Chapter 223- Mundane Slaughterer
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Zhan Yue Chapter 223- Mundane Slaughterer

"With You, gather!"

A minute later, Shen Mingxuan pulled the few of us into a chat with a solemn expression, "Let's gather in Great Sage Hall to discuss?"


Lin Xi and Gu Ruyi had solemn expressions on their faces too so I tried to look serious too, "Okay, I am nearby. Let's go!"


Not long later, the three cute beauties appeared within Great Sage Hall and sat with me on the long bench. We look at each other with serious looks on our faces.

I smiled, "Actually, there isn't much point in doing this, we don't have money either so what will we use to get Hellfire and the Guild Creation Token, hahaha~~"

Lin Xi face palmed, "Your words are so hurtful..."

"Let's discuss it first, what can't be discussed?" Shen Mingxuan said, "Let me find August End. Although we can forget about the Guild Creation Token, but this Hellfire is something we have to get. As long as we get Hellfire, Lin Xi will be top in Linchen County. That would be without question right?"


I shook my head, "I recognise Lin Xi's strength like how I recognise her looks."

Her face flushed red, "Lu Li, you are getting better and better at speaking."


In the end, a few minutes later, Ah Fei came over with a staff in his hands. He smiled, "With You's beauties and handsome lad are all waiting for me?"


Lin Xi gritted her teeth, "August End, I want that Hellfire, how much do I need to exchange for it? I temporarily don't have money either."

"I don't lack money."

Ah Fei shook his head, "What treasures do you have for my friend, those might work."


Lin Xi waved her hands and a purple glove appeared, a level 60 Fighter equipment with decent stats but its value was far from that of Hellfire.

"This, it is not enough..." Ah Fei glanced and smiled.

"I know."

Lin Xi took out a purple leather helmet which added a lot of close combat damage, level 62 equipment, "This one is quite good right?"

"Not bad."

Ah Fei nodded, "But their combined value is still far lacking."


Lin Xi looked at us and smiled, "I have taken everything. What else do you have that you can take out?"

My chance was here!

I took out the SS Grade skillbook Unmoveable and said, "Lin Xi, this is what I got during my job advancement, it should be useful right?"

"Ah? !"

It was obvious that Lin Xi didn't expect me to take something so precious out. She looked at me and nodded, "Thank you, Lu Li..."

"Why are you being so polite for, we are on the same side.

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Ah Fei looked at the skillbook, "Scoff, SS Grade Musician skill? Not bad, but I don't have any Musicians beside me..."

"Is that so?"

I sent him a message, "I think you can have a Musician by your side."

"Cough cough cough..."

He coughed and smiled towards Lin Xi, "I nearly forgot, I just took in a Musician girl who can use this."

"That's good."

Lin Xi suppressed her joy, "So, are you agreeing for us to trade?"


Ah Fei nodded, "Actually, I am taking a huge loss, but... Forget it. let's treat it as making friends with With You, anyways we will see each other around a lot right?"


Shen Mingxuan nodded, "Thank you so much, grandmaster... Why not, you take Hellfire out now? In case things happen."

"En, wait for me."

A while later, Ah Fei returned and traded with Lin Xi. He smiled, "No no, I have an added condition, Lin Xi can I add you?"

Lin Xi burst out laughing, "Of course, let me add you."


Ah Fei laughed, "I can brag about it now, the legendary Lin Xi added me as friend, hahaha~~"

Lin Xi gave an awkward but polite smile.


Not long later, Hellfire appeared in Lin Xi's hands and she was pumped up, "I need one more level. I shall grind tonight!"

"Do you need me to accompany you?" Shen Mingxuan smiled.

"That would be good."

I said lazily, "Let me say first, I don't do overtime. I need to sleep!"

Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Okay, you better not come, anyways you will be sharing experience. Lin Xi and the three of us level the quickest together."

I was speechless, "Okay then have fun leveling, I shall go get busy."



Thus, the instance when she got Hellfire, Lin Xi seemed rejuvenated. She brought Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi to level. I was very free. It was time to train my Assassin account so I crushed the City Return Scroll to head back to Black Castle. Switch accounts!


A golden energy current surged about and I descended from above. I took out Hellfire Chestplate and wore it which caused my stats and combat strength to increase--

July Wildfire (Shadow of the Exiled)

Level: 69

Attack: 4158-4779 (+522%)

Defence: 2888 (+510%)

Health: 43410

Critical Strike: 26.47%

Lifesteal: 14.5%

Comprehension: 97

Charm: 62

Soul Star: 40

Contribution point: 2602005

Combat strength: 11228


My stats were really high and my combat strength exceeded 11000. In the entire Linchen County, Feng Canghai only had 8000+. My Assassin account was miles ahead of him. Moreover my true strength wasn't only in stats but my skills, treasures, battle puppets etc.

Right when I was pumped up, a message came from a player called Mundane Slaughter from Gaint Deer County, 'July Wildfire, hello, I would like to talk to you!"


I replied, "I don't know you so what is there to talk about. Be more direct."


He opened voice chat and it was a middle aged man, "I am Mundane Slaughter, the second in the Assassin rankings during last season but after Lin Wan Er retired, I am now first. I am the Guild Leader of Assassin Alliance and our guild specialises in assassinations. Most of our players are Assassins and we all play the same game. This time I came to find you to ask whether or not you are interested in joining us?"

He added, "I saw many of your recordings and you are really strong so I hope that you can join our family. If you come, you will be deputy guild leader."

"I am not interested." I smiled, "I just want to be a casual player and not join any organisation. Sorry."


He frowned, "That is okay, we will meet again. Anyways our doors are always open for you. Moreover, if you face something you can't solve, find me. Even if you aren't willing to join, we will help you. After all, you are a leading figure for Assassins, we won't see you take losses."


I smiled, "Understood, but sorry, I really don't want to join a Guild now."

"That is okay, can we add friends?"


He became my friend. Level 67 Assassin, that was really high, even higher than Breaking Dawn Ash. This person might be the highest level Assassin in the server.

Assassination Alliance, that was interesting. If not for me joining With You, I might have joined them. After all, to random kill, rob people and fight, that would be interesting!



An undead cavalry said seriously, "July Wildfire, the montly spirit swallowing hole mission has activated, are you willing to accept?"

"Spirit Swallowing Hole?" I was stunned and didn't know what he was saying. But since it was a Black Castle quest then there was nothing to say. Anyways, it was good experience, I nodded, "Sure."

"Okay, please head over to help!"


In the next moment, a bell rang--


System notification: You have accepted quest <Spirit Swallowing Hole's Sacrifice> S Grade!

Quest details: Head to the back mountain and hunt for food to toss into the hole to sacrifice to the ancient spirits and gods.


Ancient spirits and gods?

There are spirits and gods in the back mountain? That was weird, but I did hear that the hole was like a black hole. There were some criminals in Black Castle that were directly tossed in. Who knew that there would be such a quest.

Forget it, I shall head over.

I held my daggers and dashed over.

At this moment, many young undead experts were standing beside the hole. Some held a wild boar, some held fruits and they tossed them down. However, there was no sound from the hole. Things just fell in like the hole could consume everything.

"July Wildfire you are here!"

A familiar person appeared which was Zhuang Huai Shui. He led a bunch of troops to supervise this quest.

"July Wildfire!"

A giant person appeared nearby and it was Two Balls. he was actually carrying a wild boar and he tossed it in. He smiled, "Get to work. I heard that the person that sacrifices the most will get good rewards!"

I nodded, "Understood."

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