Chapter 218- Blood Giant Armor
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Zhan Yue Chapter 218- Blood Giant Armor

"What is the meaning of this?"

Lin Xi frowned, "Leader Ash, do your men have such an attitude? Such a person can actually become one of Breaking Dawn's four pillars?"


Breaking Dawn Ash was a little awkward and he lowered his voice, "Lin Xi please undertsand. Actually I was under huge pressure to invite With You, after all... Most people wanted us to clear the lake on our own and not hire With You, but... I sent people to scout and knew that just us alone might not be able to. But those people don't understand."

Lin Xi frowned and didn't continue to speak, she just scoffed slightly.

At that point, Breaking Dawn Fate frowned, "Breaking Dawn Dust can you pay attention to your words? If you have any temper then go back and vent it out, don't throw our face here!"

"Fate, I..."

Breaking Dawn Dust gritted his teeth but he didn't know how to reply to that.

"Okay, continue to attack the Boss!"

Breaking Dawn Ash's expression turned really ugly, "If the tank's HP is lower than 30%, the other tnak will use Self-sacrifice to help. I don't want to hear any excuses. If you are not willing then leave, I will switch for another person!"

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"Understood boss."

This time Breaking Dawn Dust really lost all his face. He was one of Breaking Dawn's four pillars and was their top Paladin. However, no one was siding him.

I smiled and didn't care about so much. I slashed the Boss sword after sword and moved to avoid the Boss's Blood Strike. However, this skill was too quick and the chances of me dodging was really low. It was decent if I was able to dodge one out of five. Shock appeared in Lin Xi and Breaking Dawn Ash's eyes as they didn't expect that I could really dodge it.

Just like that, under all


A bunch of gold and equipment fell to the ground and it was really eye catching.

"Congratulations, the first Boss!" Lin Xi smiled.

Breaking Dawn Ash smiled, "En en, the first one was still quite smooth. Hahaha, thanks to With You's tank if not it wouldn't be so smooth, hahaha~~"

"Let's look at the equipment."


Breaking Dawn Ash walked forwrds and took off the equipment that the Boss dropped. The first was a level 65 Precious Grade dagger and it was a light purple equipment, there was nothing special about it. Its stats were even weaker than that of Frostfang. It was taken away by Breaking Dawn Destruction. No choice, it seemed like his dagger was even worse than that of Frostfang.

The second was a pair of leggings. Unfortunately they were blue so they weren't of much use at all. Breaking Dawn's Warrior took it away and Lin Xi didn't even want it at all.

There were two others that were blue.

But there was one that was really good, it was a chestplate that was wrapped in purple glow. Breaking Dawn Ash waved and instantly all their eyes lit up--

Blood Giant Armor (Treasure Grade)

Type: Armor

Defence: 585

Strength: +145

Stamina: +140

Magic: +105

Effect: Reduce damage +5%

Effect: Healing effects +40%

Effect: Toughnes,

raise user's health by 3000.

Effect: User's Ash Fortress last for 3 seconds more

Effect: Pity, raise user's healing effect by 1000

Bonus: Increase user's Attack by 53%

Bonus: Increase user's Defence by 52%

Required level: 65


A standard armor for Paladins! It had damage reduction, healing effect and also increased Ash Fortress's time by three seconds. Just like that, Ash Fortress could last for ten seconds and it would greatly increase the Paladin's defence time. One could say that just this alone could change a Paladin.

"Such a strong armor..."

Breaking Dawn Dust's eyes shone, "Boss give this armor to me, my level is higher and I am the Paladin that needs this the most!"

Breaking Dawn Ash hesitated and was uncertain.

Lin Xi smiled, "Leader Ash, we had an agreement and With You's Lu Li is a Paladin. He is the one who tanked most of the damage. So shouldn't this go to Lu Li?"

She smiled once more, "I hope that you will fairly deal with this armor."

Breaking Dawn Dust's other Warrior said, "Breaking Dawn is the one that got this map, to be more direct, without our invitation, With You won't even be able to enter much less fight for this armor."


Another Archer said, "You are just hired help. Just take your 40 thousand, you actually want such a good equipment, how is that possible? !"

Breaking Dawn Destruction said coldly, "Boss, we can't give this armor away. We paid for them and in the end are we going to end up with nothing?"

Shen Mingxuan frowned, "Breaking Dawn Destruction what do you mean by end up with nothing? Didn't you get a Precious Grade dagger?"

