Chapter 213- Demonic Blade Heaven Swallowing
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Zhan Yue Chapter 213- Demonic Blade Heaven Swallowing

Six minutes later, after I used Separated by water, Ji Yao's final bit of health was emptied out. It actually took 26 minutes to kill this boss. But the rewards were naturally very generous. The moment the Boss was killed, I levelled to level 65. At the same time, the system asked if I wanted to hide my ID.

Naturally, since I was so low profile, I had to do so.

In the next moment, a bell reverberated in the sky of the entire server--


System Notification: Congratulations player Seven ** Fire for killing Commander Ji Yao (Unique Grade Boss), obtained the first Unique Grade Boss kill! ! ! As player completed the kill alone, rewards are doubled, obtained rewards: Level +4, Charm+10, Contribution points+1200000, Gold +40000!


"Shua shua shua~~"

In an instance, numerous streaks of light descended from above and I actually rose from level 65 to 69! Even a rocket wasn't as quick as this! Solo kill, this reward was too good??? ! ! !


Along with Ji Yao falling to the ground, a bunch of gold and equipment dropped. There were no players here and it was impossible for there to be any other players. I stepped forwards leisurely and kept the huge pile of gold. When I looked at the equipment, my heartbeat sped up. A total of four equipment, a shining bow, a pair of dark leggings, an armor with death energy and also an orange colored ring. Was this an orange equipment!?

All of a sudden, my eyes were about to turn green.

"Calm down, I had to calm down! I had to have standards."

I tried to calm myself down and picked up the bow. Instantly a blistering feeling entered my hands. Its stats appeared and they were shocking--

Yanlan City Bow (Unique Grade)

Attack: 425- 590

Agility: +185

Strength: +182

Stamina: +180

Effect: Precision, Accuracy +40%

Effect: Quickness, Attack Speed +55%

Effect: King Strike, 25% chance of triggering, deal 300% damage to target

Effect: Armor penetration, ignore 15% of target's defence

Bonus: Increase user's Attack by 72%

Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 70%

Note: Lanyan City Bow, a bow personally crafted by Princess Qin Yin made of steel and with the beard of an ice dragon as the bowstring. When pulled it has the power to destroy heaven and earth. Qin Yin wanted to give this to Lin Muyu but she didn't expect war to descend such that after many years of disappearance, it has finally reappeared.

Required level: 65


Orange bow! The server's first orange equipment!

I was so excited that my breathing nearly stopped. Moreover this was a super good Orange Bow. These stats, these damage, they were so overpowered. One could say that at this stage, as long as any Archer took this, they would become a top Archer. This bow was really brutal!

I calmed myself down,

I quickly kept the bow into my bag. Let's keep it and decide what to do with it in the future! Anyways, I was rich this time!

I continued to look at the second one. The dark black leggings. This time there was nothing surprising about it--

Iron Guard Leggings (Rare Grade)

Type: Armor

Defence: 400

Strength: +42

Stamina: +36

Required level: 65


Standard trashy equipment. I just tossed it into a bag and then picked up the third one. That death energy wrapped armor. Who knew that it was the same one, the armor was level 65 blue equipment. Not many could wear it now and it wasn't good too, it was basically a cheap item.

I couldn't help but feel sad. This was the Orange colored Boss's first kill, how was there only one orange? Was my 59 points of charm fake?

Right at that moment, I picked up the last equipment. A wind element ring that was translucent. Instantly I was shocked once more--

Windwalking Ring (Unique Grade)

Agility: +205

Strength: +184

Stamina: +182

Effect: Critical Strike +1.5%

Effect: Lifesteal +4.5%

Effect: Windwalking, Attack Speed and Movement Speed increased by 35%

Effect: Demonic Blade Heaven Swallowing, after activation, summon a blade energy to deal strong damage to the area within a range, consume 100 special skill value, cooldown of 6 hours.

Bonus: Increase user's Attack by 73%

Bonus: Increase user's Defence by 71%

Note: Windwalking Ring, a ring crafted by Guards Commander Feng Jixing, the ring contains wind element as well as Feng Jixing's blade strength. But after the guards army was wiped out, Long Qianlin obtained the ring and it passed down among various factions before disappearing. A few years later, the Windwalking Ring appeared once more and it would definitely cause a storm.

Required level: 65


This, this was a ring I could use! Orange colored ring!

