Chapter 220- Upgrade Unique Grade Boss
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Zhan Yue Chapter 220- Upgrade Unique Grade Boss

5pm in the afternoon.

The living beings under Green Tomb Lake were pretty much all cleared out by us. The bunch of us climbed to shore and finally came to the final destination. On the last island, many stone pillars inscribed with old patterns faced the sky. They were connected by an iron chain like this whole entire thing was an ancient formation. The twelve pillars surrounded the entire island.

At the center was a giant that was bathing in flames. His body shone red and he looked like a giant piece of stone. However, his strength wasn't something that normal stone giants could compare to. The moment I saw the Boss, my Spiritual Ruin started to buzz and I could sense the terrifying strength from his body.

"I can't see his level, skills and stats."

Lin Xi walked forwards and said, "The Boss is more than 5 levels higher than me!"

Breaking Dawn Ash frowned, "En, this Boss is the reason why I asked With You to help. In truth, the current top players of Breaking Dawn won't be able to finish this boss."

I walked forwards slowly and the Boss's stats appeared in front of my eyes--

Hellfire (Treasure Grade Boss)

Level: 73

Attack: 5500-7050

Defence: 2500

Health: 4000000

Skill: War Trample, Flame Roar, Furious Strike, Meteor Smash

Introduction: Hellfire, an ancient summoned being. It was said that only people who comprehended thousands of laws can summon it. Many years ago, a human caster broke through and saw the mysteries of the world. He summoned this Hellfire to help him defeat the demon race. But after his death, Hellfire lost control and destroyed his homeland. It came to this Green Tomb Lake and over hundreds of years, no one was able to take it down.


So strong! Its Attack exceeded 7000 and moreover the Boss's stats column was not accurate. There were hidden Attack buffs. This Hellfire's true Attack should be at least 40 thousand and it was definitely not lower than that. The skills were really overbearing and they all seemed like active skills!

Although I could see the Boss's stats and skills, I couldn't show it to everyone, if not the secret of my level coulnd't be hidden. I could only walk forwards and say, "I shall tank right?"


Breaking Dawn Ash turned around with seriousness on his face, "Lu Li, whether or not we can take this Boss down depends on you!"

"I understand."

I nodded my head, "Keep techniques to interrupt the Boss, he definitely would have an ultimate skill."

"Of course."

Breaking Dawn Ash said seriously, "All Archers keep your Stun Shots, listen to orders."


Everyone nodded their heads.

All preparations were completed. I sucked in a deep breath and rubbed the head of my bone horse. It shook my hand off like it was filled with disdain. Breaking Dawn Ash had started to give out orders so I used Assault on Hellfire.


Both horse and I smashed into it.

Hellfire was stunned by me. I followed it up with Basic Attack+ Judgement+ Saint Storm+ Basic Attack. All of a sudden its health jumped. Although it didn't reduce by much but I attracted 80% of its attention.

"Okay, begin!"

Breaking Dawn Ash slashed while Lin Xi attacked from the other side. Sword light shone brightly and the bunch of Warriors retreated after using all their skills, not giving Bosses chance to fight back. I was in charge of tanking and within five seconds, Hellfire hollered in rage. He lifted his leg and stepped down.

War Trample!


All of a sudden I lost a huge bunch of my health. In the next second, Hellfire gave out a furious roar and flames burnt around its stomach. It exploded and an AOE skill swept all around!

Flame Roar!

With a loud explosion, I activated Ash Fortress but I still lost close to 10 thousand health. I healed myself and at the same time, Hellfire sunk down and waved an arm, punching down from above!

I raised my shield!


Hellfire forced both the bone horse and I back by three meters. At the same time, the fist energy turned into a flame shockwave that pierced through my body, forming a fan-shaped killing region behind me. The few ranged players including Gu Ruyi were hit. Gu Ruyi had used Element Shield so she escaped but one Breaking Dawn Enchanter died and fell to the ground!

In a short ten seconds, we had already suffered casualties!

"Be careful!"

