Chapter 241- Cloud Reaching Stone
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Zhan Yue Chapter 241- Cloud Reaching Stone

I trained until 5:30pm and my red name turned white. As for Lin Xi's name, it was still a little red. Such a name was easily targetted in the wilderness, moreover her body was covered in top equipment. Even if she was Lin Xi, people would still take the risk to target her. I could only continue to train with her. Fortunately her damage was really strong and her speed was quick too.


Dinner, Haidilao again.

We still sat four to a table. Lin Xi and Shen Mingxuan at one side and Gu Ruyi and I on the other.

"I heard that the two of you caused a huge commotion on the east shore?" Shen Mingxuan cooked lamb while smiling, "I saw Breaking Dawn people gathering on the square. Hearing from them, they suffered from Lin Xi and Lu Li's attacks?"

"En, many of them died."

Lin Xi smiled, "I am not sure what happened, you have to ask Lu Li."


Shen Mingxuan looked at me.

I frowned and said, "Actually there is nothing much to say. Lin Xi told me to pass her health potions to where she was leveling at. I didn't expect Breaking Dawn Dust to target me. He brought people to follow me and when I was about to arrive, he attacked. Assassins and Archers attacked me. Fortunately I learnt some new skills if not I would have died."

Gu Ruyi frowned, "Why did Breaking Dawn target you, damn..."

I smiled, "Very simple, in terms of small battles, Breaking Dawn won't dare to attack Lin Xi as the price would be huge. Ruyi and Shen Mingxuan are training together everyday and your party is strong so I am their only target as I am a milk cavalry."

Lin Xi laughed, "But in truth you aren't easy to kill."

I laughed out loud, "Right, people from With You, even a milk cavalry ain't easy to get bullied. Since I have joined With You, I won't drag all of you down!"


Lin Xi smiled, "Thinking about it, Shen Mingxuan was so wise to get you into With You. If not you and some other dumb person... Haiz, it is too difficult to imagine!"

"Isn't he dumb?" Shen Mingxuan was shocked.

I was shocked too, "Shen Mingxuan, do you want to fight one against one? Only one of us can walk out of here today."

"Hahaha, you will definitely lose then!"



Night, continue to level.

Until after 9pm did Lin Xi's name turn white. i too left. After all I was affecting her leveling speed. Moreover, I had things to do myself.


I returned back to Linchen County and looked at the stores. I activated Shifang Flame Spiral Eye and it was time for me to get more gains!

Right when I was looking at the first store, I saw something interesting. The owner was someone from Breaking Dawn and he had a bunch of unappraised items. At the end of his store were a few broken shells that looked similar to turtle shells. Under Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, one of them shone an orange glow--

Incomplete Killing God Formation Record: Records a part of the formation,

after use, can lay out one killing formation. Item will then disappear.


It had no grade and no other introduction. Logically speaking it shouldn't be anything good but it attracted me right away. The other few shells were blue and they were all quest hints. Only this was orange and was different. I bought it right away. After appraisal this might be really useful!

"Pa ta", the shell landed in my hands. I spent 800RMB and I felt like it wouldn't be a waste.

Continue looking!

Not long later, my eyes landed on another store. This time it was a mist wrapped arrow. It did look like a normal unappraised item, but after looking at it with Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, golden light shone bright and it was extraordinary--

Demon Destroying Arrow: An arrow that contains strong inscription power and can suppress the enemy's strength for a short period of time.

This should be from Purgatory Demon Realm? This map... It really drops everything. This Demon Destroying Arrow was for players to use when fighting Bosses or for other uses. Anyways, it was a special item and was different from the arrows from the shops. It was sold for 300RMB, very cheap so I bought it!

Just like that, an item that could be useful but could be useless too entered my hands.

I strolled for a while more and no other treasures appeared. I appraised the two items and as expected, the Incomplete Killing God Formation Record was to set up a hidden formation. The Demon Destroying Arrow could be used with the Cloud Piercing Arrow, it could be treated as a sleeve arrow.