"Can this be compared?"

Breaking Dawn Destruction was anxious and gritted his teeth, "If With You dares to take this..."

"Then what?"

Lin Xi looked at Breaking Dawn Destruction and her eyes were filled with frost. Breaking Dawn Destruction was so frightened that he didn't dare to say anything else. After all he knew about his own strength and he was just second rate. Lin Xi was the top of the first rate and she was on the level of Feng Canghai, Dawn etc.

Just like that, Lin Xi walked towards Breaking Dawn Ash and reached out. Her snow white face was filled with a respectful smile, "Leader Ash, then Lu Li thanks you~~"


Breaking Dawn Ash was a little awkward and he was in a bad situation. He just passed it to Lin Xi and said, "Breaking Dawn is an honest guild and since we agreed, we will naturally follow!"

He looked towards Breaking Dawn Dust and Breaking Dawn Destruction, "When we invited them in, I made it clear to them and us so I hope that we don't have such problems anymore. Don't let them think that we are petty ok?"

Breaking Dawn Dust, Breaking Dawn Destruction could only nod their heads, "En, okay..."


Lin Xi walked towards me and smiled, "You performed well and didn't let With You down. Come, this armor is for you and is your reward. You should be level 64 soon right?"

"En, soon."


I kept it and tossed it into my bag. Once I could wear it, my Paladin account would slowly strengthen. At least after having the Blood Giant Armor, one Saint Light Technique would heal over 12000 health. That would exceed the first rate Priests!

Breaking Dawn Ash flipped the Boss's body to ensure that there was no Guild Creation Token. Disappointment flashed across his face, "Let's head towards the next island. The monsters will be stronger so be careful."


Lin Xi continued to lead the way while I protected Gu Ruyi and Shen Mingxuan. When we were ten meters in, many red dots drew close!


Lin Xi was in the water and her hair flowed along with the ripples. She said in the party channel, "They look like... A turtle type monster?"


I looked at them clearly, "It is an ancient monster..."

In the water, a circular shaped monster appeared and there were sharp spikes on their heads as they smashed towards Lin Xi. On close look, they weren't turtles.

Blood Horseshoe Crab, level 71 Treasure Grade Monster, much stronger than those Hungry Fishes.


I casted Saint Storm in the water while Lin Xi used Double Hit, Blade of Dawn etc. At the same time she spread her left hand and Heaven Sword Umbrella started to sweep the monsters. Sword energy crashed into the onsters ahead. Her attacks were really terrifying and her damage exceeding Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi was a common occurance. This would probably only change when Shen Mingxuan got the Orange Bow.


Just like that, we continued. We went offline for a lunchbox before continuing.

At 1pm, we finally boarded the next island. On it was a blade weilding demon with black energy surging around it. Its eyes stared at us. It was the second boss and its stats seemed much stronger than the first--

Bloodthirst Demon (Treasure Grade Boss)

Level: 72

Attack: 4800-6250

Defence: 1900

Health: 3500000

Skill: Double Hit, Ice Stab, Unstoppable Rage, Drinking Blood

Introduction: Bloodthirst Demon, an evil demon that came from ancient times. He was said to be a prince from a country but after he failed to become the king, his soul didn't dissipate after death. Demonic energy invaded it and he turned into a demon. After reviving, the first thing he did was to return back to his country and kill half of them. Moreover, he was exiled to Green Tomb Lake to spend the rest of eternity.


This time, the damage of this Bloodthirst Demon was probably strenghtened. His few skills looked like attack types and his Attack was much higher than the Blood Giant. More importantly, Breaking Dawn Dust was the tank this time and I was just the backup. I really sweated for him, could he manage to tank?


"Okay, prepare to start!"

Breaking Dawn Dust walked forwards and looked at the four of us, "I will be the tank. If this Boss drops anything and we need it, can we not let With You get the priority? If Breaking Dawn needs it, we can Roll?"

Lin Xi looked towards me, "Is that fine?"

I nodded, "Sure but it is only limited to this boss, let me see, what nonsense can this boss even drop..."

She burst out laughing and said towards those from Breaking Dawn Dust, "Sure, let's follow what Breaking Dawn Dust said. Let's roll together and that is only this boss. The next one, With You will still have priority."

Breaking Dawn Ash nodded, "Okay, it has been decided!"

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