Breaking Dawn Ash hollered, "Hellfire's skill can cause pass through damage. Lu Li be careful of your positioning. Once we get killed we won't be able to enter this map. Everyone be careful!"


I pulled the rope and led the bone horse around. I appeared behind Hellfire and tanked hit after hit while using Saint Light Technique to heal myself. At the same time, Breaking Dawn Fate and the other Priest healed me. Apart from that, Breaking Dawn Dust finally did something. He used Saint Light Technique on me. It seemed like the outcome that everyone wanted was the same, we all just wanted to kill this boss.

Just like that, the tactics were slightly adjusted. The most important thing was that my level wasn't totally suppressed. Although the damage Hellfire did to me was terrifying but with four healers, I was stable. Moreover my equipment were good too. My mechanics were great so it was impossible to kill me.

"Come you ignorant human, feel the rage of the stars- Meteor Crash!"

Finally, it used its ultimate.

The moment Hellfire raised its hand, a series of Stun Shots landed on him. Even Lin Xi and Breaking Dawn Ash used Assault. Breaking Dawn Destruction used Gouge+ Demon Tribulation to try to interrupt but all of them missed. Instantly, everyone panicked.

"Be careful Shen Mingxuan!"

Lin Xi turned around and opened the Heaven Sword Umbrella in her hands. She covered Shen Mingxuan, Gu Ruyi and herself.

Lightning rumbled in the sky above and meteors started to descend. The sky was blood red and it looked like the end of the world.

I didn't hesitate, just turning around and running. When I opened 5 yards of distance between the boss and myself, I used Assault onto Hellfire's body.


What everyone didn't expect was that my hit actually stunned Hellfire and interrupted his skill!



Breaking Dawn Destruction's expression changed, "With You's Paladin... That is so strong? ! Damn!"

Breaking Dawn Ash was delighted, "Well done Lu Li! Quick, return to your positions. Heal up and continue to attack. Hahaha, we are close to suceeding!"


The Warriors, Archers and Mages all smiled.

Lin Xi was happy too, "Not bad not bad, you are quite lucky. Such a level gap and you can actually successfully stun it!"

I was speechless. Dumb girl, you don't even know how high my level is! Level 69, was that a joke? To stun a level 73 Treasure Grade Boss, the success rate was at least 50% okay! !

Just like that, with one Assault, the team became really united.

Along with spells, arrows, sword energy etc flying, Hellfire's health started to drop. After ten minutes, he was left with 3%. But at that moment, his body started to rumble. It was as if water was boiling from within as orange light shot out.


After Breaking Dawn Ash slashed, he retreated, "Boss... Something is going to happen."


Breaking Dawn Destruction retreated too, "Something is going to happen!"

Right at that moment, Hellfire punched the ground. It knelt down and maintained such a posture. Inscriptions rose up and an eye catching orange light injected into its body. Its bone armor shed off and revealed a brand new armor below. It was as if it was transforming.

A short few seconds later.


System notification: Please note: Hellfire has evolved to Unique Boss!


It evolved? !

It evolved to an orange Boss!?


Breaking Dawn Ash was about to cry from laughter, "It evolved when it had only 3% health, isn't it asking for death!? Brothers, increase your firepower. Kill the Boss quick!"

Instantly, everyone went all out!

Orange Boss. This time Breaking Dawn had profited. Orange Boss's had a higher chance of dropping Guild Creation Token. Moreover, Orange Boss kills would be the second kill in the server. The rewards were extra!

"Not bad~~"

Lin Xi dealt damage onto Hellfire. Her face was covered in a smile as there was a chance orange gear would be dropped. If it was then we would have priority.

But at that moment, two people from behind disappeared.

Breaking Dawn Destruction and another Assassin entered Stealth.


Not good!

One needed to fight head on, where was the need to stealth?

Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi didn't notice but I did. The reason was that I treated myself as an outsider. I was July Wildfire. I wouldn't treat myself as a With You member like Lin Xi, Gu Ruyi or Shen Mingxuan. So I was the most clear minded person at that moment.

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