Chapter 209- Magical Artifact- Bloodthirst Banner
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Zhan Yue Chapter 209- Magical Artifact- Bloodthirst Banner


System notification: Congratulations for getting first in the Five Locations Battle! Obtained rewards: Level +1, Charm +5, Contribution points +1million, Gold +8000!

A golden light descended from above and I leveled up. After getting to higher levels, it was getting harder and harder to level up.

"Long live Senior Brother July!"

"That is great, Wind Cloud Platform is finally on the top!"

"Long live July Wildfire!"

The bunch of Wind Cloud Platform disciples were all pumped up, even Master Ding Heng brushed his moustache and showed a satisfied expression. Elder Feng and Elder Yun congratulated one another. This time Wind Cloud Platform was officially the top faction and it was too tough.A fter all the four disciples of Ancient Battlefield were so strong and getting first was like a dream


"The battle is over!"

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On the fighting platform, the elder floated up and landed on the stairs ahead of King of Darkness. He knelt down on one knee, "Your Highness, the final victor is Wind Cloud Platform's grand disciple July Wildfire!"

"Not bad."

King of Darkness stood up and energy wrapped around his body. He smiled, "July Wildfire is a great talent and is worthy of getting first. Since I have came to watch the battle, then... I shall give you something. I hope you can cultivate well and protect Black Castle's honor!"

He raised his hands and a red streak of light shot out, hitting the stone floor in front of me, "This is for you!"

I was stunned and saw that this was a red flag. It gave off a thick aura and when I reached out, it entered my bag.


System notification: You have obtained extra rewards Bloodthirst Banner (Level 1 Treasure)!


I opened the treasure space and as expected, beside the Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map was a small flag. When I opened it up, I was filled with joy--

Bloodthirst Banner (Level 1 Treasure): A flag that contains an ancient war soul. After use, place a Bloodthirst Banner within 40 yards, allowing user to gain bloodthirst effect, raising Attack, Attack Speed, Movement speed by 10%, lasting 60 seconds, cooldown of 12 seconds. Bloodthirst effect can stack and the higher the level, the more the stats can increase and the lower the cooldown


One can actually obtain Bloodthirst effect?

Moreover, the bloodthirst effect could actually stack. Based on the current level 1 state, I could use it every 12 seconds lasting for 60 seconds. This meant that 4-5 of them could be stacked together and at level 1, it could raise 40% of Attack, Attack Speed and Movement Speed. For Assassins like me, these three stats are all great skills!

When I thought about it, I was delighted. King of Darkness had really given me something good.

I got up and held the Bloodthirst Banner. I bowed towards King of Darkness, "Thank you Your Highness! Really thank you..."

King of Darkness smiled and landed, "Announce the outcome."

"Yes Your Highness!"

The elder said solemnly, "I will officially announce that the first of the Outer Five Locations battle is,

Wind Cloud Platform! Second, Ancient Battlefield! Third, Precious Treasure Pavilion! Fourth, Land of Reincarnation! Fifth, Heaven and Earth Pavilion! The resource provisions will be discussed with the three divisions. All of you don't have to worry about that. The battle this year will end here, rest up and cultivate well everyone!"

It was over!


"Congratulations Senior Brother!"

"Congratulations Senior Brother July Wildfire!"

"Senior Brother has shocked Black Castle, you really are my idol!"

All of a sudden I was surrounded by the disciples. I smiled with them and then crushed the City Return Scroll to disappear from their eyes.


Heaven and Earth Pavilion, teleportation formation.

Things finally quietened down. I looked at Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map and Bloodthirst Banner. With these two treasures, if I bumped into Lin Xi, my chances of winning would be around 60%. It wasn't that Lin Xi wasn't strong but my race and job was just too overpowered!


A news came from Ah Fei, "Ah Li, I have officially started the level 5 inscription business and received 30 over offers. Most of them came from Elements and Dragon Alliance, but... Breaking Dawn Fate sent me a message to help Breaking Dawn craft some level 5 equipments. I rejected her."

"Of course you should."

I smiled, "They tried their best to stop you. There is no need to do business with such a guild, we don't lack their money. Moreover when the news spread out, the other players from other cities will come over to inscribe. Don't worry, we will have more business than you can manage."

