Chapter 239- Solo challenging Breaking Dawn
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Zhan Yue Chapter 239- Solo challenging Breaking Dawn

Lin Xi was looking for me?

Something was definitely on. Normally, she wouldn't send me a message.

"Cough cough..."

I replied, "Strolling about, what is up Lin Xi?"

"Help me."

She smiled, "I am at the southeast of Linchen County, help me buy 150 sets of red potions okay? Those level 7 ones, I will send you the money later."

"En, sure. Wait for a while."

I looked at the map, "But it is quite far and it will take some time."

"That is okay, I have some potions left."



I changed into my Paladin account and held the Blood Slaying Sword. I rode into Linchen County and bought the potions. When I was heading out, I saw some Breaking Dawn people gathering. One of them was Breaking Dawn Dust who was riding a beige horse. he looked at me, "Brothers gather, stop wasting time, time waits for no one!"

"Okay Boss Dust!" They replied.

I charged out of Linchen County and headed towards where Lin Xi marked.

With You's chief told me to send potions to her... That was quite touching but I further confirmed my position in With You. A functional member, tank, security guard, lock the doors, driver, delivery boy etc.

Just like that, I dashed into the forest and the monsters were all level 71 Thorn Boars. Lin Xi was definitely training ahead and was not far from level 70 if not I wouldn't need to send her potions.

"Sha sha..."

When I stepped in, I heard the sound of horse hooves behind me. I charged into the bushes and hit myself.

A minute later, a person charged in. It was Breaking Dawn Dust. After losing track of me, he frowned and pulled out his sword.

Breaking Dawn Dust, what was he thinking?

I locked onto his position and used Assault.


I smashed onto his shield and forced him back. At the same time I slashed him with Blood Slaying Sword and held the sword on his neck and said coldly, "You are following me?"

"Who is following you?"

Breaking Dawn Dust was not calm, "Is your name written on this path? Why, you want to fight? Don't blame me for not telling you, this is where my Breaking Dawn brothers are training. With You can't offend us!"

I frowned and thought about it. Lin Xi was not far away and was about to reach level 70. There was no need to tangle with them here. I scoffed, "Good, don't follow me!"

"You think too highly of yourself?"

Breaking Dawn Dust frowned, "You don't own this map, I will go wherever I like."

"You are asking for death!?"

I smiled calmly, "Breaking Dawn Dust,

don't think that I can't kill you!"

"Do you have the skill?"

Breaking Dawn Dust laughed coldly, "You are just her lacky. Apart from gaining love from those few chicks, what else can you do?"

Rage rose in my chest. I also observed the surroundings. Many yellow dots appeared on the map behind him, most probably they were his reinforcements. He looked like he was delaying time for the huge army to come so that they could wipe me out easily.


Thinking about that, I smiled, "You think that Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi aren't easy to kill so you are targeting me right?"

"You are saying so yourself."

Breaking Dawn Dust rubbed his head, "Look carefully, my name is white, yours is grey, you launched the PK. I am defending myself so no matter what I am right!"

He slashed towards me.

"Bring it on!"

I laughed and dodged with my horse. I used basic attack+Judgement+ Basic attack, taking away close to 30% of his health.


Breaking Dawn Dust frowned and he didn't expect my Attack to be so high. In truth, after switching the Blood Slaying Sword and all the purple equipment, my equipment level far suppressed Breaking Dawn Dust. Be it Attack, Defence, he wasn't on my level!

But, in that instance, the bushes started to shake but I saw no one. It was definitely the Assassin!

Shifang Flame Spiral Eye!

My right eye flashed and I activated the Shifang Flame Spiral Eye. The vision around became clearer. Although it was night but it was like daytime. At the same time a nimble body appeared in my field of sight. It was Breaking Dawn Destruction, Breaking Dawn's top Assassin. He was in stealth but Shifang Flame Spiral Eye saw through that.

At the same time, five people charged over from all directions and they were all Assassins.

No wonder Breaking Dawn Dust was calm, there were people nearby!

I laughed and charged towards the right, forcing back Breaking Dawn Dust's attacks. I also charged out towards the right side and was surrounded by the few Assassins. In that instance, Breaking Dawn Destruction's eyes were filled with killing intent and his mouth opened and closed. He was giving orders. The six Assassins charged forwards and their daggers shone with Godslaying Blade, Gouge, Backstab etc skills!

Good timing!

I was happy. I wanted to test my current stats. Right when the six of them were within 5 yards, I activated the skill I just learnt-- War Trample!


Cracks started to appear on the ground like many red hooves descended from above. Instantly they lost a chunk of their health and many golden ripples spread from their legs. I headed forwards and waved towards Breaking Dawn Dust and three others!

Momentum Slash!





A series of numbers had jumped up. Along with War Trample, Breaking Dawn Destruction and the other Assassins had low health. Their faces were filled with shock.

"He can see through our stealth!"

Breaking Dawn Destruction gritted his teeth, "Use Quickness and Gouge to stun him!"

Instantly, the few Assassins used Quickness together.

I pulled the reins to retreat. I used the speed of the mount to break away. I also turned around to use Saint Storm. Under the golden storm, Breaking Dawn Destruction's pupils constricted. The storm pierced his body and his health was gone. Up till his death he didn't even touch me at all.

Apart from that, two Assassins died too. War Trample, Momentum Slash, and Saint Storm. Three skills landed on them. With my Attack, these three skills added together was enough to wipe out an Assassin!


Breaking Dawn Dust was anxious and hollered, "Attack, all attack, kill him. He is just a Paladin, I don't believe that he can win? !"

Instantly, many people headed out of the forest. Some were Fighters, some Archers and also some Assassins. Those who followed Breaking Dawn Dust over at Linchen County were all here!

It seemed like today wouldn't end in a friendly manner. I had a strong urge to switch to the Shura account and wipe them all out!

But if I did that, my identity would be revealed. How would Lin Xi look at me? How would Shen Mingxuan? So I had to use the Paladin account!

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I smashed into the body of the half health Assassin and charged towards the right. I used Blood Slaying Sword to use Momentum Slash to slash three Assassins. I also used Saint Storms. These two had low cooldown so this was an advantage!

"Shua shua shua~~"

Three streaks of white light rose up and another three Assassins few to the ground.

At the same time, I locked onto an Archer that had just charged out of the forest and used Assault!


I directly smashed him into a tree. The archer at the side was shocked and he retreated.

"Come here!"

I used Righteous Provocation! Instantly, that Archer slowly walked towards me and even raised his bow to smash my shield. This was the effect of Righteous Provocation on players and it taunted them to attack myself. They even forgot how to shoot arrows. The small bit of Attack did nothing to me at all.


At that moment, a Stun Shot smashed into my chest and my eyes went blank.


Breaking Dawn Dust laughed out loud, "Charge and kill him. We have lost so many to this bastard, attack!"

A bunch of Breaking Dawn players surged towards me.

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