Chapter 208- Top of the 5 locations
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Zhan Yue Chapter 208- Top of the 5 locations

I definitely couldn't admit defeat, go all out!

In that instance, I used Soul Star Explosion and Unparalleled Shattering together. My gaze turned cold and I gauged the speed of the sword. Right when it was about to touch me, I used Dark Shadow Jump!


A light shone bright and I appeared behind the sword, Backstab+ Godslaying Blade+ Mist Slash all onto him! At the same time, Sword Heart into the Sky smashed onto the platform's protective formation and caused a loud ring. That sword seemed like a real one, causing the barrier to brak down!

If I was hit, this battle would basically be over!

"This isn't good!"

Sword One jumped up and his handsome face smiled, "Junior Brother it isn't so easy."

He opened his palm and used the power of Sword Heart once more. There was a buzzing sound and the space twisted. Another giant sword appeared in the sky and smashed towards us!

"Ji ji ji~~"

Sword Heart into the Sky hadn't descended but it caused the ground to shake. The stone bricks on the platform started to break down and crack and it caused many shrapnels to rise up. As for me, I felt like a giant mountain was pressing down onto my shoulders. I was about to kneel on the ground and I found it really hard to breathe!

Was this the power of the Sword Heart? ! This was just oo terrifying? How could I even win?

I rasied my head and looked in the sky. I didn't retreat, I faced the giant sword. Right when I was about to touch me, I used White Cloak and dodged it. I opened my right hand and golden light flowed between my fingers. A dragon-shaped palm pushed forwards towards the sword in the sky.



This was White Cloak+ Dragon Will and it only did that much damage, was my damage suppressed? !

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At that moment, I was already in the air. After Sword One took Dragon Will head on, shock appeared on his face. He waved his palm and slashed towards me!

I raised my daggers up to block!


A streak of golden light spread out and my daggers felt like a mountain had hit it, pushing me back to the platform. At the same time I lost 15882 Health. This was even after I blocked successfully, if not that sword could at least take down 50% of my Health!

Behind me, Sword Heart into the Sky's giant sword smashed the platform and turned this firm platform into a mess. If not for the protective formation, this place would have been shattered. A Heaven Realm Sword Heart user was just so terrifying!

"Come again!"

I used Dark Shadow Jump and appeared in front of Sword One. I used Gouge and stunned him. In that instance, Autumn Moon Cold River stabbed into his shoulder. I jumped up and appeared behind him and used Backstab+Godslaying Blade+Annihilation!

"Too much!"

Sword One woke up from the stun and kciked!

I raised my daggers to block!


I flew into the air.

I was at least 20 meters above from the platform while Sword One stood on the platform. He opened his palms, "The battle is over Junior Brother!"


Along with him waving his arms, the sapce twisted and a green sword broke through the air. It was like a god sword in slumber underground for ten thousand years. This power was just so violent!

I was in mid air and knew that I couldn't take this hit head on if not I might get insta killed!

Come Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map!


A light shone in front of me and turned into a beautiful scroll. Mountains, rivers, oceans and plains were all reflected in the scroll. Sword One's green sword stabbed into Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map like a dirt cow into an ocean. It only caused a ripple before disappearing.

"Take it back!"

I sensed Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map's power surged and I shook it, returning the sword intent back.

"En? !"

Sword One was stunned and his face was filled with shock. He raised his hands, "You actually have such an artifact! Come, let's see how much of my sword strength you can use!"

Along with a loud explosion, the second giant sword rose into the air and the two of them clashed in midair!

"Hong hong hong~~~"

There was an extremely loud explosion that caused the entire platform to be covered in chaotic sword energy. At that moment, I had earned enough time. With a "peng", Dark Shadow Jump succeeded and I got behind Sword One. My daggers instantly dealt damage to him!


Sword One turned around and pointed at me. He used Sword Heart into the Sky at close range. An ancient sword was wrapped up into thick chaotic energy like it was about to destroy everything. It headed towards my head!

