Chapter 219- Lucky
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Zhan Yue Chapter 219- Lucky

Bloodthirst Demon stood along on the island with his blood colored sword. He looked down on the bunch of us and laughed coldly, "Bunch of ants, with your strength you want to challenge me?"

"I am challenging you!"

Breaking Dawn Dust held his shield and used Assault. With a "peng" he hit the Boss, unfortuntely his level was too low and the stun effect missed. But then he followed it up with Judgement+ Saint Storm which hit and that infuriated this evil demon that had been alone here for the longest of time.

"Die you ant!"

Along with his loud roar, he slashed his swords and instantly a six star pattern shot forth from his blood colored blades. His Double Hit instantly launched six strikes that caused sparks to fly on Breaking Dawn Dust's shields. Breaking Dawn Dust activated Ash Fortress at the same time but even then, the damage numbers were shocking!







All of a sudden, Breaking Dawn Dust's health fell down to 30 thousand and he was only left with less than 25%. Moreover, this was from one Double Hit from the Boss.

"Heal quickly!"

Breaking Dawn Ash panicked.

Breaking Dawn Dust raised her staff and used Heal tiwce to pull Breaking Dawn Dust's health to 20 thousand but it wasn't enough. The Boss stabbed and it was the Ice Thurst attack. It pierced through and froze Breaking Dawn Dust's body and his health dropped.

I raised my hands!


The heal was really decent and pulled Breaking Dawn Dust's life back from the edge of death. If I didn't heal him like he did before, he would already be a corpse now.

I wasn't him and my goal was to take down the Boss for us to gain experience. I wasn't competing with him to be the top Paladin in the party.


I used Saint Light Technique on his head once more.

"Not bad!"

Breaking Dawn Fate gritted her teeth, "Lu Li if you continue healing I think we can handle this boss!"


I nodded my head and smiled, "Understood."

Lin Xi launched a series of attacks and then raised her Heaven Sword Umbrella up. She dodged attacks while dealing large amounts of damage to the Bloodthirst Demon. At the same time she turned around and her eyes were filled with praise. She agreed with my actions. In truth, I really wanted to head forwards and smashed Breaking Dawn Dust's head. This person was such an idiot!

Breaking Dawn Ash commanded everyone to focus fire while frowning, "That is weird, why is Breaking Dawn Dust's defence like paper but when Lu Li was tanking it was much simpler. That is weird, logically speaking their combat strength shouldn't be so different?"

Breaking Dawn Dust's face was slightly ugly, "Maybe the boss has hidden armor penetration effect? I felt like my defence is like paper,

that is so weird."

I laughed. Nothing is weird, the Boss was only 2 levels higher than me, what about you? ! That is 8 levels? You were not killed in one shot only because Breaking Dawn Fate's and my healing were strong.


"Fake justice will be broken down, only power and killing will last forever!"

Bloodthirst Demon hollered in rage and blood light rose up around it. Everyone were stunned and a bad feeling grew in our hearts.


Battle notification: Please pay attention, Bloodthirst Demon used Unstoppable Rage, Attack, Attack Speed +25%, Defence reduction 10%, Health recovery +50%, lasting for 60 seconds!

"Not good!"

Breaking Dawn Ash frowned, "Tank be careful, sub tank be ready to take over!"

I frowned, I was needed in the end? In truth, I wasn't interested in this Boss at all. Breaking Dawn Dust said he would tank till the end. Of course, I wouldn't let him die, after all there was a third Boss. I wouldn't be so petty.


Bloodthirst Demon jumped up and the words Drinking Blood appeared above his head. Was it releasing a high grade skill? !


Breaking Dawn Dust was stunned. He had less than 30% health and no matter how Breaking Dawn Fate and I healed, he wouldn't be able ot handle this blow.

I shouted and used Self-sacrifice. A golden light connected us and although the move landed on Breaking Dawn Dust's body, but I took all the damage which was reduced by 70%!


