Chapter 221- Returning the exact same words
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Zhan Yue Chapter 221- Returning the exact same words

"Lin Xi be careful!"

I messaged Lin Xi directly.


She was stunned, "What happened?"

"Things have changed!"

I said while changing the attack mode to attack everyone. I pulled the reins and the bone horse charged to the left of the boss. I used Saint Storm out!


Sword energy turned into a storm which swept forth. Although the damage was low but when it swept the empty space ahead, a person in stealth appeared. It was Breaking Dawn Destruction, the top Breaking Dawn Assassin?

"En? !"

Lin Xi was stunned. She was too kind and didn't expect people from Breaking Dawn to do that.


The sound of wind being cut through spread from behind and it was from Breaking Dawn Dust. Lin Xi's body shook and she was stunned. Breaking Dawn Ash who was killing the boss turned around and coldness appeared in his eyes, "Sorry!"

Double Hit+Flame Slash+Frost Slash. At the same time, a Mage and two Archers shot at the same time. In the end, even when I used Saint Light Technique on Lin Xi, she was still killed!

"Breaking Dawn, you guys actually!"

Seeing Lin Xi get killed, Shen Mingxuan was furious. I used Assault and stunned Breaking Dawn Ash. i activated Ash Fortress and used Judgement. At the same time I shouted, "Mingxuan, Ruyi, focus fire on him!"

The two of them were quick. When I used Judgement, Seven Star Shot and Storm were both used. Breaking Dawn Ash's health bar reached the bottom!


In the back, Breaking Dawn Fate raised her staff and she was stunned. She didn't help and she didn't say anything. It was obvious that Breaking Dawn Ash didn't tell her about anything.

"Wipe them out!"

Breaking Dawn Destruction hollered and pounced towards Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi. Once they got close, they weren't able to deal much damage. As for me, I attacked the low health Breaking Dawn Ash.


Sword after sword sliced down. The bone horse was really quick and he couldn't escape at all. Breaking Dawn Ash laughed coldly, "What is the point? Breaking Dawn Dust will lead them to finish the Boss's 1% of health, in the end you will get nothing!"

"I still want to kill you!"

I slashed and took away his last bit of health. At the same time, my body shook and I was stunned. Fireball Spell and Wind Blade swept me.

I turned around and charged towards an Archer, "We can't find but not like you can too! Shen Mingxuan, Shockwave Shot!"


Shen Mingxuan was being chased by two Assassins. She turned around and used it on the Archer. I used Judgement to kill him. At this moment,we would kill all we can!

Nearby, Gu Ruyi fell to the ground after being chased by three close combat players.

She had no chance at all.

A second later, Shen Mingxuan fell too.

In the distance, Breaking Dawn Dust brought seven to eight of them to kill the Boss. The rest came to chase me. My health started to drop but I healed myself while slashing about. But as a Paladin I was too weak, just Judgement and Saint Storm alone couldn't kill much.


Breaking Dawn Destruction laughed coldly, "With You's Paladin, weren't you strong? Why are you like a dog now? Hahaha, you are just a piece of trash!"

I gritted my teeth and retreated but their ranged player killed me on a stone pillar. But when I turned into a corpse, they scattered.

"Quick, focus on the Boss. Unique Grade second kill is ours, hahaha~~"

This was the last thing I heard.



My body turned into a soul and I appeared in the graves near the lake. At the same time I was kicked out of the party. I had only one choice which was to revive here as I couldn't enter the lake.

But how will I accept that?

Come, I shall try!

Since the Paladin couldn't defeat them, what about With You's July Wildfire?

Change account! Change character!


I disappeared and appeared in the lake. A golden light wrapped around my Assassin character and I descended from above. i stood on my Human Race account's corpse and charged into the distance. I saw the chance, one of their mages had low health!

Dark Shadow Jump!


I passed through his body and killed him! I raised my hands and used Apprehension on the players near the boss. I didn't even need to do anything and a few of them fell to the ground.