He laughed, "My hands are about to cramp up, how would I lack things to do? Don't worry!"

"En, work hard!"

At that moment, another message came from Shen Mingxuan, "Lu Li, the delivery guy will reach in three minutes. Take it and come upstairs."

"En, okay."

I spent the entire morning on the battle and gained huge rewards. I leveled up once and gained large amounts of gold and charm. King of Darkness even gave me a Bloodthirst Banner. This was a huge win!

I went offline and walked out of the guard post with an umbrella. As expected, a delivery boy reached the door and smiled, "Handsome, is this the meal you ordered?"

"En en, hand it to me, thank you for your hardwork."

"No need no need."

He passed the lunch over before heading into the rain once more. His life was indeed really tough.


When I went upstairs, Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi have went offline. The lunch was quite light, just a few lunch boxes with green pepper pork strips etc.

While we were eating, Lin Xi asked, "Lu Li how is the quest?"

"Still okay."

I nodded, "I gained quite a lot of experience and should be able to level up soon."

"En en."

She smiled, "Train well. The higher your level, the stronger the Bosses we can take down. You are our pillar!"

I was speechless, "I know how strong I am, I should just be in charge of healing. You are the real pillar."

"You really know how to speak, here a chicken thigh for you!

Shen Mingxuan passed me a chicken thigh.

I laughed, "Thank you Beautiful Shen!"


She scoffed and continued to eat. In the end, the three of their apetites were quite small. Who knows if it was to maintain their figure or what, they didn't even finish half of a box. As for me, my apetite was similar to when I was growing, I actually ate two boxes myself. I ate their chicken thighs, stunning Lin Xi.

"Are you coming back in the afternoon?" She smiled.

I thought about it, "I probably won't, the quest still has things to do."

In truth, I just obtained Bloodthirst Banner and wanted to level on my own. I wanted to gain experience and level up Bloodthirst Banner's level. After all, I was an Assassin and I had to be strong. As for Paladin, it was just a reason for me to remain in With You. As long as my level kept up it was fine, I didn't have to be too strong.


After lunch, I went back online.


I appeared in the teleportation formation outside of Heaven and Earth Pavilion. I looked at my equipment, replenishments and went to repair and replenish them. Orange Night and White Bird's durability were full now. I just bought some energy potions and after preparing well, my Bloodthirst Effect has reached 12.5%. I basically only needed to bring a small amount of health potions. Apart from fighting Bosses, I rarely needed to use them while leveling.

But, where should I go in the afternoon?

This was a problem. Lightning Forest was a little far, moreover the monster levels weren't up to my requirements, Linchen County... There were too many players and many are enemies. Not only did I have to level, I had to fight too, that affected the leveling speed. So the best place should be close and challenging.

Ancient Battlefield!

Right, only it. After so long, I should have time to head over right?

I held my daggers and came to Wind Cloud Platform, "Master can I go to Ancient Battlefield to train?"


Ding Heng's voice spread from the clouds, "Go there directly, I think Senior Brother Zhang will let you in."



Ancient Battlefield had many leveling resources and large amount of treasures. Naturally it was the best training place, just that the requirements were stricter.

A few minutes later, I arrived outside of the Ancient Battlefield. I saw the lone body sitting on the mountainous cliff, "Senior Uncle, can I enter Ancient Battlefield to train?"


Zhang Xiaoshan opened his eyes and smiled, "Little fellow, you really beat my disciples up in the battle!"

I smiled awkwardly, "I am Wind Cloud Platform's grand disciple, for Wind Cloud Platform's glory I had to go all out. The battle with Sword One was quite fortunate, you disciple is too strong."

"There was no fortune."

Zhang Xiaoshan's voice was distant and old, "If you used that lightning attack, Sword One probably would have died. Little fellow, let me give you an advice, don't use that power unless it is life or death."

"I understand."

I bowed, "I didn't want to hurt Sword One at all, I just wanted to win too much so I couldn't control that power."

"En, Senior Uncle knows you didn't."

He brushed his moustache and smiled, "If not, I wouldn't be so nice. Better not use those kind of strength, okay... Since you want to go in then go. King of Darkness has gave instructions, you are the head of the Five Outer Locations so within this year, you can go to any place you want to cultivate. No one will stop you."

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