En, now it seems like I had to trump cards.


Return to Black Castle to take a look!


A light shone outside the Heaven and Earth Pavilion. The instant that I teleported over, a bell rang. The Achievement System mark shone once more--


System notification: Next stage of Achievement System Arrogance has opened up, goal is to kill a Legendary Grade Boss, after completion, you will obtain huge rewards!



I frowned, that seemed too far away. That was a legendary red Boss and was two levels above Unique Grade. I was struggling against Unique Grade ones and if I face a red one I would be insta killed. Although the Achievement System was open, but there was no difference from it not being opened at all.

An undead cavalry said solemnly, "July Wildfire, our Elder summons you!"

The words Heaven and Earth Pavilion appeared behind his name, it was Lin Fengnian.

I held my daggers and stepped into Heaven and Earth Pavilion. I noticed that Lin Fengnian was sitting in a pile of puppet fragments. Purple flames shone out from the furnace at the side and it looked really amazing.

"Senior Uncle Lin!"

I smiled warmly, "Why did you look for me? !"

Lin Fengnian's mouth twitched, "Nothing much, but I think there is something you have to do. After all you are currently the strongest disciple."

"What thing. Senior Uncle Lin treats me well, as long as you ask, I will definitely do it!"

"Very good!"

Lin Fengnian nodded, "After the battle with Blood Emperor of Terror, our city protection formation is badly damaged. King of Darkness ordered me to repair it but the formation is really amazing. Although I can understand the inscriptions but I lack one material to repair it."

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"Cloud Reaching Stone!"

"Oh? Are they expensive?" I asked.

Lin Fengnian looked at me like he was looking at an idiot, "Cloud Reaching Stones was something unique to the God World but after the battle of the gods, many of them were brought into the mortal world. These stones disappeared but I heard that some people saw it deep in the Undying Mountains. I think that there is a piece there."

I felt a serious mission, "Senior Uncle, you are saying that... Only I have the ability to bring it back?"

He had a weird gaze, "No, the three inner divisions and five outer locations has sent hundreds to find it. Some elders are going to. I am just calling you over to make up the numbers. What if you are lucky and found it?"

I was annoyed, "Senior Uncle, your words are so infuriating."

He laughed, "When you took that puppet, I have been unhappy until now..."

"Okay, I will do it!"

The bell rang--


System notification: You have acccepted quest (Search for Cloud Reaching Stones) (SSS Grade)!

Quest details: Head towards Undying Mountain and after collecting Cloud Reaching Stones, pass them to Lin Fengnian. You will obtain large rewards.


It was actually an SSS Grade? This was still the start of the game and less than half a month passed since the server began and they have actually started to give SSS Grade quests? Damn!

Although I said that, but I was delighted. Quests were good, much less SSS Grade quests!

I walked out of Heaven and Earth Pavilion and headed towards the teleportation formation.

The instance that I walked out, Master Ding Heng's voice spread through the wind, "Little fellow, come to Wind Cloud Platform."

"Yes Master!"

The moment I reached Wind Cloud Platform, Ding Heng appeared above Wind Cloud Platform. He smiled, "Little fellow, it seems like... Junior Brother Lin has told you to head to Undying Mountain to search for Cloud Reaching Stones right?"

"Yes, I just accepted the quest."

"Very good."

He nodded, "My Wind Cloud Platform should challenge evil. Undying Mountain is under the control of Dimension Legion and another evil power. It is good training there... It might be dangerous so I would like to give you a treasure."


I smiled, "What Master?"

He raised his hand and a black item flew into my palm. It was a shell.

"This is..."

"Voice Transmitting Horn, inside it contains space inscriptions." Ding Heng looked at me, "My bloodline power is inside so when you face lethal danger, blow it. master will appear in front of you and help you!"

I was touched. Ding Heng treated me so well and was willing to risk his own safety. I knelt down on one knee, "Thank you Master! I will definitely not disappoint you!"

"En, go!"

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