Chapter 207- Fighting the Sword Saint
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Zhan Yue Chapter 207- Fighting the Sword Saint

"Fall Junior Brother!"

Sword Two shouted and his eyes were filled with confidence. The sword light split into many pieces and landed down from above. He said proudly, "With your strength, you wouldn't be able to block my sword!"

"Is that so?"

I spun around and the instance when I retreated, the dagger in my right hand disappeared as golden energy shot out from my body, causing everything around to twist. Intense energy surged in the sky and dragons roared above. Many golden runes wrapped around my body as my Dragon Will smashed forwards.




Both of us ate each other's attacks but overall he was still at a loss. However, he had a longer healthbar while mine had less than half. I didn't hesitate to use Blood Drawing Blade and then Dark Shadow Jump. I appeared behind him and used Backstab+Godslaying Blade+Mist Slash!

"Nice timing!"

Sword Two's back was in a mess but he was still filled with fighting spirit. He laughed loudly as he turned around and slashed me. This was the same move as before!

I was mentally prepared. When he used that attack, I jumped into the air and hung above his sword light. Frostfang on my left hand burnt up as I used Gouge!


He was stunned once more!

Hunter's Edge!

Three streaks of light pierced through his body, especially the two attacks after which caused Sword Two to spit out blood. As for me, I used the chance to heal some health. Right when Sword Two counter attacked, I used Separated by water!

"Hong hong hong~~~"

Under a series of heavy blows, although Sword Two had a long health bar but he still couldn't take it anymore. He covered his wound and retreated several steps. He knelt on the ground and spat out blood, "I lost!"

"Thank you for giving chance!"

I retracted my dagger and cupped my fists.

"July Wildfire wins!"

The moment the elder said that, the disciples behind Ding Heng exploded. Everyone stood up in joy!

Ancient Battlefield's few disciples were truly monsters and no one from Wind Cloud Platform expected me to win. However, I defeated Sword Two who was only weaker than Sword One. Even Elder Feng and Elder Yun looked at me with praise, "Young Master July, as expected from the guy nurtured by our Senior Brother, he is so different!"

I was delighted, everyone's praise made me feel a little embarrassed.


On the platform, the next battle was pretty much straightforwards. Sword Four's strength was similar to Sword Three and he was taken down in less than ten moves. Sword One won and he would compete with me for the top spot.

"Final battle!"

The elder held a scroll and had a slight smile on his face, "Wind Cloud Platform's grand disciple Wind Cloud Platform against Ancient Battlefield's grand disciple Sword One. We have waited for this battle of geniuses for a long time!"

He bowed towards the watching platform and smiled, "Your Highness, may we begin?"


A calm voice spread from over there and on close look, everyone was shocked. On the east of the viewing platform were all the higherups of Black Castle. Left General Lin Mu, Right General Bai Jian, Blood Pool Master Senior Sister Yun and also the guy in the middle. He was the King of Darkness, the one who awakened the Darkness Dragon Bloodline and once a member of the Xuanyuan Royal Family- Xuanyuan Yu!

During the Sealed God Temple battle, I had an impression of this King of Darkness. For Black Castle, he fought with Blood Emperor and was indeed a respectable king.

On the platform, Sword One jumped up in a white shirt and his hair bundled behind him.

He held a sword and smiled at me in a relaxed manner, "Junior Brother July, you have defeated my second and third Junior Brother. Come, let me witness your true strength. I want to know who the strongest disciple of the five locations are!"

He was right. In the previous battles, including Wind Cloud Platform's trial, they were just small squabbles. This was a true fight. Like what Sword One said, the kings of the younger generation was him and me. If he won, he was, if I won, I was.

Of course, I had to be the one to win because I was the main character.


"Sha sha..."

I walked up the platform and when I stepped onto it, Sword One smiled. He bowed towards Zhang Xiaoshan, "Master, disciple won't let you down!"

