Chapter 224- I will bury you
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Zhan Yue Chapter 224- I will bury you

Back mountain.

There were people all around. Today looked like a class spring cleaning. The outer location disciples were all busy. Some were climbing trees to pick fruits, some were hunting rabbits with bows. The strong ones were fighting beasts in the forest. However, I didn't care about any of that and just headed to the deepest parts of the forest.

After passing a piece of land ruled by lions, I continued forwards.

In the forest up ahead, many huge monsters that were bigger than elephants appeared. They were actually Quasi Boss grade monsters. When I got close, their stats appeared--

Darkness Demon Cows (Unique Grade Quasi Boss)

Level: 74

Attack: 5000-6450

Defence: 2200

Health: 1200000

Skill: Demonic Energy Rejuvenation, Horn Smash, Barbaric Charge, Chaotic Trample

Introduction: Darkness Demon Cows, a beast that was infected by the power of darkness. These Darkness Demon Cows obtained strong power and became one of the problematic breeds in the back mountains of Black Castle. Even elders would try to avoid them.


Unique Grade Quasi Boss, they were indeed really strong. Those weaker elders were at most Unique Grade and some definitely couldn't kill them. It was logical that they avoided these beasts.

But I was fine. I raised my hands and summoned Orange Night and White Bird. I then activated Soul Star Explosion and pounced forwards. With Hellfire Chestplate, my health increased tremendously and I was filled with confidence. So what if they were Unique Grade Boss's, I could just kill them easily?


Darkness Demon Cows hollered in rage. After it took a set of my attacks, its flesh was split open. Orange Night and White Bird attacked and that officially announced the death date of the Darkness Demon Cows. Just like that, a Quasi Unique Grade Boss was killed by us in less than a minute. Its giant body fell to the ground and a large amount of gold was dropped. Unfortunately, no equipment was dropped.

A total of 100+ gold, a huge win!

I giggled and walked forwards to keep all the gold. Then I dragged the spine of the Darkness Demon Cow and hollered, "I have the power to lift mountains and my might covers the world! Rise!"

My Strength value was really too high. Although I was an Assassin but all my equipment all added Strength so i just carried up the Darkness Demon Cow that was 20 times heavier than my body. I was like an army of ants lifting a leaf as I dashed towards the Spirit Swallowing Hole.

Spirit Swallowing Hole.

When I charged up the mountain with the Darkness Demon Cow, everyone was stunned.

"That is... Darkness Demon Cow?"

A Land of Reincarnation skeleton was shocked, "Is July Wildfire even human? He actually killed a Darkness Demon Cow alone. Oh my god, he is a rare genius of the five outer factions?"

"July Wildfire, he..."

A Precious Treasure Pavilion disciple was stunned, "He is so strong, he actually killed Darkness Demon Cow. No wonder even Sword One lost to him, this person... Cannot be offended!"


some elders from the five outer locations frowned. No one expected that there would be someone who carried a Darkness Demon Cow up the mountain.

"Senior Brother, you really are amazing..."

A junior brother with white skin looked at me with stars in her eyes, "Senior Brother July, look at me~~"

"Hello Junior Sister, I am busy!"


I dashed to the side of the Spirit Swallowing Hole and pushed it down, "Go!"


Just like that, the giant Darkness Demon Cow just rolled down. I only saw a red flash and it disappeared. Maybe there was something bellow or this was a black hole that swallowed everything. Anyways, it didn't look like a god. If it was, it should show itself right?


System notification: Congratulations, quest points +200!

200 points at once, not bad! Other disciples only got a few points each time. A large bunch of fruits were 5 points and even Two Ball's cow was 40 points. It seemed like my Darkness Demon Cow was just too huge!

But I still found it really weird. What was in the Spirit Swallowing Hole? I looked around and tossed a fist-sized stone down.


The stone disappeared, it too was swallowed.

"It can actually eat stone?"