My brain buzzed and I was instantly filled with joy. I tossed Windwalking Ring into my bag and then looked at the ground in case I lost something. After all these were the items an orange Boss dropped. At that moment, I noticed a sliver of light in the gaps of the stone.

Yi, there is something? !

I used my dagger to pry it out and instantly a fist sized black ball appeared in front of me. A pale flame light floated around it. I wiped it and when I saw it, I was shocked--

Bone Horse (Precious Grade Mount): Not bounded.



Till date, no one in the server had obtained a mount. Was I the first? All of a sudden, my mind blanked. This was just too strong? Moreover it was a purple mount!

"Should I give it to Lin Xi?"

A voice asked in my mind.

"No! Give her what, she even killed me!"

Another voice dissed and that voice won.

No, definitely not, I had no reason to give such a precious mountain to her. I shall use it myself!

I turned into my Human Race Paladin and then I bit onto my finger and dripped the blood on the mount egg. A dark light surged into the sky and a bone horse appeared right in front of me. At the same time its stats appeared in front of me--

Bone Horse (Precious Grade Mount)

Strength: +85

Stamina: +82

Magic: +80

Attack increase: +145%

Defence increase: +160%

Movement speed increase: +150%

Health increase: +15000

Effect: Attack distance +2

Effect: Hell Purgatory Armor, reduce damage +10%

Effect: Power of death, damage +15%

Mount durability: +100%

Required level: 60


Not bad not bad!

I laughed out loud and mounted it. Instantly my Paladin account didn't look like a little brother anymore. I was dressed in purple and blue equipment and held a sharp sword. I had the majestic-looking bone horse under me and looked totally different. Moreover, the overall increase in stats brought by the mount was really terrifying, especially the health and damage. That was a huge increase!


I brushed the horse's fur and in the end it felt really sticky. My lips twitched. I turned into my Shura account and used the City Return Scroll. I teleported to Linchen County and sent Ah Fei a news, "Are you awake, help me carve a high grade equipment."

"High grade equipment?"

He opened voice message and smiled, "Is it the legendary..."

"Right, orange."


I appeared in Linchen County and passed the ring to Ah Fei, "Quick, I am in a rush."


He looked at the stats and was stunned for a few seconds, "Are you even human? When people are fighting for purple gear you even have orange equipment. Moreover it is a level 65 one, you really are sick!"

I said calmly, "Stop talking, do work, I need to eat supper with my wives."


He burst out laughing, "You are really too shameless, Hahaha~~~"

I laughed out loud too, I was indeed really shameless!


Not long later, Windwalking Ring was carved and Attack was increased by 300. After switching my equipment, my stats increased by a large amount--

July Wildfire (Shadow of the Exiled)

Level: 69

Attack: 3391- 3987 (+415%)

Defence: 2519 (+402%)

Health: 38910

Critical Strike: 21.24%

Lifesteal: 14.5%

Comprehension: 97

Charm: 59

Soul Star: 40

Contribution point: 2202005

Combat strength: 10025


My combat strength broke through 10 thousand. If I was right, the Windwalking Ring increased it by 2000. What concept was that? Even if it was an orange piece it shouldn't be so terrifying. That should be the special skill, Demon Blade Heaven Swallowing? Feng Jixing's strike was probably going to deal very high damage.


I switched off Azure Ocean Ring and placed it along with Yanlan City Bow and the Heaven Azure Necklace into the auction house for 12 hours. Whoever wanted it would have to bid for it.

But probably Linchen County would be in an uproar!

Go offline, supper!


With You Studio, 2nd floor.

We drank porridge and ate the vegetable buns. As I was too hungry, I found it really delicious. The television was showing shows that were shown in the afternoon. We ate and talked leisurely.

Just as we were eating, the phone rang. It was Lin Xi's phone.


She saw the number and picked up. I couldn't hear what the people inside said but he sounded emotional, "Okay understood, let me see the screenshot, thank you!"

She hung up and opened WeChat. She clicked a screenshot. I was too far so I couldn't see it, moreover it wasn't appropriate.

She pushed the phone to Shen Mingxuan, "With You's top Archer, look at this."


Shen Mingxuan opened her mouth and her eyes were filled with loss, "How violent... As expected from an orange bow, but.. Let's just take a look at it, after all, it should be really expensive."

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