He bowed towards the three division's elders, "Elder Xu, Elder Lin, Elder Lu, I will go all out for this battle, don't worry!"

Is he... Drawing moral support? ! Moreover, was he trying to prepare to enter the three divisions? That was so shameless!

Shameless, he thought that because more people support him that he could win!?

I turned around too and bowed towards all from Wind Cloud Platform, "Master, Elder Feng, Elder Yun, I will try my best!"

The three elders nodded and smiled.

I then looked towards those higher ups, "Senior Sister Yun, are you here to cheer for me?"

"Brat... You brat..."

Her lips twitched.

I said once more, "Sir Lin Mu, Sir Bai Jian, long time no see!"

The two of their bodies shook and they coughed, "Yes..."

I then looked towards King of Darkness and bowed, "Greetings King of Darkness, long time no see!"

Although King of Darkness's face was covered in a patch of red light, but I could sense that his shoulders shook and he waved towards me, "Focus on the battle..."

"Yes Your Highness!"

This nearly angered Sword One. Although he had drawn in many of the audience but who cared about the elders of the three divisions, I roped in their highest members and also the supreme King of Darkness. This insta killed all of his supporters!

Sword One gritted his teeth, "You, Junior Brother July Wildfire..."

I smiled lazily, "Senior Brother Sword One let's fight, let me see how strong Ancient Battlefield's top disciple is. To be honest, I am looking forward to this battle!"


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In the next moment, Sword One just stood there but the sword energy in his body exploded, turning into a super strong energy wave that surged towards me. I could only raise my daggers to block. I sunk down and my Shura Spiritual Ruin was also shaking like I was facing a strong enemy.

"Oh my god!"

Zhuang Huai Shui was shocked, "Sword One he... He has comprehended Sword Heart? !"

"Yes, this is the power of Sword Heart!"

Elder Feng was astonished too. Elder Yun shouted to those from Ancient Battlefield, "Senior Brother Zhang Xiaoshan, if Sword One has comprehended Sword Heart, I think there is no need to continue. No matter how strong our grand disciple is, he can't beat a sword expert that has comprehended Sword Heart!"

"Sword Heart!?"

I stood stunned on the spot, "What is Sword Heart?"

"Silly Junior Brother."

Yun Yue's voice spread into my ears, "Only those who awakened Sword Heart has officially stepped into the path of the sword. Only then can one cultivate to become a Sword Saint. You don't even know that? !"

I frowned, "But I want to fight, I don't want to give up."

"Of course you should!"

She smiled, "You are my Junior Brother, who cares about one small Sword Heart cultivator? Fight him! Let me tell you. We don't have much skill, we only fight Sword Saints. I don't bother fighting people who aren't strong enough~~"

I laughed. Yun Yue's temper was really something I liked!



Sword One stood calmly. Although he didn't wave his sword but one could sense his sharpness. He was like a sword that came out of a sheath. he smiled towards me, "Junior Brother, should we continue? If you admit defeat it won't be embarrasing. I admitted defeat then too."


I shook my head and smiled, "I want to see how strong someone with Sword Heart is!"

"Not only Sword Heart but a Sword Heart expert that can control the power of Heaven and Earth, are you sure?" He smiled and asked.

"Of course, come and battle Senior Brother!"

"Very good, as expected from Senior Uncle Ding's only heir, come and fight!"


"Come on then!"

Sword One's sword intent rose and he reached 20 meters away from me, "Sword Heart into the Sky!"

The space in front of me twisted and spacewas shattered. A thick ancient sword appeared through the air with a bit of chaotic energy. The sword tip was close to a meter wide and it smashed onto the platform with unstoppable power.

Sword Heart into the Sky? !

At this moment I was shocked. What was that? I had never seen this before? ! Although the sword was formed from energy but it felt real and made one terrified. I felt like I had no chance at all!

Was I, July Wildfire about to lose!?

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