"July Wildfire!? You... Why are you here? !"

Breaking Dawn Destruction was shocked


I didn't say a word and charged towards him with Dark Shadow Jump. I used Gouge and he was down to low health. his eyes were filled with shock while I laughed, "I am born from righteousness! Breaking Dawn Destruction, aren't you strong? Why are you like a dog, where was the heroics from when you killed that Paladin? Hahaha, you are just a piece of trash!"

I returned him the exact same words!

His face was dead as ash and he didn't even say a single thing.

Autumn Moon Cold River flashed across and killed him. I then used Dark Shadow Jump on another Archer and got close to another Mage. I used Godslaying Blade+ Backstab to kill him. Then I used Dark Shadow Jump all the way. Once I killed a low health Archer, only Breaking Dawn Dust and Breaking Dawn Fate were left.

Breaking Dawn Fate stood there stunned

I charged towards Breaking Dawn Dust.


Breaking Dawn Dust shouted and slashed down. I tilted my body and even without me needing to attack, Hellfire stomped and the War Trample took his last bit of health. Without healing, he couldn't hold on for long and the Boss's 1% health actually dragged until now!

Soul Star Explosion! White Cloak!

I jumped up, White Cloak dodged the damage. I then used Annihilation on the Boss and followed it up with Dragon Will. His last bit of health was taken away. Hellfire's body was turned into dust and he broke down.

In the next moment, a bell reverberated in the sky of the entire server--


System Notification: Congratulations player Seven ** Fire for killing Hellfire (Unique Grade Boss), obtaining second Unique Grade Boss kill, obtained rewards: Level +1, Charm +3, Contribution points +400000, Gold +10000!


I recovered the level that I had lost. My Assassin account didn't lose anything and it just made me more famous in the server. As for Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi, they suffered heavy losses. After level 60, each level was a grind and moreover, Breaking Dawn had conned them to lose that level.

I sucked in a deep breath and walked forwards, taking all the items that Hellfire dropped.

All of us came here in anticipation and Breaking Dawn wanted to conquer this map and get the price. With You came for the equipment and experience. However, due to the Boss's upgrade to orange, Breaking Dawn Ash took the risk. Who knew that he would be the loser and July Wildfire would win it all!

Just like that, golden energy wrapped around me as I walked towards Breaking Dawn Fate, "You saw everything, you saw Breaking Dawn Ash and the others. Are you really going to stay in such a guild?"

She raised her head, "July Wildfire... What kind of person are you?"

"A person that saw everything."

"You... You have been hiding nearby?"

"Did you think only you were able to enter this map?" I smiled and asked.

She took out a City Return Scroll and looked at me, "If you won't kill me, then I shall leave."

"Go, I won't kill you."

"Thank you..."


Breaking Dawn Fate turned into a light that disappeared. I changed into my Human Race Paladin account and took out a City Return Scroll.


I joined With You.

"So infuriating!"

Shen Mingxuan was annoyed, "Breaking Dawn are so despicable! How are there such people in the world? !"

Lin Xi said calmly, "It was my fault, I didn't expect they would do that. They actually didn't care about their own honor."

"From today onwards, their reputation is gone." I said.

Lin Xi muttered, "Lu Li I should have noticed. You reminded me but I was still insta killed..."

"You can't be blamed."

I sighed, "If I didn't see Breaking Dawn Destruction and another Assassin stealth, I wouldn't think that they would do that. But it is fine, I recorded everything and once we put it on the forums and Weibo, they won't be able to recruit anyone."

"En, I recorded too!"

Lin Xi gritted her teeth, "Okay, today is over. It is my fault. Since that is the case, I shall treat all of you to hotpot?"

Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Okay, since we dropped a level and Breaking Dawn were actually killed by July Wildfire, let's have a meal to recover!"

"En, Lu Li go drive the car!"

"Yes leader!"

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