Chapter 217- He is not really strong
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Zhan Yue Chapter 217- He is not really strong

Hungry Fish, level 70 large sized monsters that are located all around Green Tomb Lake. There were the sounds of water splattering all around. The 20 men party split into 5 teams and started to hunt down these hungry fishes.


I guided the bone horse into the water too and it could actually travel in water. Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi went all out. My mission was to ensure that they were protected and next was to support Lin Xi. Right ahead, Lin Xi was surrounded by three Hungry Fishes. When her health dropped, I opened my palm and activated the skill!


Protection sucess, all the damage that Lin Xi suffered was all transfered to me and the damage was reduced by 70%. The damage numbers that appeared on my head were pretty much all three digits. All of a sudden, Lin Xi slashed and smiled, "High grade Paladin support makes me feel so blessed!"

I laughed and used Saint Light Technique on her!



Such strong healing!

Shen Mingxuan's mouth opened slightly and smiled, "Lu Li, your healing doesn't lose to some first rate Priests now."

"Of course."

I nodded my head, "After all the quality of equipment is right there, a super purple necklace alone can let me crush all other Paladins. Along with my other decent equipment and also the Paladin's Echo passive, my healing is shocking!"

"En en!"

Lin Xi attacked the crowd of monsters while smiling, "Quick, clear up these Hungry Fishes and proceed forwards. We can't meet these level 70 Treasure Grade monsters everywhere. Use the time to gain more benefits!"

"Boss is so smart!"

I agreed with what she said.

Shen Mingxuan rolled her eyes, "A bootlicker is destined to end up with nothing..."

I didn't bother about her, but who knew that in the end her words would come out true.



Breaking Dawn Ash slashed the monsters while shouting, "Teams at the sides pressed forwards and clear these monsters out quickly if not we won't be able to get onto the islands at all."

"Yes boss!"

Around us, many fishes surged over from all directions. This was also what we wanted. Not mentioning Lin Xi's huge damage, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi dealt really high damage too. Especially Shen Mingxuan, after learning Seven Star Shot, her arrows were like cannons. Each Seven Star Shot could deal over 20 thousand damage and that was just terrifying. This skill would probably be able to insta kill others in fights.

Just like that, after close to 1.5 hours, we finally cleared out the Hungry Fishes in this region. I stood in the lake and looked around. The lake water had low visibility and it was totally dark below. Who knew how many terrifying beings were below.

"Time to head up to shore!"

Breaking Dawn Ash led the way and he walked up to shore with his sword in hand. He shook his body to fling the water off. Luckily the settings in game were quite good and after players did that, their shirts would become dry.


I rode my bone horse up before turning to guard the three beauties. Lin Xi walked up to shore too.

Her armor was covered in water droplets and shone specks of light. She looked really ethereal and as she spread her arms, the water on her body disappeared. Behind her was Gu Ruyi with her staff. Her robe was drenched and clung tightly to her body. This little brat's body was just too good!

I turned my head to confirm that I didn't have a nose bleed before turning around. I saw that Shen Mingxuan had came to shore too and water dripped off her snow white skin. This time my nose bleed nearly spat out. My gaze was ice cold and I tried to remind myself to be useful.

Finally, I stopped the nose bleed. Shen Mingxuan tilted her head to laugh at me. She lowered her voice, "Speak which one of us has the best body?"

"All of them are good."

I didn't want to offend anyone.


She smiled, "That is why you are single!"

I smiled awkwardly.

At that moment, most of Breaking Dawn were on the shore. Breaking Dawn Ash pointed forwards and said, "The first island's Boss is up ahead and is a giant. All of you be prepared. After recovering, we shall start attacking the boss."


Lin Xi nodded.

I rode my horse forwards as I was the tank for the first boss so of course I had to take a look. The moment I stepped into the forest on the island, I heard a heavy roar. The entire island was shaking and an enormous being walked out from the mist. It looked at least ten meters tall and his body was covered in stone-like skin. His eyes were blood red and he looked really terrifying. His stats were also shown right away---

Blood Giant (Treasure Grade Boss)

Level: 71

Attack: 4600-5850

Defence: 2400

Health: 3000000

Skill: War Stampede, Furious Strike, Roar, Glorious Skin

Introduction: Blood Giant, a branch of the stone giants and it is a strong spiritual body. It has absorbed large amounts of evil spiritual energy in the Green Tomb Lake. Along with blood energy, it evolved into the legendary Blood Giant. It has became one of the protectors of Green Tomb Lake and is really violent and explosive. It will kill anyone who enters Green Tomb Lake.


