Chapter 214- Flames of Karma
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Zhan Yue Chapter 214- Flames of Karma

"The seller is August End, the only Inscriber in Linchen County."

Lin Xi looked at us, "The obvious thing is that the person who completed the first Unique Boss kill is July Wildfire. Everything proves that July Wildfire is behind August End. As for this bow, I think we can try for it, after all... If we have this bow, With You might have the ability to go up against Orange Bosses."


Shen Mingxuan gritted her teeth and said, "Someone bidded 50 thousand for a bow so with our current finanical situation... We can't afford it?"

"We can exchange for it."

Lin Xi smiled, "Okay let's eat first. I am going online to see if we can get it. Anyways, if we get this Lanyan City Bow we would be able to use it for a month and in the near future we wouldn't have to worry about damage."

I nodded my head, "En, that makes sense..."

Lin Xi burst out laughing, "See, Lu Li thinks it makes sense too so let's do that. Let's eat something first."


After supper, Lin Xi went online.

Gu Ruyi, Shen Mingxuan and I looked at one another and finally decided to go online. As for Lin Xi, she was heading over to bargain so I definitely had to take a look. Moreover, I had to go online as Ah Fei couldn't decide the price.

Thus, I took my helmet up from below and laid down beside Shen Mingxuan to go online.


I appeared in Black Castle and teleported to Linchen County. I turned into the Human Race Paladin and summoned the Bone Horse. I charged into Linchen County. Along the way, many players exclaimed. After all they hadn't seen anyone with a mount as of yet and I might be the first person!

Just like that, I charged into Linchen County and attracted attention.

Great Sage Hall entrance.

When I arrived on the horse, Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi were in front of Ah Fei's store. Lin Xi looked at me and she saw the horse under me right away. Her mouth opened slightly, "Lu Li, this... Is a mount? !"


After I entered the party, I shared the Bone Horse stats into the group and said, "I was lucky and the last quest's final reward is this horse."


Gu Ruyi smiled, "What a handsome mount~~"

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Shen Mingxuan opened her eyes and smiled, "The stats are not bad, unfortunately you are the one using it. If Lin Xi had it, we would be able to kill Orange Bosses soon."

I touched my nose, "No choice, this mount is bounded so only I can use it."

Lin Xi giggled, "It doesn't make a difference who uses it?"

Right at that moment, Ah Fei coughed, "With You beauties and handsome, let's talk about the price. I am going to sleep soon, it is very late already."

"En en."

Lin Xi turned around and said, "We really need this bow.

Ah Fei laughed, "Any guild in Linchen County would want this bow. Elements, Breaking Dawn, For Dreams etc have all sent people to communicate with me."


Lin Xi looked nervous, "What price did they offer?"

Ah Fei thought about it, "Elements was willing to pay 150 thousand, Breaking Dawn 120 thousand, For Dreams 200 thousand."

He smiled, "Let's see how much With You is willing to pay."

"We don't have much money."

Lin Xi frowned, "But we might be able to use items to trade."

She took out a skill book that shone orange gold and held it in her hands, "August End look at this, maybe your friend July Wildfire might be able to use this."

"Oh? !"

Ah Fei touched the skill book and a bright light flew out, turning into its introduction--

Flames of Karma (SS Grade Skillbook): Focus flames of karma into the blade and deal three hits, ignoring a certain amount of target's defence and causing % of Attack damage. The higher the skill level, the higher the damage. Required Job: Assassin, required level: Level 60.



Ah Fei's eyes trembled and then he direct messaged me, "Oi oi, do you need this skill!?"

My body shook. I had seen this skill before but only on Wind Cloud Platform. However, it only appeared once before disappearing. It should be a hidden skillbook. Who knew that Lin Xi would actually have it.

"Lin Xi."

I was shocked. "How do you have such an SS grade Assassin skill?"

She smiled, "I did an SS Grade solo quest. I didn't take it out to sell, but this time I definitely have to use it to trade."


