Chapter 211- Lin Cheng
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Zhan Yue Chapter 211- Lin Cheng



Dark Shadow Jump!



Skills shone bright in front of me and for some reason, I felt that I was in the groove this morning. Each move, each skill felt like it was occuring exactly how I wanted it to. The connection between actions were fluid. Anyways, I felt like I was immersed and was really comfortable!

Just like that, I spent the afternoon in Fire Badger Valley but as there were too many guards souls here, I couldn't clear all of them out.


A message came from Shen Mingxuan, "Lu Li go get the delivery, it is time to eat!"

"Okay Sister Shen!"

After going offline from Ancient Battlefield, I took the dinner from the delivery boy and then returned to the studio, putting the stuff on the table.

Not far away, Lin Xi took off her helmet and played around with her hair, straightening the part that was messy.

Right at that moment, I felt a pain in my head. I clenched my fists and gritted my teeth.

"What happened Lu Li?" Lin Xi was really sharp and she saw that.

"No... Nothing..."

I lowered my head and clenched my fists. I could sense the energy in my body surging out like a river. I tried to suppress it and then said, "My head just hurts a little..."

"Are you too tired?"

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She frowned, "Headache might not be a small issue, does it hurt a lot? If it is then let Shen Mingxuan follow you to the hospital and take some x-rays."

"No need no need..."

A few seconds later, the pain reduced by a large amount. I shook my head and smiled, "I feel much better, maybe I just lacked oxygen. Let's eat dinner?"

"En en."

Not long later, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi went offline too. We ate together and continued to go online. Joy didn't stop, leveling didn't end!


Night, 8pm.

I continued to kill monsters in Fire Badger Valley. At this point, White Bird's progress bar reached 47% and relatively speaking it was quick quick. At that moment, I heard some rustling sounds. It didn't come from the game but from the outside world. Maybe because my hearing became much better recently, I was actually able to deduce the sound while killing monsters.

"What happened?"

I summoned Star Eye and said, "Star Eye what is the sound outside?"

"Rain." The systemic female voice said.

"I am refering to the rustling sound."

"Helicopter." She said.


I was shocked, "Isn't it raining? Why is there someone taking a helicopter? Are they close? Send a drone to check what they are doing?"


A few seconds later, Star Eye said once more, "They are two kilomaters from you and the helicopter has already landed."


I nodded, "Scoff, taking a heli in such a weather? So arrogant..."


Star Eye replied, "Similar to you in the past."


I rolled my eyes, "Star Eye your eq really needs strengthening."

"Shall I download the eq system?"

"Forget it, I need accurate data and not fake consolation."

"Okay Pathfinder."

I switched off Star Eye and continued to fight in Fire Badger Valley.

Roughly ten minutes later.

"Da da da~~~"

A voice spread from the outside once more and it was really close. Someone was knocking on the door, this was really close and I couldn't sense his aura at all. Who was he!?

My goosebumps rose up and I went offline. I took off my helmet and stood up. The glass on the guard post was covered in rain and there was a person outside. I opened it and realised that it was a thin old man who wore a raincoat. His hair was messy and he was drenched in the rain.

"What is the matter?"

I frowned. I was using my energy to scout his but this old man seemed like he had no energy at all. He was like a calm well.

"Little fellow."

He smiled, "What is your name?"

"Lu Li."


He looked like he had heard of me before, "I came specifically for you. Follow me, let's find a place to talk."


I frowned, "When did you come in? This is private property do you know?"

"I know but I don't care."

He looked a little shameless and smiled, "Let me tell you once more follow me or I will attack you in front of those three girls upstairs?"

This person was an expert!

I was extremely nervous and had no choice but to nod my head. I opened an umbrella and asked him, "Do you need one? I have another."

"No need."

He waved his hands and smiled, "Follow me."

Thus, I followed him out of the courtyard and after walking a few hundred meters, we entered a school field. It was night so there was no one at all.


He turned around and looked at me, "I didn't expect the person to trigger the special map to be someone like you, interesting."

I frowned, "Old man please speak nicely, what do you mean someone like you?"


He pointed and mocked, "Are you unhappy? Come, attack me. If you can win then I shall scram and not disturb you."

All of a sudden I felt disgust. i tossed the umbrella to the side and stood in the rain along with him.

"Then you have to be careful!" I said seriously.

"Come on then!"

I charged forwards and threw a probing punch.


Who knew that the old man just pushed me aside, blocking 30% of my fist power just like that. He mocked, "Are you afraid you break my teeth? So weak, I think I found the wrong person."

"Come again!"

This time I used 70% of my strength. My fists punched through the rain and aimed at his chest.

"Now this is interesting!"

He retreated and opened his palms. My strength was dissipated and I felt like I couldn't even stand still. My left leg stepped down and my right leg was surging with energy. I kicked once more with all my might!

"Very good!"

He raised his leg too but one could see flames around his and they made me feel really suppressed. It felt as if my leg had kicked onto a volcano and I was forced back. Pain spread from my foot. This person was too strong!

"You can't even block 10% of my strength?"

He was disappointed and then he smiled, "Forget it, you seem okay. Little fellow let me ask you now, are you willing to be my disciple?"


I frowned, "What can I learn from you?"


He raised a finger and smiled, "I can let you become an expert."


I shook my head, "I am not interested in cultivation, I can try it out slowly by myself."

"Not interested?"

He laughed, "This is not up to you. If you are not willing then I shall come everyday to beat you up."


I was furious, "Isn't that too unreasonable? If you dare then I shall call the police."

"They won't care and might even support me."

He smiled, "Moreover, what is bad about being my disciple? I taught a disciple and he became a great person. You are just at the Initial Energy Controlling Stage and are a good seed, don't waste yourself."


I was silent for a few seconds, "Who are you?"


He smiled, "I had a disciple called Li Xiao Yao."


I was shocked, "You... You are Grandmaster Lin Cheng? !"

"Grandmaster? I am not one..." His gaze was a little sad, "Just an old man trying to find a treasure disciple. You should have heard of Li Xiao Yao's disappearance right?"

"En, he is one of the targets of mine."

"That's good."

He sighed, "Lu Li this is the reason I came to find you. Your potential is no lower than his and you have the rights to become my disciple. I will help you breakthrough until you reached Flaming Sun Realm. You only have to do one thing which is to become stronger and help find Senior Brother Li Xiao Yao. I know that you left Destiny Corporation for the same reason... I have made it really clear so are you willing to be my disciple?"

I looked at his face and felt heartpained. Li Xiao Yao was his greatest pride but Li Xiao Yao disappeared a few years back and didn't appear anymore. One could imagine how sad he was. Moreover, if I became his disciple, I would be Li Xiao Yao's junior brother. Hasn't Li Xiao Yao been my idol for the past few years?

I picked up the umbrella and helped him to cover the rain, "Master do you need me to kneel?"

He smiled, "No. Since you have agreed then there is no need for those customs. Okay, now for my second problem."

"What questions?"

"Master is hungry, go buy a barbecue duck for me."



Two minutes later, barbecue duck shop.

Lin Cheng seemed really hungry and he ate one himself. He taught me a Energy Training skill before leaving and he also added me as a friend on WeChat. He said that he would teach me virtually in the future...

After which he left in the helicopter. As expected, my Master actually sat a helicopter to find me. So rich and totally not low profile at all.

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