Chapter 212- Showing strength
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Zhan Yue Chapter 212- Showing strength

I returned to the studio and was totally drenched. I had no choice but to have a hot shower and changed before returning back to the guard post.


    I appeared within the Fire Badger Valley wth my daggers and a dark gold energy wrapped around my body. When I went online I received a message from the Paladin's account from Shen Mingxuan, "Lu Li why did you go offline for so long?"

    "A friend came over to give something to me."

    I added, "Why, were you looking for me?"

    "Nothing, just asking."

    She smiled, "Okay, I shall continue to train. You should do your quest too."



    After switching off the call, I summoned Orange Night and White Bird and continued to clear Fire Badger Valley with them. Not long later, a bell reverberated through the air and lasted for a long time--


    System notification: Congratulations player Feng Canghai successfully comprehended combo Sharp Edged (S Grade): Hack+ Sweep+ Kick+ Knockup + Silence Slash. As he is the fourth player in Illusionary Moon to comprehend a combo, he obtained a level +1, Charm+2, Reputation +8000, Gold +2000!


    I looked into the sky and kept silent. Feng Canghai finally comprehended a combo and although it was an S grade one, it was enough to let his strength jump. Feng Canghai was afraid of Lin Xi before because he lacked a combo but now he probably wasn't afraid anymore. In terms of equipment, skills and mechanics, he wasn't weaker than Lin Xi.

    That Linchen County battle appeared in my mind. Although Feng Canghai and I only met once but we already fought. Maybe when I meet him again we won't be friendly towards one another. Anyways, Feng Canghai was destined not to be a friend and he might be a competitor.

    Who cared, continue to level.

    Just like that, I fought till 11pm and finally the number of souls reduced. I was nearly about to clear them all out and had reached Level 64 87%.

The leveling speed here was really quick and this was even after splitting the experience to Orange Night, White Bird and the treasures. If not it would be even quicker!

    I was already at the end of Fire Badger Valley and right ahead was a giant red formation. I could even smell a disgusting scent of death that was moving beneath the formation. Not long later, the dirt cracked and a person dressed in red armor and holding a spear came out from the ground. He rode an undead bone horse and his body was bathing in a red light!

    "Ah! ! !"

    He cried out in pain and breathed in the air outside. His decomposing face looked towards me and he laughed, "Little thing, you are a member of the guards army? Or... Feng Jixing sent you!?"

    I raised my head and his introduction appeared. Unfortunately his level was too high and I couldn't see his stats--

    Commander Ji Yao (Unique Grade Boss)

    Level: ???

    Attack: ???

    Defence: ???

    Health: ???

    Skill: ???

    Introduction: Ji Yao, Yihe Country commander. He used Long Qianlin's trust to kill the 30 thousand guards troops in Fire Badger Valley. Moreover he wanted to kill Feng Jixing and in the end was buried here by him. His soul was used to pay respects to the souls of the those 30 thousand. Ji Yao is a violent person so young adventure, once you meet him, you need to be careful.


    So this was the culprit!

    "I am asking you something. Did Feng Jixing send you? !" He pointed his spear forwards and his face was filled with rage, "If you don't say anything I am going to stab you!"

    I frowned and laughed coldly, "Right, Commander Feng sent me to kill you bastard!"

    "You are asking for death!"

    Ji Yao hollered in rage and charged at me with the spear. My gaze turned cold. This time it wasn't a joke. This was a Unique Grade Boss, an orange Boss! This also meant that if I could kill this Ji Yao, I would obtain the first Unique Grade Boss kill and even Orange Equipment would be dropped!

    The first orange equipment, one could imagine how important that was!

    "Pa ta!"

    I raised my hand and stabbed a Bloodthirst Banner down. At the same time I used Soul Star Explosion and Unparalleled Shattering. Right when Ji Yao stabbed towards me, I entered White Cloak and dodged his attack. I also slashed his chest with Autumn Moon Cold River!


