Chapter 222- Selling for one dollar
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Zhan Yue Chapter 222- Selling for one dollar

Nearby, a private restaurant.

"I have a question, how did July Wildfire enter Green Tomb Lake?" Shen Mingxuan split the chopsticks and asked.

Lin Xi said, "I don't know. From what Breaking Dawn Fate said, he was in a long time ago. If I am right, he has the ability to brak through the restrictions of maps or it might be an artifact. Anyways he was here prepared to take away the kill reward."

That is so schemic... He is so terrifying."

Shen Mingxuan was tongue tied, "Not only can he hide himself, he is also really strong. If he is our enemy, we have to be terrified each time we head out."

Lin Xi looked at her, "I offended him before so he probably treats us as enemies. This time it was only because Breaking Dawn had killed us, if not he would kill us too."

"That is too terrifying?"

Gu Ruyi was shocked, "Then what should we do? I heard that... July Wildfire is close to August End? I think that August End is quite friendly, why not we talk to him?"

"No need."

Lin Xi looked at us, "Peace that is asked for is pointless. Let's just raise our own strength. Even if July Wildfire appears, we must not let him succeed. If he dares to come, he won't be able to leave easily!"

My blood boiled up and I clenched my fists, "Lin Xi is right, we can only protect our pride by our own hands. If July Wildfire comes, I will break all his teeth!"

Lin Xi giggled, "En, just like what Lu Li said!"

I didn't say anything more.

In just a moment, the dishes had arrived. This restaurant's cooking was quite good and all the dishes were delicious. Lin Xi looked around and smiled, "Although we were wiped today but we were at least able to kill a few of them. In the future, Breaking Dawn is our enemy, if we see them outside we don't have to hold back."


"Come, let's drink. For our defeat today!"


Not long later, we were full and we returned back to the studio at around 8pm.



I went online and my Paladin account appeared in Linchen County. I rode the bone horse and walked on the streets. I opened my bag and I could see what the Orange colored Boss dropped. The moment I opened it, I saw an orange glow. Nothing needed to be said, an orange piece of equipment was dropped!

At a corner, an orange sword was really eye catching. Its body was like glass and the glow was eye catching. I stepped into Great Sage Hall and found a mysterious place. I felt warmth in my hands and its stats sped up my heartbeat--

Hellfire (Unique Grade)

Attack: 550-700

Strength: +195

Agility: +192

Stamina: +185

Effect: Precision, Accuracy +40%

Effect: Quickness,

Attack Speed +35%

Effect: Dance, 15% chance of activating, deal blade dance on surrounding targets and deal large amounts of damage

Effect: Hellfire, summon a Hellfire to assist, lasting 120 minutes. Consume 100 special skill value, cooldown of 120 minutes

Effect: Armor Penetration, ignore 20% of Defence

Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 75%

Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 72%

Introduction: Hellfire, a famous sword with the spirit of Hellfire sealed within. It was crafted by a famous general and landed in the hands of many human race commanders. It was said that this Hellfire killed a two headed Hell Wolf and killed many demon tigers from hell. It is covered in the fresh blood and souls of demons. Now that it has appeared, it would definitely cause a blood storm.

Required level: 68


It was actually a sword with special skills!

In an instance, my hands were shaking. If I was a Warrior, this sword would follow me for a long time. Unfortunately, I was an Assassin and a Paladin. This sword would be a waste in my hands and its value wouldn't be used! The most suitable people were Lin Xi and Feng Canghai. To me, in Linchen County, the two of them were most worthy of Hellfire. As for Breaking Dawn Ash, Wine and Poems etc, they were slightly weaker. Wang Yaozu and his kind didn't even need to be mentioned.

En, I shall just leave it and think about how to deal with it.

I continued to look at my bag and my eyes landed on a dark red leather armor. it was covered in flames and it shone an orange inscription light. My heart was shook once more. Was this a second orange piece of equipment? I took it out. It had an orange names and its stats dazzled me--

Hellfire Chestplate (Unique Grade)

Type: Leather Armor

Defence: 520

Agility: +192

Stamina: +190

Strength: +185

Effect: Damage absorption +8%

Effect: Physical damage avoidance +15%

Effect: Toughness, raise user's health by 5000

Effect: Hellfire Body, after use, damage reduction increased by 90%, lasting 6 seconds. 120 minute cooldown.

Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 78%

Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 75%

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Introduction: Hellfire Chestplate, a piece of leather armor crafted by a famous blacksmith with hellfire and souls. It contains really strong hellfire power and if one wore it, one would become inpenetrable.

Required level: 68


Orange leather armor, it was mine!

This time it really was an equipment for me!

I took in a deep breath and was delighted.

After which I looked at the remaining items. There were three blue pieces that were quite useless. There was also a gold skillbook which looked quite decent--

Unmovable (SS Grade skill): After being played, party's damage reduction +10%, the effect is stronger the higher one's Magic Attack is, required level: 60, required Job: Musician.


Musician's hidden skill and also a damage reduction skill. Be it leveling or PK, it would be a god skill! Not bad, keep it. If I sold it, it would definitely be worth a good price!

It seemed like the Boss didn't drop anything else so I was disappointed. But in the next second, my eyes fell on a small golden token. My heartbeat sped up once more--

Guild Creation Token: The symbol of glory, only players with this can apply to start a guild in the main cities.


It was finally out, Guild Creation Token!

My eyes were shining bright, this stolen Boss was worth it! At the same time, I sighed. Breaking Dawn Ash really was a person whose morals didn't line up with his talent. His skill was top of Linchen County and was only below Feng Canghai and Lin Xi but he just wasn't a decent person. If he didn't attack With You, this Guild Creation Token would be his. After all with Lin Xi's personality, she would do as promised. Even if it was the Guild Creation Token, she would still give it up.

Unfortunately, Breaking Dawn Ash took a wrong step. Last time he brought Breaking Dawn Destruction to stop Ah Fei's job change and that made them lose the chance for inscriptions. This time he lost another Guild Creation Token. Morover he offended With You. In the future, Breaking Dawn wouldn't have such a good life.

I took in a deep breath and walked out of Great Sage Hall. I stood not far from Ah Fei and traded him the items. I passed him Hellfire Chestplate and said, "Get to work, I want level 5 inscriptions."


He was shocked, "You sicko, how did you get such a strong equipment?"

He lowered his head and carved before passing it to me. It added a line of stats which was 10% damage reduction towards all spells. That was quite shameless and it was a great weapon against mages.

Shortly after, I passed both the orange sword and Guild Creation Token to him.


Ah Fei couldn't take it and was shocked. It was as if he had ate a pile of shit. His eyes opened wide and his veins popped out, "This... You took it from killing the Orange Boss?"


I nodded, "Auction them off. But Lin Xi would probably talk to you about the sword. You just lower the price and sell it to her."


Ah Fei was shocked, "Since that is the case then why not give it to them?"

He grinned, "Be honest, are you trying to get her?"


My face turned red, "Do you think I am you? But With You was conned too badly and not only didn't they get anything, they lost levels too. Even Lin Xi feels bad. I took these spoils of war indirectly so I feel quite bad. Moreover, only Lin Xi is worthy of this sword."


He laughed, "What about Guild Creation Token? What is the starting price?"

"Is there a point? Just put a dollar!"

"Okay brother~~"


Not long later, both Hellfire and Guild Creation Token were placed on auction. Two system bells rang in the sky-


System notification: Player Eight***End has successfully placed Hellfire on sale (Unique Grade), starting bid 1 dollar!


System notification: Player Eight** End has successfully placed Guild Creation Token on sale for 1 dollar!


Instantly, Linchen County was boiling. Be it Hellfire or Guild Creation Token, they were things that everyone wanted. Especially the Guild Creation Token, currently only Elements had created a guild in Linchen County. The other big guilds were all in a primitive state. There wasn't any official guilds!

This Guild Creation Token had a deep meaning!

Of course, Hellfire was valuable too, the first Orange sword in the server. It was even more important than the first orange bow. After all, Warrior's were the sons of Destiny Corporation and many players played that job. A sword of the same grade would be at least two times more expensive than bows!

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