Come, Separated by water!


Golden energy was released. During this battle, I was really going all out!

The giant sword was scattered and my combo hit Sword One's body. He coughed out blood and wasn't as calm and handsome as before!

"Good skill!"

Sword One pointed forwards and a streak of sword light pierced my chest, causing 20 thousand damage. A terrifying ripping feeling spread across my body!

"Come again!"

I was kicked to the edge of the platform as Sword One used another giant sword!

I had no choice and could only use the second chance of the Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map!


This time I couldn't use the power of Sword Heart into the Sky because I didn't feel that same feeling. In the next second, as Sword One used too much of Sword Heart's power, he spat out fresh blood. He slowly stood tall and his eyes were filled with the desire for victory, "Come Sword Flower!"

Instantly, sword energy gathered in the sky! But to form this attack, Sword One's injuries started to explode and fresh blood splattered.

"Senior Brother!"

Sword Two, Sword Three and the others got up and their faces were filled with shock, "Senior Brother you are trying too hard, don't!"

"July Wildfire be careful!"

"Senior Brother July be careful!"

I heard Two Balls and the other Junior Brothers shout.

But at that point I had no way out. I gritted my teeth and charged into the sky. At the same time I used Blood Barrier. Sword light descended like a rain and smashed onto my Blood Barrier.After which they left many wounds onto my body.

"Come July Wildfire let's decide the victor!"

Sword One spat out blood and his face was ashen white. However, that desire for victory didn't disappear at all.

He was the strongest person I had met in Black Castle and the others like Han Shang, Ghost Axe, Long Yilan, Lei Ling etc were all noobs. He was the true genius!

All of a sudden, Sword One's performance rose my will to win. Why couldn't I be a genius too, how could I lose to him? !

My energy ocean started to rage and a streak of lightning appeared on my dagger as I stabbed towards Sword One!



In that instance, both Sword One and I were split up. A person appeared above and it was Ancient Battlefield's protector Zhang Xiaoshan. He held Sword One's Sword Flower power in one hand and my daggers in the other. His old eyes were filled with a deep dark glow.

"Master I didn't lose!" Sword One was shocked.


Zhang Xiaoshan shook his head, "We lost, let's go."


Sword One gritted his teeth, "But I."

"If you continue, you will get killed." Zhang Xiaoshan sat calmly. He then turned into an afterimage which appeared on the viewing platform.

Sword One looked at me in shock, "Junior Brother, what.. Skill did you use?"

I frowned, "Nothing, it is just a secret technique, don't worry Senior Brother."


He cupped his fists, "Thank you for the lesson!"

"You too Senior Brother!"

One had to say that although I won but Zhang Xiaoshan and Sword One's ability to take a defeat was much better than those from Land of Reincarnation.

"You brat..."

Yun Yue's voice spread into my ears, "You nearly revealed the fact that you merged with the Heaven Lightning. Fortunately Zhang Xiaoshan didn't see through that, if not it would be a problem."


I sent my voice over to her, "For some reason it appeared without my control."

"It sensed your desire to win. You must be careful next time. If you really use it, Sword One would be a corpse. If that is the case you will get chased out and Senior Sister can't help you at all."

"En understood, I will pay attention next time. But you can't blame me, Sword One is really too strong."

"Scoff, Ancient Battlefield's grand disciple. Zhang Xiaoshan nurtured him for so many years so how can he be weak? Okay go down, you have done tremendously well for Wind Cloud Platform."

"En en."


I walked off and my clothes were tattered. Apart from Heaven LIghtning and Spiritual Ruin, all my other trump cards were revealed. Sword One's strength was there for all to see and his battle with me was totally different from all the other battles. All the younger generation disciples were shocked and their eyes were filled with astonishment. Maybe they felt like they couldn't chase up to us in their entire lives.

In truth, I was relying on the artifacts and the game system while Sword One relied on his strength and talent. In terms of skill, Sword One was definitely above me. I won because I used all the things that I could use.

This win was really a tough one!

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