Chapter 215- I wanted to scold him loudly
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Zhan Yue Chapter 215- I wanted to scold him loudly

I sat up straight and my entire body was covered in sweat.

"Old Han..."

I panted and couldn't get Han Yixiao's face away from my eyes. That dream was just too real. At that moment, my stomach felt hot and it was like a volcano!

"Si si si~~~"

I could see streaks of white energy flying out from my stomach... Was this the energy in my dantian that Master Lin Cheng talked about!? A human's energy was stored here?

Not good, mine seemed to be in chaos.

I sat on the bed and didn't move. I used the technique that Lin Cheng taught me to direct the energy. As expected, it was useful. In just ten minutes, the energy calmed down and I was already drenched in sweat. It was as if I was scooped out from water.

Look at the time, it was already 7:30 am, it was time to get up."

Thus, I got up to bathe.

After bathing, I looked at myself in the mirror and I nearly couldn't recongise myself. For some reason, I was more energetic than a month ago and I seemed much stronger. The outlines of my muscle were more distinct. Although I didn't look very strong but I was relatively strong.

The most important thing was inside. I had a hidden energy and maybe this was the aura that the qi gave me?

I wore my shirt and walked out. I saw someone moving above and asked, "I shall go buy breakfast, what would you like to eat?"

Shen Mingxuan appeared by the staircase in sleeping attire. Her body was there to be seen, especially her chests which were huge and perky. Who knew what she ate for them to grow like that. My nose was about to bleed, "Damn, don't come out wearing that!"

"Why not?" She raised her chest and asked me.

That was too vulgar! I wanted to scold her but her breasts were really too huge.

"Then, what would you like to eat?" I changed the topic.

"The rain stopped."

She looked outside while sticking out her butt, "Wait two minutes for me, I will follow you out."



Ten minutes later.

Shen Mingxuan changed into a blue shirt and white skirt before coming down. Her long and snow white legs stepped down and they were really nice to look at. I wanted to scold her for being late but she was just too beautiful so I resisted. I smiled, "Shen Mingxuan, you are so beautiful, are you dressing up for me to see?"

"Is that so?"

She glanced at me and smiled, "No, I am doing it for the uncle selling breakfast."

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"I will fight you to the death!"


She grabbed my sleeves, "Let's go, Lin Xi is already washing up. We can go out to purchase the breakfast and just nice we would be back in time to eat."


After heading out, light shone on our bodies and reflected our shadows onto the ground.

Shen Mingxuan looked at our shadows and was deep in thought.

A few seconds later she looked at me and said, "Lu Li, I have a question to ask you."

"Speak, what do you want to ask?"

"Am I beautiful?"

She walked and looked at me in anticipation.

I felt like my nose was about to bleed, "Beautiful, why did you suddenly ask this?"

She gave a smile, "Then... Who did you come to With You for? Me? Lin Xi? Or Ruyi? Be honest."


I was shocked, did this brat see through something? But I still kept calm, "No, I just purely wanted to join With You. I swear with my personality that I am not craving any of your looks."

"You are gay."

She turned around and walked by my side, saying with certainty.

"Gay your sister!"

I shouted towards her ears, "I am normal, I like woman! Woman!"

The two aunties buying groceries that passed by looked at me in shock. One of them flushed red and instantly my face turned green. Why did you face turn red for? !

"I know~~" On the side, Shen Mingxuan smiled and said with a gentle voice, "I know you like woman, you don't have to shout it so loudly. Look, even the auntie has noticed you. But you can consider, maybe she has dozens of houses~ Although she doesn't look good, but..."

"How is she not good?" I smiled, "I don't allow you to call my honey like that..."

"Your sister..."

Shen Mingxuan face palmed and punched my shoulder, "So shameless. From today on, the most shameless person in With You is you, you have to cherish the throne that I have passed to you!"




Breakfast stall.

The uncle was bald and so I said towards Shen Mingxuan, "Your honey needs hair, I have a few friends that did hair transplants before, they are quite effective..."


She bumped me, "Are the friends you are talking about you?"

My face was dead as ash. This little monster understood everything, she really was fierce. I definitely wouldn't be able to make her submit.

The uncle looked at me and smiled, "What would you two like to eat?"

"Three scallion pancakes, two soya bean and one pepper soup." Shen Mingxuan said quickly. She then looked at me, "What about you what would you like to eat? Say it yourself."


I smiled, "Uncle I want two egg pancakes and one pepper soup."

"Two?" Shen Mingxuan was shocked.


I nodded, "You might not believe me but I am just 15, I am still growing so it is normal for me to eat so much."

"You only know how to eat... Stop finding another reason."

She pursed her lips.

Not long later, the two of us returned to the studio with breakfast. I ate one pancake on the way back and started the second when I reached the second floor. This made it seem like I didn't eat too much. When we were there, Lin Xi was sitting on the sofa. She wore the same as Shen Mingxuan just that it was just a full body blue dress. The sides of the skirt were white and they looked no different from Shen Mingxuan.

I looked towards Gu Ruyi again and her white skirt was different but it was nice too.


I ate the pancake while looking at them.

"Why?" Lin Xi asked, "Is there something different today?"

"Yes there is."

I nodded, "All of you look exceptionally pretty today... Did all of you do your makeups? Are there extra stats for being more pretty.."

"Dumb..." Shen Mingxuan dissed and continued to drink soya bean milk.


I grinned, "Did I say something wrong? Lin Xi?"

Lin Xi smiled, "I don't know but Shen Mingxuan is right. You are stupid."

I was speechless and looked towards Gu Ruyi, "Ruyi, we are the two honest people in the whole studio. Did I say something wrong?"

Gu Ruyi burst out laughing, "Stupid Lu Li, when there were only three girls, we could wear anything. But with a guy like you, of course we have to dress up."


I was blessed, "Are all of you dressing up for me?"

"You think too much..."

Lin Xi was expressionless, "This is just basic courteousy."


I was speechless.

Lin Xi smiled, "Right Lu Li, you are someone with a mount. I will help you become the top tank, so you would be able to get more for the equipment Roll."

"Ah? top tank?"

I was stunned, "Aren't we leveling together today? Why is there top tank?"

Shen Mingxuan smiled, "We are mercenaries today, I forgot to tell you."

"Oh for who?" I asked.

"Breaking Dawn."

Lin Xi said.

I was stunned, "Breaking Dawn... I heard their character aren't any good, why did we accept them?"

"I didn't want to think about it."

Lin Xi said, "Breaking Dawn is indeed unscrulpulous and they would do anything to achieve their goals. I can't accept the way they do things too. I wanted to reject their invite but they are really offering too much..."

She smiled, "One map for 40 thousand a day. We spent too much on the orange bow so we have to take a loss today. What do you think?"

"Okay, as long as we can level up."

"Don't worry, if we kill the Boss, they will give us the equipment we need. They just want the Guild Creation Token."


I nodded, "Speaking of which, the drop rate of Guild Creation Tokens are too low. Elements is the only guild in Linchen County?"

"Right, not only Linchen County, they are the only one in the whole server."

Shen Mingxuan said, "The drop rate is too low, I heard that for Treasure Grade Bosses the drop rate would be 1/1000, as for Unique Grade Bosses it would be slightly higher."

"Forget it, anyways we just need experience and equipment." Lin Xi said.


I smiled, "Anyways we should just follow them."

"You can't follow, you are our main force!" Lin Xi glanced at me.

"Understood, boss!"

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