Chapter 240- Invincible combination
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Zhan Yue Chapter 240- Invincible combination

"Shua shua shua~~"

Skills shone in front of me and all sorts of Shockwave Shot, spells, Triple Shot etc were all used. Apart from that, three Fighters and two Warriors charged over. Fists breezed across and blades flashed. Even Breaking Dawn Dust himself joined in. A 40-50 men strong Breaking Dawn team charged towards a defenceless Paladin!

Ash Fortress!

I activated my strongest defence skill and instantly attacks smashed onto my armor and shield. The damage of these attacks were greatly reduced but one couldn't underestimate quantity. It still hurt a lot and I used Saint Light Technique on myself!




A Fighter was shocked and his glove shone a blood colored light. He hollered in rage, "What is this? His heals are actually stronger than Sister Fate's?"

I laughed out loud and instantly used the second War Trample!

"Peng peng peng~~"

War Trample struck the players around me, I waved my sword and used Basic Attack+ Judgement+ Basic Attack, instantly killing this arrogant Fighter. He probably didn't expect that I would be so strong and my Attack to be so high. One set of skills and I killed a level 63 Fighter!

"Focus fire!"

Breaking Dawn Dust slashed and hollered, "His Ash Fortress is about to disappear. Once it dust, suppress him and kill him within three seconds!"

"Continue dreaming!"

I laughed coldly and slashed the Warrior beside. I used Basic Attack+ Momentum Slash+ Basic Attack. I pulled the bone horse and we charged through the gaps. Like what Breaking Dawn Dust said, once Ash Fortress effect disappeared, my advantage wouldbe gone. Fortunately, my Ash Fortress could last for 10 seconds!

"Damn, too tanky!"

A Warrior's Double Hit, Flame Slash only took 2000 of my Health down. I had close to 70 thousand Health now so I just used Saint Light Technique and healed 13000+ Health.

"Block him!"

Breaking Dawn Dust smacked me from the side and slashed onto my shield. His face was dark and violent, "You still want to leave? !"

I smiled, "Breaking Dawn Dust, you really are like a dog now!"


It was as if he was triggered and his expression sunk even more. I used the advantage of the bone horse to charge forwards. The forest ahad should be where Lin Xi was at.


Behind me, a blazing arrow expanded and someone's Stun Shot exploded on my back to stun me. I stood on the spot and my health dropped from 50000 to 20000!

"Kill him!"

Breaking Dawn members' eyes lit up like they saw a chance of victory.



A silver light shone in the forest ahead.

A silver colored person charged out with a horse and used Assault. She charged behind me and spread her left arm. A pure light gathered, turning into an umbrella. It helped to block a large wave of damage for me!

Lin Xi was finally here!

"All of you... Are asking for death!"

Under everyone's gaze, Lin Xi retracted the Heaven Sword Umbrella and slashed Breaking Dawn Dust. He was unable to react and she used Gale straight up.

"Peng peng peng~~~"

Breaking Dawn Dust hid behind his shield but it was useless. Under Hellfire's attacks, his health started to drop. In the next second, Lin Xi used Flying Flame Slash on Breaking Dawn Dust's chest, causing him to fly off his horse.

No one expected that Breaking Dawn Dust would get insta killed right away!


Lin Xi waved her left hand and the Heaven Sword Umbrella turned into streaks of sword energy to slash the crowd. She waved Hellfire and each attack would kill one.

I drank health potion while using Saint Light Technique on myself twice. After which I locked Saint Light Technique on her head to heal her!

"Charge Lin Xi, kill them all!"

I even felt that Lin Xi was the most handsome person in the world, she was even a little more handsome than I was!

The peak milk cavalry + Warrior combined and Breaking Dawn couldn't handle us at all. Moreover, Breaking Dawn Dust and Breaking Dawn Destruction were both gone and they were defeated!


Half a minute later, those that tried to escape escaped and those that were dead were dead. All that was left was a ground full of corpses and potions, equipment. While Lin Xi and I were at full health.


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She frowned and looked at the corpses around. She then looked at me and blamed me, "Since you were sneak attacked here, why didn't you send a message to me?"

I was stunned, "I thought that I could deal with it myself..."

"Deal with it myself, deal with it myself! How?"

She gritted her teeth and her eyes flushed red, "If you can deal with it yourself then why am I here?"

I was stunned, "Lin Xi, I..."

"Don't say no more."

She looked at my red ID, "Your name is red, how many did you kill?"

"Six or seven, maybe eight. Your name is much redder than mine, you killed at least 20 of them!"


She looked at me and said, "Did you bring potions?"

"150 sets of Level 7 potions have been delivered perfectly!" I smiled.

She smiled too, "Did you bring mana potions? You still want to go back like this? Level up with me until the red in your name is gone."

"En, okay then..."

I nodded my head, "Party me."


We formed a party. This was the first time when Lin Xi and I were the only two in the party. Looking at only two IDs in the party chat, I wanted to screenshot and brag to Ah Fei!


Many extremely huge crocodile-like Lightning Lizards crawled in the forest ahead. They were all level 75 Unique Grade monsters and there wren't many who dared to hunt here till date. Lin Xi was too strong and she actually dared to train here.

"This is good."

Lin Xi smiled, "It was quite risky before, now that you are here I don't need to worry so much and can go all out."

"Sure. How many could you fight alone before?" I asked.

"Three, now..."

She smiled, "If you use Saint Light Technique, I can kill five!"

"It is not efficient enough."

I looked at their stats and said, "Let's attract 6 at first. You kill five and I will taunt one so that your AOE damage can hit them all."

"En, let me begin then? Time is precious."



In the next second, Lin Xi charged out and attracted six Lightning Lizard. Six lizards surrounded her in the middle and released lightning attacks. Lin Xi slashed about and activated Dance. Instantly purple light splashed in the crowd and caused optimistic AOE damage.

"I am here!"

I used Assault on one and then activated Righteous Provocation. Instantly one lizard was 80% aggroed onto me. This skill was just too strong!


Lin Xi smiled, "Taunt, it dropped?"


I nodded, "A friend got it and then I spent money on it, hehe~~"

"Not bad!"

She smiled, "You can focus on being the tank now."


I activated the skill- War Trample!


The red trample effect exploded in the crowd and caused a large wave of damage. At the same time, these Lightning Lizards slowed down and Lin Xi's pressure was greatly reduced.

"Wow, War Trample? !"

Her mouth opened slightly, "Where did you get this from?"

"Purgatory Demon Realm..." I was honest, "My luck is really good for some reason, hahaha~~~"


She was speechless, "Not bad, with this War Trample, your tanking ability is much stronger and you can be more useful."


I sighed and was speechless. July Wildfire was a killing weapon, why did I become a support after joining With You. Once Lin Xi knows the truth, she would definitely regret.

Not long later, the six Lightning Lizards were slashed and we gained large amounts of experience and decent amount of gold.

I looked at the corpses, "Lin Xi, the Breaking Dawn main force were killed right ahead, do you think Breaking Dawn Ash will send people over for revenge? I am worried..."

"Don't worry."

She held Hellfire and her face was filled with confidence, "We will solve any problems that come. If they dare to come then let's just defeat them. If we don't retaliate against such a guild, they will think that we can be bullied."

"En, I am starting to worry whether or not Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi would be attacked."

"Don't worry, they have many on their side."

"That's great!"

I laughed and didn't say anything. She gave me a look and smiled, "Why not we add more, eight of them?"

"I recommend ten."

"Haha, can..."

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