Chapter 216- Spiritual Confusion Music
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Zhan Yue Chapter 216- Spiritual Confusion Music

Linchen County, East Square.

The four of us from With You gathered up and after purchasing potions, repairing equipment and preparing everything, Lin Xi led us to the square. There were many stores around square and players all looked around. With You's three beauties probably looked the best in the entire Linchen County such that the four of us were the focus of everyone. Our reputation were even on the same level as Elements!

Of course, the gap in strength was huge. They had a huge crowd while there are only four of us.

"Sha sha..."

A familiar person appeared in front and the one leading the way was Breaking Dawn Ash. Now he was a level 65 Warrior and his equipment shone purple. His equipment were not much weaker than Lin Xi. After all the entire Breaking Dawn's riches were condensed onto him.

Behind Breaking Dawn Ash was Breaking Dawn's top Paladin Breaking Dawn Dust. Breaking Dawn Dust was level 64 and was one of the highest level ones in the entire Linchen County. His equipment were quite decent, sword, shield, armor were all purple and his face was filled with pride. It was obvious that he was satisfied with his strength. Apart from that was Breaking Dawn Destruction beside. Another familiar person who had clashed with my Assassin account several times.

Finally was Breaking Dawn Fate, Breaking Dawn's top Priest and also one of the strongest Priests in the game. It was said that her healing was shocking. Anyways she was much stronger than a milk cavalry like me.

Speaking of which, Breaking Dawn's four pillars were all here and dozens of Breaking Dawn elites followed. all of them were above level 60.

"Lin Xi!"

Breaking Dawn Ash walked forwards and smiled, "Thank you With You for joining us today."

"No need for thanks."

Lin Xi smiled, "Afte all we are a studio that are accepting payment. Since you paid then we are here."

"En en."

Breaking Dawn Ash smiled and looked towards Breaking Dawn Fate, "Fate why not... We settle the payment to show our sincerity?"


Breaking Dawn Fate walked forwards and smiled, "Lin Xi add me, I will transfer you right away."

"En en."

Lin Xi was really warm and quickly added her and then the funds were successfully transferred.


Breaking Dawn Dust walked forwards and nodded towards Shen Mingxuan, "Beauty Bright Moon, half a month have passed since we have leveled together. Time really passes quickly!"

Shen Mingxuan smiled, "En."

"Right, about adding you on WeChat, I added you, but... It didn't pass?" Breaking Dawn Dust asked. When he spoke, his eyes landed on her face.

"Oh, is that so? Maybe I forgot about it."

Shen Mingxuan smiled awkwardly, "That is fine, aren't we already friends in game."


Breaking Dawn Dust's eyes slowly turned to me and disdain flashed in it, "This... This is the newly recruited Paladin of With You? A Little Brother... The name is quite interesting!"


Shen Mingxuan smiled, "He is Lu Li,

although the game ID is dumb but he is really strong."

"Is that so?"

Breaking Dawn Dust frowned and smiled, "Friend, if we have a chance let's discuss our thoughts about the Paladin Job?"


I nodded.

Lin Xi spoke up, "Guild Leader Ash, I think before we enter the map we should repeat our agreement and rules. We discussed last night, the four of us will be the main attacking force, apart from that, the spoils will be split based on what we need right?"


Breaking Dawn Ash nodded, "But if the Boss drops a Guild Creation Token, we will take it. Apart from that, we won't share the quest to you, Breaking Dawn members will be the one that gets the quest."

"Sure, no problem."

Lin Xi smiled, "Then... Let's head out?"

"En, let's go!"


The bunch of us walked out of the city. With You followed behind Breaking Dawn Ash. Lin Xi was in front of me while I rode the bone horse around Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi in case anything happened.

Breaking Dawn Dust looked at my mount and smiled, "With You's Paladin friend, your mount... Can you share its stats?"


I shook my head and smiled, "Studio secrets, please understand."

"En, I can understand, I can understand..."