All of a sudden, Lin Xi, Breaking Dawn Ash, Breaking Dawn Dust etc turned around. Especially Breaking Dawn Ash who didn't expect that I would use Self-sacrifice. His face was filled with gratitude, "Thank you... Lu Li!"

"Why be so polite, we are working together so that is something I should do." I smiled.


Breaking Dawn Ash nodded while Breaking Dawn Dust's face was dead as ash. It was obvious that from this comparison, Breaking Dawn Dust seemed petty and despicable while I was like a true Paladin. Of course, the truth was that I was July Wildfire, the top demon in Linchen County, Hahaha~~~


Self-sacrifice allowed me to tank hits. I was basically a perfect backup. The moment Lin Xi sliced off Bloodthirst Demon's head, it meant that we had finished the 2nd boss. I adjusted my level to level 64, one more and I could equip Blood Giant Armor!

"Not bad, the 2nd boss is done!"

Breaking Dawn Ash walked forwards and smiled, "Although it was a little dangerous but the teamwork was good, especially Lu Li. The third boss is the final one, Lu Li you tank it?"


I nodded, "I am here to work so i will do whatever all of you ask."

"En en."

Lin Xi said, "Leader Ash, let's look at the equipment. Let's try to end this before dinner."


Breaking Dawn Ash walked forwards. Like I predicted, the best was just a level 65 Precious Grade bracers that a Warrior rolled for. The others were just blue and green.


Breaking Dawn Dust rubbed his nose, "The drop rate of the first boss was so good but why was the second one so bad?"

Shen Mingxuan laughed, "Maybe the Boss doesn't want the person who has no strength but talks a lot to succeed?"


Breaking Dawn Dust looked at Shen Mingxuan furiously but didn't say anything. Maybe he didn't want to offend her, after all, he looked like he wanted to chase her.

I brushed past them and direct messaged her, "This Breaking Dawn Dust... He wants to chase you?"


Shen Mingxuan raised her peaks and smiled, "Isn't it normal for people to chase a beauty like me?"

I was speechless, "So shameless."

She giggled, "Why, do you have problems with him chasing me?"

"No, I just think he hates me." I added.

"Of course."

Shen Mingxuan continued, "Originally he was the tank and the focus of attention but you stole his thunder. Moreover you are the guy by my side so naturally he hates you."

"Then what are you planning to do?"

I glanced at her, "You look like you want to test this Breaking Dawn Dust?"

"Test your...."

She smiled, "He is worthy?"

I laughed and didn't say anything.


The party pushed forwards and we were in the last part of the map. As long as we finished the last Boss, the map would be perfectly completed.

But the monsters in the lake were just level 72 Treasure Grade Pincer Prawns. Their bodies were covered in thorns that reflected 205 of damage so I hd to keep using Saint Light Technique to heal Lin Xi. If not she would die from her own damage in 2 minutes. During such times, just relying on one's lifesteal wasn't enough.

We continued and the corpses of the Pincer Prawns appeared on the surface of the lake.

"So unfortunate..."

I smiled, "If these prawns appeared in real life, we would be able to stew one big pot, it would definitely taste good..."

Lin Xi burst out laughing, "You only know how to eat!"

Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Add such garlic, some chillis, wow... Isn't that perfect?"


I glanced at her, "Won't the taste be too strong?"

Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Scoff, so what, I won't kiss you anyways!"

"Wishful thinking, do you think I will let you!?" "I rather let Ruyi kiss me, definitely not you!"

Gu Ruyi's face flushed red and she wanted to say something but stopped, "Lu Li, I..."

Lin Xi turned around and her face was filled with confusion. She looked at us for a few seconds before saying, "What are you all doing. I sense that the atmosphere is not right..."

"Nothing, go chop your prawns!"

Shen Mingxuan smiled, "If Lu Li tries anything, I will deal with him right away!"

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