from an entire afternoon.

After dinner, I continued to level.

At 9pm, along with a bell, Orange Night reahed 100% but he was unable to break through the restrictions. I had to head to Heaven and Earth Pavilion to upgrade him.


"Sha sha..."

A person flashed across the forest covered in silver almond leaves. It was a Wind Cloud Platform disciples with a broken sword in his hands. His face was ashen white and his mouth was covered in blood. There was a fresh palm ink on his chest. He turned around and noticed me, "Senior Brother July, you are actually here?"


I recognised him as someone whose cave was near to mine. I frowned, "Junior Brother did something happen?"

"We faced Blood Dynasty's ambush!"

He gritted his teeth, "In the canyon ahead, the Cloud Reaching Stone has appeared. They suddenly appeared such that three Senior Brothers were killed!"


I frowned, "How many of them are there?"

"Four, they are all at Heaven Realm."

"Understood, bring me there."



He led the way and I followed him with Orange Night and White Bird. At the same time I observed the surroundings. Spiritual Ruin made my senses really sharp and I paid close attention to the aura all around.

I crossed a mountain that was covered in thorns. There was a pure and clean energy that surged from in front. I was shocked and in the sky above the valley, a square stone hung in mid air. Chaotic energy wrapped around it and the stone was covered in ancient patterns, like a Saint Stone that fell from the sky.

Cloud Reaching Stones, I found it!

Beneath the Cloud Reaching Stones, four Blood Dynasty teens waved their swords and sliced off the head of a Precious Treasure Pavilion disciple.

"They think that there is no one around!"

I charged over but I didn't want to kill anyone. I said seriously, "White Bird, do you have a way to send me to the Cloud Reaching Stones? I can't jump so high."


White Bird's eyes were still empty, "Jump, I will help you."


I didn't think so much and activated Soul Star Explosion. I jumped towards the Cloud Reaching Stones in the sky but my jumps were now around 10-15 meters which the Cloud Reaching Stones was around 30 meters!


I stepped onto the ground and I was like a tightly sprung spring. I charged into the sky and the moment I jumped up, White Bird did too. When I reached my jump limit, White Bird caught up. Her body flipped and she kicked right onto my butt!


A loud explosion. My body charged into the sky. This time it was enough!

Cloud Reaching Stones contained a really saintly aura. I opened my arms and was ready to hug it. But suddenly, a giant palm appeared from above and grabbed it. It just dragged it from the sky.

"What is happening?"

I looked down and noticed a very familiar face- Zhuang Huai Shui!

"You didn't expect this!?"

Zhuang Huai Shui smiled and slapped towards me, "Little thing, today is your death day, I want to see who can save you!"

Zhuang Huai Shui's palm was really strong!

My gaze turned cold and I activated White Cloak to go through his palm. I waved my daggers and shouted, "Let's settle everything today!"


Annihilation slashed across Zhuang Huai Shui's face but it only dealt 40 thousand damage. At this moment, Zhuang Huai Shui was a Legendary Grade Boss and his defence was really high. Moreover, his level and grade was suppressing me.

"This is all you have?"

He smiled and kicked. Instantly, death energy shot forth!

I held my daggers in front of my chest to defend!


It felt like a mountain had smashed into me and both my daggers and I flew outwards. I lost 20 thousand health. Zhuang Huai Shui grabbed towards my chest, "Little thing, your fate is just like this, you are a stepping stone, prepare to die!"

I couldn't take it head on anymore!

I directly used the skill- Hellfire Body!

90% damage reduction lasting 6 seconds!


Intense pain spread in front of my chest and my chest was about to get pierced through by him. At the same time I suffered from 4000+ damage. If I didn't use Hellfire Body, that palm would have just killed me.

Blood Drawing Blade!

I activated the skill and used Dark Shadow Jump to jump behind Zhuang Huai Shui. I used Backstab+ Godslaying Blade+Flames of Karma. At the same time, Orange Night smashed his spear on Zhuang Huai Shui's head, "Don't hurt my Master!"

"En? !"

Zhuang Huai Shui laughed coldly, "A puppet dares to say that to me?"

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