I frowned and looked around. I saw cow dunk and it was from the undead bone horse. Everyone knew that bone horses were dead and swallow flesh and blood for food. So their dunk was naturally extremely smelly. But this pile was half dry and looked like a done piece of steak. I kicked it down to the hole and it too was swallowed.


I laughed out loud. It even swallowed cow dunk, it really wasn't picky at all! But my kick was just too beautiful as expected from Black Castle's Messi!

I continued with the quest.

Thus, after ten minutes, I carried another Darkness Demon Cow back. Killing Quasi Bosses gave large amount of experience and I also got quest points.


The second one was swallowed too and I clapped my hands. I looked into the distance at another pile of shit. Those undead cavalry really didn't care about their horses and allowed them to shit anywhere. They really had no concern of the environment. I kicked and sent another pile in.

Everyone had a responsibility to care for the environment! My mentality was just too good!


Just like that, I repeated it time after time. I was like a hardworking bee, carrying Darkness Demon Cow after cow to the Spirit Swallowing Hole. In a blink of an eye I was first on the list and I was even much higher than Sword Two who was second. As for Sword One, he seemed to have went into secluded meditation.

Actually, what was the point. Quests gave so many benefits, unfortunately, Sword One didn't know about that.


My points were at 5000+ but the quest still hadn't ended so I could only continue. Shen Mingxuan sent me a message, "With You's iron guard, the delivery is coming in two minutes, you should take it up to eat with us!"


I nodded, "Please wait!"


I went offline and saw the guy outside. He looked at me in confusion and smiled, "Did you order the food?"


I smiled, "Is the person a beauty and in the end a guy came to collect it?"

"No, no no..."

"That is okay, the girls are lazy to come out so only the worker has to work." I said.

He smiled awkwardly and left.

I carried the delivery and felt happy deep down. In truth, With You's three girls were all beauties and any of them could sweep a group of girls. It was normal for the guy to think about them. But he should forget it, after all, they were all mine. Hahaha~~~


Second floor of the studio.

"How is the leveling?"

I opened the packaging and smiled.

"Quite smooth." Lin Xi smiled, "I got a quest about killing monsters. In three hours I would be able to use Hellfire!"


I nodded my head and smiled, "In the future our leveling plan can change. Lin Xi you use Hellfire to fight head on while I just use heals and Self-sacrifice on you."

"We can consider that."

Lin Xi smiled, "Let's talk about it when I can use Hellfire. Also, there is something I want all of you to remember."

"What?" Shen Mingxuan asked.

"Breaking Dawn."

Lin Xi's eyes were filled with seriousness, "I have published what Breaking Dawn did today on Weibo and it was shared ten thousand times in two hours. They probably hate me to death and will be enemies with us. Especially when you are all out alone, you need to be careful."

"I understand."

I nodded, "Don't worry, we can protect ourselves."


After which, we ate supper together. After that, we continued to go online.


Late at night, there weren't many in the back mountains. Moonlight scattered on the land and it wasn't too dark. Most of the disciples were resting. Only I was carrying Darkness Demon Cows over. Not long later, a countdown timer appeared. There were two hours left till the end of the quest.

Coincidentally, I was going to burn the midnight oil until 3am like Lin Xi and the others.

Time passed bit by bit and I worked hard to run up and down the mountain. The guards went to rest one by one and even the elders were on the verge of sleeping. The entire Spirit Swallowing Hole was left with only me who was working.

It was here once more!

I looked at the time and this should be the final one. Next would be to wait for the rewards!


I pushed with my shoulder and tossed the heavy Darkness Demon Cow down.

The moment it left my body, there was the sound of wind breaking. An old voice rang out, "July Wildfire, I will bury you today!"

I turned around and a palm wrapped in black energy descended from above. Behind his name was the Target of Extinction mark. At the same time I saw his name.

Elder Lun, Land of Reincarnation's grand elder was actually trying to kill me here!?

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