Chapter 225- Spirit Swallowing Hole battle
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Zhan Yue Chapter 225- Spirit Swallowing Hole battle


A powerful palm descended from above. I didn't doubt that if I was hit by it, the strength would shoot me into the Spirit Swallowing Hole and I would be swallowed like the Darkness Demon Cows!

Moreover, this was the attack of a Target of Extinction. Definitely not!


I locked onto the area behind Elder Lun and used the skill- Dark Shadow Jump!

With a loud "Peng", I activated Soul Star Explosion and turned into a streak of dark light that shone behind Elder Lun. I kicked him on his back, "You go first!"


Elder Lun didn't expect me to have such a skill and he was hit right in the butt. But right at that moment, there was another sound from my back. Before I turned my head, my neck felt cold. I was actually grabbed by a dark hand!

"Kid do you think you can struggle!?"

Another person appeared. It was elder Hui, one of the four elders of Land of Reincarnation. Did two of them come?

"Taste my Dark Fire Claw!"

He shouted and closed his palm. At the same time, the Dark Fire Claw on my neck gripped tightly and pain surged into my heart!

No, I definitely couldn't die here, it was not worth it!

I activated White Cloak and I broke away from Elder Hui's control. I turned around and jumped up, using Dragon Will onto Elder Lun and Elder Hui's back!


A dragon roar shook the ground and golden energy currents descended like rain. This palm was filled with the power to turn heaven and earth dark. It was a skill used by a Heaven Realm expert!

All of a sudden, both Elder Lun and Elder Hui were badly injured and they spat out blood.

Right at that moment, a blood light flashed by my waist. It spun about and wrapped around my body. It was actually an iron hook with a chain connected to it. At the end of it was an elder!

Elder Zhi, Land of Reincarnation's third elder was here!

My heart felt cold and I retreated. At the same time I waved my daggers to break the chain.


Elder Zhi laughed coldly, "You think you can break my Nether Hook? Stop trying, just accept death. Elder Lun, Elder Hui, kill this little thing and remove Land of Reincarnation's huge problem!"

He tossed out two iron chains and instantly two chains flew out from the Nether Claw. The other two elders grabbed them and now the three of them were restricting me. The claw around my waist sunk into my flesh and I couldn't get it out at all. I felt so much pain that I was about to faint.

"Die, Spirit Swallowing Hole is where you should rest in!"

Elder Lun opened his palm and he descended from above.

I had no room to dodge and could only raise my hands and summon Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map!


The scroll opened up around me.

Elder Lun's palm sunk down!

"This is a treasure!"

Elder Hui's eyes turned cold, "Kill him, naturally this artifact will belong to Land of Reincarnation!"

Elder Hui slashed down and with a loud explosion, "The first was blocked by Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map. However, this meant that Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map's effects were fone. It turned into a dim light and flew into my treasure space. The second strike landed on my body.



So painful, a fiery pain spread from my chest. Elder Lun laughed, "This dog is about to die! Hahaha, weren't you arrogant when you defeated our disciples? Where was all that arrogance?"

Elder Hui laughed coldly, "Don't think about Ding Heng or Elder Yun saving you. We spent three Grade Eight sealing scrolls for this and this entire space was sealed. No one can sense what is happening here. Your only outcome is death!"

"Senior Brothers let's end him in case anything happens!" Elder Zhi pulled the hook and smiled with a vicious expression.


Elder Lun waved his sleeves and a blood colored sword flew through the air.

"Taste the blood sword that I have refined for many years. Dying to my sword wouldn't be bad for you, hahaha~~"

A streak of blood light flew over, that was the light that could claim my life!

My eyes turned cold and I waved my daggers to slice at the claws. I activated Hellfire Chestplate's ability- Hellfire Body and I was covered in magma. Damage reduction increased to 90% for 5 seconds.

"Pu pu pu---"

The blood sword pierced my body and flesh blood spurted out. Although it dealt 1000+ damage each time but my health was dropping!

Not good, Hellfire Body couldn't hold on.

I had nothing else to use and white cloak was still off cooldown. I actually didn't expect myself to die here. I was filled with despair and reluctance and shouted towards the three of them, "Wait and see, if I don't die, Land of Reincarnation is finished!"

"Is that so? What gives you the rights? Hahaha`~" Elder Lun controlled the flying sword and laughed out loud.

Right when I was lost, a white light shot out from the body and turned into a beauty. She held a broken sword in her hands. It was White Bird!

"White Bird!"

I was shocked, "You..."

"Lu Li, don't die..."

I couldn't see her expression but her backview was filled with determination. Her blade turned into a streak of starlight and sliced onto Elder Zhi's chest. It was really quick and Elder Zhi couldn't even react at all.

"Scoff, a puppet? !"

Elder Zhi laughed coldly and slapped down, "Just one puppet, do you think it can stop me?"


White Bird was hit after slashing three times. Her body was in tatters and she fell like a broken leaf. She closed her eyes and that made my heart hurt.

"White Bird!"

I raised my hand to keep White Bird into my bag. White Bird was just a puppet so how could it come out from my bag without any orders. As for the other puppet, Orange Night was not moving at all?

"July Wildfire you can die now!"

The three elders waved their palms at the same time and three huge powers gathered in the sky and merged. They turned into a black pillar that shot down. Without a doubt, if I was hit by this, I would fall into the hole and get swallowed by that mysterious power!

But at that moment, a bone chilling voice spread from within, "So noisy!"

That voice came from the ancient evil spirit!

The entire space started to twist and a blood colored whirlpool appeared above that swallowed everything including me and the three elders!

"Ah? What is going on!?"

Elder Lun fell downwards and his face was filled with shock, "I... I can't control my own body!"

Elder Hui scoffed and tried to fight back. He spat out fresh blood and his body fell downwards.


Elder Zhi turned around and used his Nether Hook to grab a piece of stone but it was useless. Both rock and him fell from above. As for me, I was really calm. I smiled, even if I died, three elders from Land of Reincarnation were dying with me. Worth it!


"Shua shua shua~~"

Three bodies fell from above for close to five seconds but they still hadn't reached the bottom. They looked forwards at the area below was blood in color. I saw a bloodfilled mouth opening towards us. It was a giant mouth that was about to swallow everything!

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"Damn, it really exists!"

Elder Lun panicked and shouted in rage, "Junior Brothers, go all out. If not we don't have a chance at all!"

Elder Lun punched out and palm power exploded in the wind. However, they had no power at all. That mouth closed and a pair of crafty eyes appeared, "You are trying to fight back!?"

It swallowed and ate Elder Lun before gulping him down.

"Senior Brother!"

Elder Hui panicked and shouted in rage, "I am going all out against you!"


"It" opened its mouth once again and spat out flames. Instantly, Elder Hui was barbecued and then it swallowed him down. It said while eating, "Barbecue tastes so good!"

"Demon... You demon.."

Elder Zhi gritted his teeth and shot out dozens of Nether Claws, "I am going to kill you!"

"With your strength?"

The giant being's eyes were really terrifying, "I just need to look at you and a trash like you will die."

It's gaze started to spread and many runes shone within. It seemed to be releasing some sort of huge power. Elder Zhi looked like he was electrocuted and he couldn't move at all. His expression was really numb but his body started to get wiped out. Like a burning piece of paper turning into dust and disappearing.

He was really killed by his gaze.

I looked at the giant shadow within. What kind of thing lived at the bottom of the hole?

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