Breaking Dawn Ash turned around and looked at me and said, "Lin Xi as this is a sealed map and only 20 can enter, so we need to be careful in who we choose. Have you chosen who to tank?"


Lin Xi said, "Our With You's Lu Li is enough."


Breaking Dawn Ash laughed, "You sound like you trust your member a lot?"

"Of course, they are the best."

Lin Xi smiled, "Lu Li is the main tank and Ash and I will be the sub tanks. There should be no problems right?"


Breaking Dawn Ash frowned, "Breaking Dawn Dust what do you think?"

Breaking Dawn Dust smiled, "I think I can be the main tank, it is fine."


Breaking Dawn Ash laughed, "It seems like we are filled with many talents, even the tank spot is being competed for. That is okay, you two can take turns. Lu Li can tank the first one and you can tank the second, anyways there is more than one Boss in this map."



After walking roughly half an hour out, our 20 men team finally reached a forest to the east of Linchen County. Mist wrapped around the sky above and one couldn't even see the trees above. The humidity here was really heavy and just three minutes in my armor was covered in a layer of water.

"Are we still not here?" Lin Xi asked.

"Nearly there, we are right ahead."

Breaking Dawn Ash raised his hand and opened a sheep leather scroll, "We will at most reach in two minutes according to the map."


We continued forwards and not long later, a white mist appeared in the forest. One could see streaks of world ender light. Breaking Dawn Ash walked forwards and smiled, "Here we are! The max number that the quest could be shared with was 10 but the max to enter is 20. Come, let me open it up and we can all head in."

He walked forwards and raised the scroll. Instantly, inscription light on it flowed out and opened a breach in the world ender formation. Lin Xi brought us in and then Breaking Dawn's other members entered. Breaking Dawn Ash was the last. Once we stepped in, the area in front of us cleared up.


System notification: Please note, you have entered the danger map Green Tomb Lake!


There was a lake up ahead and on them were many islands. Breaking Dawn Ash pointed, "We are attacking those few islands, but along the way... There should be many monsters so let's be careful. There might be water battles too, anyways... Be prepared."


Everyone nodded.

Lin Xi turned around and lowered her voice, "I will open the path, Lu Li protect Mingxuan and Ruyi."

"I understand."

I calmed down the bone horse while Lin Xi also looked at it. She even rubbed its head, "Scoff, I will get a mount soon too!"

"Of course..."

I nodded and smiled.

At this point, Breaking Dawn Ash led his men down to clear the monsters. Naturally we had to do things too. After all since we were here, we had to earn experience today. If not I would have wasted a day and the loss was just immense.


Lin Xi was first to head down. She was only a few steps in when we heard the splashing sound from deep in the lake. A fin appeared above the surface.

"Lin Xi be careful, it is coming!" Shen Mingxuan said nervously.


Lin Xi held her blade ahead of her and streaks of protective energy wrapped around her, forming an invisible armor. This was the second job Warrior skill- Sword Energy Armor. This was the first defensive technique of the Warrior and this made this job a proper heavy armored one!


The water in the ocean rose up and a fierce blue fish appeared in front of Lin Xi. It chomped and dealt 4000+ damage. In that instance, I saw its level. A level 70 Treasure Grade Monster, its level was really high!

"En? !"

Lin Xi retreated and slashed her sword behind, using Flame Slash+ Flying Flame Slash. These two flame attacks pierced the body of the fish and dealt 2 10 thousand damage hits, like... Lin Xi had changed her gear yesterday, if not her damage shouldn't be so high. After all this monster was level 70!

"Be careful!"

On the side, Breaking Dawn Ash shouted, "Level 70 Treasure Grade monster with high attack. Healing follow up, Musicians use the Buffs quick!"

The only Musician girl held her flute and played Autumn Palace Song and Parting at Yangguan Pass to raise our Attack and Defence. After which she charged into the lake and then blew forwards once more. Instantly the words, Spiritual Confusion Music appeared in the air. This was their level 60 skill!

All of a sudden, small portion of the fishes entered a state of chaos!

High level musicians were treasures that a party couldn't lack!

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