    This damage... It was a little low! This was damage using White Cloak+ Annihilation. Logically speaking it should start from 80 thousand. One could imagine how strong the Defence of this Unique Grade Boss was. At the same time, Ji Yao hollered in rage and a crescent shaped glow exploded from his spear!



    One strike and I was forced back. Ji Yao hollered and used Assault. Instantly both man and horse turned into a cold light which charged towards me.

    Not good, if I was hit by Assault, I was definitely dead!

    In that instance, I locked onto the Bloodthirst Banner right behind Ji Yao and used Dark Shadow Jump!

    A light flashed and my body siappeared into the air. Ji Yao charged onto the empty land and I appeared 25 yards behind him. I raised my hand and used Cloud Piercing Arrow, three all at once!

    "Pu pu pu~~"




    Cloud Piercing Arrow, 200 Attack each time, it seemed pretty decent.

    "Cunning fellow, you are asking for death!"

    Ji Yao turned around and the spear in his hands started to buzz, "Do you think you can escape from me? Come, let me show you what is true strength!"

    He raised his hands and a blood light filled his whole body. It seemed like his strength had increased by a large amount.

    I frowned and used Bloodthirst Banner once more behind Ji Yao. It was on opposite sides as the first one. I retreated while judging the distance. Using Cloud Piercing Arrow time after time. When Ji Yao was a step away, I used Gouge!

    I went behind him and used Basic attack+ Backstab+ Basic attack+Godslaying Blade+ Basic Attack+ Mist Slash, dealing a bunch of dense damage numbers.

    "You really are asking for death!"

    Ji Yao shouted and pointed his spear towards the sky, "Your Highness King Zhennan, give me strength!"


    A red pillar descended from above and struck down reducing my health by a large amount. I used Dark Shadow Jump to jump to the Bloodthirst Banner, opening up another 30 yards of distance. I raised my hand and Cloud Piercing Arrow pierced through the air, dealing many 5000 damage hits.

    At the same time, I drank health potions. My potions were only used now so I didn't hold back and just chucked them down!

    "Yihe Country's glow will never fall!"

    Ji Yao hollered while launching her attacks. Spear light shone towards me but very few actually dealt damage if not I would have died long ago. Just like that, two minutes later, Soul Star Explosion was up and Ji Yao was still left with 81% health. It seemed like it was going to be a long process.

    Just as I expected, in the next three minutes, due to me lacking the 200% stats increased, so even if I used Bloodthirst Banner to reduce his health, but his regeneration was too quick and his health just floated around 81%. Three minutes later it actually reached 82%.

    It seemed like I could only rely on the two minutes of Soul Star Explosion to reduce his health!

    Thus, I entered a fully focused state. Each movement and detail had to be taken care of. After all Ji Yao's damage was too high and as long as I made one mistake and chose the wrong target for Dark Shadow Jump, it would be a disaster!

    In an instance, a piece of stone blocked my path such that my entire reaction slowed down.


    The spear descended like that of a blazing sun and smashed onto my back, taking away 29 thousand of my health. If not for Soul Star Explosion, I would have been killed. My back felt like it was in flames and I felt a blistering pain. I quickly used Dark Shadow Jump to dodge the next hit!

    At this point my face was ashen white through fear. I used Cloud Piercing Arrow and looked around once more. It was just a small mistake and I didn't notice the stone behind me. But this small mistake nearly caused me to die here!

    Again, continue!


    I calmed myself down and my mind was extremely clear. I was about to see streaks of spiritual light rising up from my Spiritual Ruins like it was reflecting my current state. I didn't dare to make any mistakes anymore and fully focused on the Fire Badger Valley battle.

    Unknowingly another half an hour passed, Ji Yao's healthbar was down to 13%. Since I entered Illusionary Moon, I had never had sucha simple battle. Each second might be my death but each Dark Shadow Jump allowed me to disappear from their blade.


    A message came from Shen Mingxuan, "Lu Li, go get the delivery, time to eat supper."


    I was stunned and quickly said, "Shen Mingxuan go get it, I am busy in game and can't leave."

    "En, okay, how long will you take?"

    "Ten minutes."

    "Okay, we will wait for you to eat together."


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