Chapter 226- Heaven Hound
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Zhan Yue Chapter 226- Heaven Hound

"You brat, what do you have to say?"

In the darkness, flames rose up. I could finally see it. It was a dog-like living being with a huge body. Its face had bloodline patterns on it and they gave off magma-like glows. It just stared at me and at that moment, I was actually able to see its introduction--

Heaven Hound (Shanhai Grade Boss)

Level: ???

Attack: ???

Defence: ???

Health: ???

Skill: ???

Introduction: Heaven Hound, a Mountain and Ocean Era beast. Legend had it that the Heaven Hound has the energy of chaos and can even swallow the moon. In the ancient era, the Heaven Hound joined the battle of the gods and after killing doznes of god grade experts, it was sealed by a Celestial Emperor Grade expert in Spirit Swallowing Hole. After tens of thousands of years passed, its rage and unwillingness has not reduced.


"Shanhai Grade Boss..."

I muttered, my face was ashen white. The strongest players could at most fight Unique grade bosses. Above that was the super orange Legendary Grade, red Legacy Grade and Chaotic Grade. After which then was Shanhai Grade. This Boss appeared just too early. This wasn't a Boss that should be available at the current stage. Even if King of Darkness came himself, he wouldn't be his match!

I finally understood why the back mountain's Spirit Swallowing Hole was a prohibited land.

"Have you chosen how to die?"

Heaven Hound just sat at that bottom, its eyes were filled with killing intent and it looked at me coldly.

I smiled awkwardly, "Why... Why do we need to kill each other? Heaven Hound Senior, look... We are meeting for the first time and I didn't bring any gifts, but those three must taste good, why not we be friends..."

"You want to leave? !"

The grievances in its eyes got thicker and thicker and it laughed coldly, "Moreover we aren't meeting for the first time. Today is the day for food to be tossed in. Other disciples give me lamb, boar, fruits, and you.. You brat, you tossed cow dung for me. Does your conscience not hurt!?"


My face was about to turn green, "I... I didn't know that senior was living here. If I knew, I wouldn't dare to at all. I didn't mean it!"

"You didn't mean it?"

He chewed and gave a vicious smile, "After I eat you, I will naturally know whether or not you mean it or not. Come, walk into my mouth!"

He opened his mouth towards me.


I broke out in cold sweat, "Senior, I really aren't used to walking into another person's mouth..."

Stop the nonsense, jump in yourself!"

"If not, you will end up like the rest of them. My gaze will turn you into smoke, you choose!"

I shivered.

Thoughts flashed in my mind. Activated Blood Barrier and then use City Return Scroll? That wouldn't work. Blood Barrier and Hellfire Body was the same and would only reduce damage. It really didn't give invincibility. Once I get hit the City Return Scroll effect would be broken.

But, I had to leave.

I walked into his mouth and his mouth opened really big. When I was on one of his teeth, I could smell a stench, "Senior, how long hasn't it been since you brushed your teeth, it is quite smelly."

"Stop attacking me!"

Heaven Hound was furious, "Walk in until I swallow you down!"

I frowned, "Senior, I definitely won't taste good. Let's have a deal, if you think that I don't taste good then why not spit me out?"

"Are you seeking death?"


I didn't say anything and walked towards its throat. I saw a huge small ball hanging there. It was the legendary uvula. So the Heaven Hound had a similar mouth to humans. I gritted my teeth, it was time to test whether or not my skills worked on such high grade bosses.

I attacked the uvula. I was really aggressive and used combo right away!

Separated by water!


Golden energy currents surged in the mouth of the Heaven Hound. Although the Heaven Hound was strong but its uvula definitely wasn't trained. It was really tender and it started to bleed after I attacked it!

"You brat, you are asking for death!"

Heaven Hound hollered and closed its mouth. Vengeful energy surged from its throat. The energy was so strong that it might be able to instantly digest me.

White Cloak!

Everything depended on White Cloak's two seconds of damage avoidance!


The moment I entered White Cloak state, I shot out from Heaven Hound's mouth and smashed onto the stone behind me.

"You are asking for death!"

Heaven Hound hollered and clawed, pressing me on the stone pillar. He looked at me with his cold eyes, "You brat, you really are bold!"

I gritted my teeth and said with a cold voice, "You wanted to eat me so what can I do? Kill me, there is nothing I can do."


Heaven Hound laughed manically, "Do you think it is so easy to die? I am lonely here. To meet such a fearless brat like you, I shall be kind and take you as my slave!"


I frowned, "Slave your head, I won't be your slave!"

"Do you have a choice!?"

Heaven Hound hollered and ancient runes flew up from his brows. They turned into black words which entered mine. I felt like my body was being burnt. At the same time, my Spiritual Ruin started to rumble and golden energy tried to resist the outside force but the gap was too huge. My entire soul felt like it was being snatched from me, like another will was taking up my body!


System notification: Heaven Hound and you have signed a slave contract. As the slave, you will obey to his orders. No matter when or where, once Heaven Hound summons you, you will be teleported to his side!


It was really signed!?

This wasn't good, as a player, the system player in everyone's eyes, I would sign a slave contract with a dog, moreover... I was the slave and it was the Master?

"Not bad!"

Heaven Hound laughed coldly, "You really look like a little brotehr now. I hate your arrogant eyes!"

I frowned, "Now what? What do you want me to do?"


Heaven Hound gave a teasing smile, "You are mine now and you must listen to me. I will send you out so don't tell anyone. Remember, I can sense your words and actions. If you find Xuanyuan Yu, Yun Yue or Lin Mu, I will shatter you! Moreover, it would be useless to find them. If they can suppress me, they would have came here to kill me long ago."

"Okay, I won't tell anyone."

"Okay, I will send you out!"

He roared and blood energy wrapped around my body. I flew up and appeared outside the Spirit Swallowing Hole. Right at that moment, the bell rang--


System notification: Congratulations for completing quest Spirit Swallowing Hole's Sacrifice, as the top player of the quest, you have obtained rewards: Experience +60 million, Charm +1, Contribution points +800000, Gold +1200!


I was unaffected at all. I was totally stunned, how was I even suppose to play this game? I was the servent of a dog, how was I going to face Ah Fei? How was I going to face Lin Xi, Gu Ruyi, Shen Mingxuan?

Right at that moment, Lin Xi sent me a message, "Lu Li you are not sleeping?"


I looked at her level and smiled, "You reached level 68 so quickly?"

"En, I am able to use Hellfire already!"

She smiled, "My combat strength is above Feng Canghai and I am first in Linchen County!"


I laughed, "Go to sleep, it is already late. Most probably we are going to eat lunch when we wake."

"En en, you should sleep early too."



I returned to Black Castle. Although many people waved at me but I was not in the mood. The Heaven Hound servant contract was like a curse wrapped around my heart. If I didn't remove it, I wouldn't be happy at all in game. I also couldn't find Yun Yue or Ding Heng. Heaven Hound's threat was one, finding them was also useless too. Although Senior Sister Yun was strong but if she faced such a strong Shanhai Grade Boss, she couldn't beat him either!

But, Heaven Hound was sealed in the Spirit Swallowing Hole and it couldn't come out. This was a good news for me, if not it would be torture having a dog ride above my head everyday!

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