"Level 71 Treasure Grade Boss..."

Lin Xi walked in front with her sharp sword, "Its Attack is quite high and the first three skills are attack skills. Its defence is quite sick too, 2400. Maybe people wouldn't be able to break through it."


Breaking Dawn Ash said, "This is a closed map and a map that only admits 20 people, which is why it is stronger than other Bosses. This is also why I invited With You. If Breaking Dawn could settle it, we would have done it ourselves..."

Shen Mingxuan smiled, "You really are honest."

Breaking Dawn Ash laughed, "No choice, if not Lin Xi wouldn't have worked with us."


Lin Xi nodded, "Prepare to begin. Lu Li will tank the damage while the rest of you prepare to attack. Priests just lock onto Lu Li to heal. Also, all players pay attention to your damage and don't exceed. If not Lu Li wouldn't be able to hang onto the boss."

"I understand."

Everyone nodded their heads.

"Proceed forwards!"

In the next moment, I held onto the shield and sword and charged forwards with the bone horse. I was the only player on a mount and this was my biggest advantage. Right away I used Assault!


I dashed through the wind and smashed onto the body of the Blood Giant. I used Basic Attack+ Judgement+ Basic attack onto the boss and followed it up with Basic Attack+ Saint Storm+ Basic Attack which made the boss target me. The Blood Giant raised his legs and used War Trample onto me!



This damage was quite high!

I raised my hands and used Saint Light Technique on myself. While healing 9000+ health, I wrapped around and sliced his knee. He was toto tall and I could only reach his knees. The Blood Giant hollered, raising his hands and using- Furious Strike!



I nearly suffered a concussion!

I didn't want to think too much and activated Ash Fortress. At the same time, I used Basic Attack+ Judgement+ Basic Attack to continue to attract hatred.


Lin Xi, Breaking Dawn Ash etc charged from the two wings and they released a bright sword light. Second job Warriors had a new skill Sword Control Technique which allowed them to summon sword energy to attack. It greatly increased their damage. As for Shen Mingxuan, Gu Ruyi and the others, they sent their spells and skills and the Boss's health started to drop.


Maybe because our attacks were too strong, the giant hollered and used Roar!

Shock effects appeared on our heads. Lin Xi, Breaking Dawn Dust, Breaking Dawn Destruction, Breaking Dawn Ash and I were all stunned. The Blood Giant followed it up with War Trample and it was an AOE effect!


I was still okay from that one strike but Breaking Dawn Ash and Lin Xi etc all lost 50% of their health. As for Breaking Dawn Ash he was in the most danger and was nearly killed.

"Be careful!"

Breaking Dawn Ash said seriously, "The Boss's Roar+ War Trample is really strong and can insta kill. All leather armor players back off!"

"Heavy armor too, let Lu Li tank alone." Lin Xi said.


The bunch of them retreated. Everyone noticed that this Boss was really strong and its level suppressed everyone. Apart from me, Lin Xi was the highest level and was only level 67. The others were between 62-65. My Paladin was only 63 but in truth I was level 69 so there was no level suppression. The Blood Giant's damage was also lower to me due to that.

"Shua shua shua!"

Above my head, heals landed. Not only me but Breaking Dawn Fate was healing too. Her heals were not bad and were even a little stronger than mine. However, there was one person who didn't heal me from start to finish. Right, it was Breaking Dawn Dust, he just stood there and didn't heal at all.


"Breaking Dawn Dust aren't you a Paladin?"

Lin Xi used Gale on the Boss who just used Glorious Skin. She retreated and glanced at Breaking Dawn Dust, "Is your Saint Light Technique rusty? Lu Li only has 45% health so why aren't you healing?"

Breaking Dawn Dust frowned, "Isn't he strong? Why will he need my heals?"

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