Chapter 210- New fighting system idea
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Zhan Yue Chapter 210- New fighting system idea

"Really?" I was delighted.


Zhang Xiaoshan nodded his head and smiled, "Ancient Battlefield's remnant souls are really violent and once you enter, you have to be careful. Remember not to be greedy too. Although you have a great bloodline but once you absorb too much of the soul power, I am afraid your Spiritual Ruin would explode. Go, I wish you good luck."

"Great, thank you Senior Uncle!"

I nodded my head and walked into Ancient Battlefield. At the same time I was speechless. Zhang Xiaoshan's eyes looked really old but in truth it was really amazing. In front of him, I didn't have any secrets at all. Heaven Lightning, Bloodline, Spiritual Ruin, all these trump cards were seen through by him with one look, this person... He was so amazing, even Master told me not to offend him!


Ancient Battlefield, a patch of ruins.

The treasure training land, I was here once again!

I held my daggers and passed through a bunch of skeletons. Ancient Battlefield had a total of ten stages and each stage was harder than the last. The ones at stage ten were too low level and weren't suitable fo rme. Even if I cleared all of them out, I would not even get 10% of experience.

Not long later a mountain range appeared in front of us. I activated Quickness and charged to the top of the mountain. I looked down and it was still the ruins of a battlefield. Beneath the mountain was stage nine and the monsters were around 50+ but they still weren't suitable for us.

I continued forwards and ten minutes later I climbed another mountain range. When I was at the top, a cold breeze sent a chill down my spine. Stage eight was right in front and for some reason, the sky turned dark. It was as if there were dark souls wrapping around the sky and it felt really sinister and gloomy.

Who cared so much, I was here to level. The environment had nothing to do with me!

I held my dagger and went down the mountain. I summoned Orange Night and White Bird to help me too. Beneath the mountain was a battlefield. When I got close, corpses walked out from the river and they were all level 62-65. However, they were still not enough. After all I was at level 64 and should kill 68-70 monsters!

I continued forwards and not long later, a valley appeared ahead. The name of the map was Fire Badger Valley and it was a patch of red. The map was huge and the shape was like a running badger. However, there were no badgers here at all and what replaced them was a thick death energy.

"Sha sha..."

The moment I entered Fire Badger Valley, I noticed that many messy flags hung at the border of it. On it were the Jin word and some wrote the word Qin. Not far from here, the scenes of the battle that occured flashed in my eyes. An illusion appeared in the mist ahead.

An ancient general wearing a broken armor held a blade. His handsome face was covered in blood and his eyes were dead as ash. He dug the dirt and buried many corpses down. His body was filled with killing intent and he teared up, "Long Qianlin, return my 30 thousand brothers! I, Feng Jixing will take revenge sooner or later!"


A wind blew across and his body disappeared. The scenes ahead returned back to the silent Fire Badger Valley.

The only thing was the thick death energy. When I got close, I noticed that the dirt below loosened up. Many bodies broke out from the dirt. A bunch of skeletons held daggers but their bodies were still wrapped in an intense aura. They cried out, "I am... I am Lanyan City's Guards, how can I die here..."

Their stats appeared in my eyes, just nice, they were good training partners--

Guards Soul (Treasure Grade Monster)

Level: 69

Attack: 2550-3250

Defence: 1700

Health: 180000

Skill: Death Slash, Death Will, Lanyan City's Death

Introduction: Guards Soul, they were originally a bunch of ancient empire warriors and in a rebellion, Lanyan City was broken down. The guards general Feng Jixing led the troops out but they were trapped in Fire Badger Valley. The traitor Long Qianlin promised Feng Jixing that if they were willing to surrender, that he wouldn't kill anyone. Feng Jixing finally gave up but he went against his word, killing the 30 thousand guards in the night. These souls spread down through time. Defeat them and release their souls to give them freedom.


I looked at the introduction and was stunned... The introduction seemed really detailed and was something the other maps didn't have. It even made me feel like the storyline was real just that it didn't happen in front of my eyes. At that moment, guards souls broke out of the dirt and in a blink of an eye 20 of them appeared. They waved their blades and stumbled towards me.

Time to level!

I raised my hand and used Bloodthirst Banner for the first time. "Pa ta", a red flag stabbed into the ground not far away, causing my Attack, Attack Speed, Movement Speed all to increase by 10%. I said, "Orange Night head forwards, time to work!"

"Yes Master!"

Orange Night hollered and waved his spear. A storm swept up with the spear and he activated Firm as Rock onto his body. He was like a war god. I charged forwards and activated Apprehension. Then I used Hunter's Edge and killing skills like Godslaying Blade. Once White Bird entered, this battle became really one sided. These guards souls couldn't hold on at all and a bunch of them were down to low health.

Dark Shadow Jump!


The first jump directly killed a low health troop. His skeleton fell to the ground and turned into a pile of ash. His soul rose up into the sky and turned into that of a young solider. He smiled, "Thank you young man, you have freed me!"

He looked towards the sky and smiled, "Yanlan City, my home... I am back, is everything still there? Commander Feng, we are coming home. Sir Chu Huaiying, Sir Lin Muyu must have waited a long time... Go home, there are no more wars..."

I raised my head and looked at him. I could free his relief and his joy and I instantly felt like I had done a good deed.

But... Yanlan City, Feng Jixing, Chu Huaiying, Lin Muyu.. Who are they? ! I didn't know any of them. Was Destiny Corporation playing a big game of chess? !

Who cared, I was here to level up so I just needed to continue doing good deeds.


Just like that, I continued to kill these level 69 Treasure Grade monsters and my experience climbed. In less than an hour, Bloodthirst Banner leveled up and reached level 2. At the same time the data changed and the effects increased to 11%. Attack, Attack Speed and Movement Speed all increased. I had four flags in front of me so the increase was 44%. These were all rounded increases and not just on the base stats. At this moment, I felt like I was filled with strength, my hands were nimble and my feet felt like they were flying!

Great, no matter whether this artifact was used to level or PK, they were both quite useful.

But could other players see the flags? If they could, could they attack it? Or rather... Destroy it? If they could then the effect would be greatly reduced and would be basically be useless in battles.

Thus I changed an attack mode- All out attack!

I aimed one of the banners and used Dark Shadow Jump.


A streak of light exploded behind me and I appeared beside the Bloodthirst Banner. At that moment, the Bloodthirst Banner turned dim and was wrapped in blood red color. It still gave off a Buff but it just disappeared for an instance before lighting up after a second.

At the same time I noticed that when Dark Shadow Jump was used, the cooldown was three seconds and not six seconds, what was going on?

Was there a difference with choosing Bloodthirst Banner as the target? !

No, try again!

This time I turned the attack mode to Team mode and when I used Dark Shadow Jump on the Bloodthirst Banner, the outcome delighted me. The outcome was the same. I could stab the Bloodthirst Banner and its cooldown was only 50%, it reduced by 3 seconds!


I was shocked, a bold battle plan appeared in my head. It seemed quite possible! If... I used Bloodthirst Banner to jump and then used the Hidden Weapon Cloud Piercing Arrow as an attack method, that meant that I could place flags all around the map and used these methods to kill the enemy?

Be it Boss or players, as long as they were close combat ones, I could kill them without taking any damage!

When I thought about that, I got really excited!

En, later when I meet a Boss I could try it. That was the plan!

When I thought about that, I started to train even more happily. Basically killing Bosses wouldn't be too hard. After all I have already tried this a little. the only thing I needed to consider was the familiarity. To do all this wasn't easy but I was confident that I could be able to do it.


Just like this, I continued to fight in Fire Badger Valley.

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