I nodded. Ah Fei asked, "Speak, are you going to trade for it? Orange bow is yours, I can't decide."

"Of course, but they are giving too little. Tell them to add gold, at least 20 thousand if not it is a huge loss."


Ah Fei gave out his signature smile, "I spoke to my brother. We can trade but to be honest, an SS Grade skillbook can't trade for the best bow in the game. Moreover, it is the first orange gear in the game. You have to add gold."


Lin Xi nodded and joy appeared in her eyes. It was obvious that she didn't expect Ah Fei to agree. In truth, if I didn't allow, no one would be willing to take the first orange bow in the server to switch for an SS Grade book. Although the skillbook had a longer use time than a bow, but on the surface it was much weaker.

"How much?" Lin Xi asked.

"As for this..."

Ah Fei raised two fingers and smiled, "20 thousand gold, there is no room for discussion at all. Beautiful Lin Xi, my friend told me that this is the bottom line so please don't bargain."


Lin Xi frowned, "Wait for me."


"Come." Lin Xi turned around and said towards Shen Mingxuan, Gu Ruyi and I.

I followed them to the side of the blacksmith store and it was really quiet. Lin Xi frowned, "I don't have 20 thousand gold, only 6000. Piece together all the money and I will record this on the studio books. After which I will return to you one by one."

"Okay then."

Gu Ruyi took out 1000, "I need some to buy potions, mana potions are just too expensive..."

Shen Mingxuan took out 3000 gold, "This is all I have. Since the equipment is for me, I am contributing everything I have."

"It is still not enough..."

Lin Xi frowned, "We still lack 10 thousand~~~ That isn't a small amount."

She looked towards me, "Lu Li, do you have gold?"


I nodded and took out 10 thousand gold. It felt heavy and I just tossed it to Lin Xi, "I earned a lot doing quests these few days and didn't spend anything."

"So much?"

She was shocked and that turned into joy, "Enough enough, thank you Lu Li, I will return it all to you."

"No need to thank me, we are all on the same side!"

"En en."


A few minutes later, the first orange bow in the server appeared in Shen Mingxuan's hands. Ah Fei traded the Flames of Karma to me before he went to sleep. We were each getting what we wanted!

Not long later, Lin Xi and the others went offline. I flew back to Black Castle and learnt Flames of Karma!


The skill book turned into a stream of light which disappeared into my hands. A golden skill appeared in my skill column and it was Flames of Karma. The single target damage was even more terrifying than Hunter's Edge. THree attacks, each being fiercer than the last. The cooldown was just 18 seconds and be it PK or Boss fights, this skill was amazing.

Offline, I took off my helmet and everyone in the studio was cheering!

Lin Xi and Shen Mingxuan didn't expect that we would get the orange bow. Gu Ruyi was happy too, as for me.. I was smiling. After all I didn't care about money, I cared about my strength in game. Flames of Karma was not something that money could exchange for. So at this moment my smile came from within.


After packing up the mess from supper, Lin Xi smiled, "Let's sleep and tomorrow let's gather to level. Lu Li you should be able to return right?"

"En, time to return!" I nodded my head.

"That is great!"

She smiled, "This time With You can finally head out together!"

"En en!"

Everyone nodded.


Above, the three girls went into their rooms to bathe and sleep. I went down to check the power and locks etc. After confirming everything was safe, I went back to my room to bathe and then laid on my bed.

On this night, many dreams flashed in my head.

"Lu Li you are too childish, how can you decide to decode the core data? How can you touch that?"

I saw the manager scolding me.

"Ah Li wait and see, one day I will be like them, I will become one of the best players!"

I saw Han Yixiao's determination.

"You think that you know everything and that you are doing the right thing. Actually you know nothing but one day you will understand why I am doing that."

I also saw Father's white hair and disappointment.



Next morning, I woke up but my body was covered in sweat.

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