Chapter 206- Ancient Battlefield
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Zhan Yue Chapter 206- Ancient Battlefield


    Han Shang held his spear and landed on the platform. Heaven and Earth Power surged around him. He was really nimble, as expected from one of the best of the younger generation!

    As a player, I didn't know how to fly so I could only walk step by step up the stone stairs.

    "That is all?"

    Han Shang laughed and his eyes were filled with disdain. He pointed and said seriously, "July Wildfire, I heard that you defeated many of my Land of Reincarnation disciples in Wind Cloud Platform Trial. Today I will take revenge. I will definitely defeat you within ten moves!"

    "Ten moves?"

    I frowned, "Han Shang, you think too highly about yourself. I don't think you need ten moves."

    "Scoff, you are asking to be hit!"

    He hollered and death energy shot forwards. Frost circled around his spear, "Come, eat my Ice Thrust!"

    "Shua shua shua--"

    All of a sudden, frost energy condensed on the tip of the spear and a drill-sahped attack shot out. "Pu pu pu", it sot through the air towards me!

    I planned to insta kill Han Shang so I didn't hesitate at all.

    Dark Shadow Jump!


    A streak of light shone around me as I disappeared and appeared behind him. While I dealt 200% Dark Shadow Jump damage, I used Unparalleled Shattering and Soul Star Explosion together!

    "You are asking for death!"

    Han Shang's reaction was really quick. The instance when I used Dark Shadow Jump, his spear struck like a dragon filled with thick cold intent. It instantly sealed the area around and even caused my daggers to freeze up.

    "White Cloak!"

    I dodged his frost attacks and in the next second, the Autumn Moon Cold River in my right hand disappeared. I opened my palm and the space around twisted and golden runes appeared around me.

Along with a loud dragon roar, I used Dragon Will on Han Shang's chest. This palm was White Cloak+ Dragon Will!


    Six times damage. At the same time Dragon Will didn't follow the damage system so the damage was definitely much higher. Maybe because the battle was quite strict, if not I would have even dealt 200 thousand damage. This palm took close to a third of Han Shang's health.


    He panicked as he saw me wave my daggers and attack.

    "Frost Shield!"

    Han Shang hollered and his left palm hacked through the air. It formed into a shield and before it totally formed, I was close and activated my combo!

    "Separated by water!"

    The golden combo words appeared around me as the strong currents broke down the energy shield. The five hit combo struck onto Han Shang's body and the moment it was finished, I used Gouge to stun him.

    I went around his back and used Backstab+ Godslaying Blade+ Annihilation!

    A series of high damage numbers rose up. Instantly, Han Shang couldn't tank this bunch of high numbers. He knelt onto the platform and was only left with a bit of health.

    "July Wildfire wins!"

    Above, the elder smiled, "Men, carry Han Shang down."


    Two undead cavalry walked forwards and carried Han Shang down. I held my daggers and walked down slowly. At the same time I looked towards those at Land of Reincarnation and noticed that their faces were dead as ash. Even Zhuang Huai Shui's face was dark. It was obvious that the outcome wasn't satisfactory. At this moment, all of Land of Reincarnation disciples were wiped out

    Who knew that Land of Reincarnation would actually get eliminated in this round!


    "Not bad!"

    Master Ding Heng looked over with praise and I smiled. I sat beside Two Balls and waited for the battle to continued. In less than ten minutes, the battles were decided one by one. In the end, seven names circled in the sky and the elder guided them to pair up.

    The pairings appeared and I was up against Ancient Battlefield's Sword Three. Apart from that, Sword One had a bye. Sword Two and Sword Four faced up against two disciples from Precious Treasure Pavilion.

    "Sword Three!"

    Two Balls looked at me, "July Wildfire, I have sensed Sword Three's strength. His sword attainments are high and you can't let him successfully defend everything if not you will lose."

    "Don't worry, he definitely won't manage to defend everything."

    "That's great!"

    A few seconds later, I went up once more!

    Sword Three looked really humble and he cupped his fists at me, "Senior Brother July Wildfire, hope to learn a lot from you!"

    "Same here!"

    I nodded my head and disappeared into the wind. Since I was an Assassin, I had to use this to my advantage if not it would be a waste.


    Sword Three sucked in a deep breath and walked forwards. All of a sudden, the space around was folded. He was using sword intent to dispel things around and force me to appear? Wishful thinking!

    Right when Sword Three proceeded forwards, I stood on the spot and let my aura and the power of heaven and earth around me to merge. I escaped from Sword Three's scouting and dashed forwards. Soul Star Explosion+ Backstab was used and large damage numbers rose up. Instantly, 40% of his health disappeared!


    Sword Three turned around and his sword slashed onto Autumn Moon Cold River. Sword energy buzzed around him and formed many layers of swords around him. This kid's foundations were really strong!

    Unfortunately, this was not enough!

    In an instance, I activated Dark Shadow Jump and appeared in front of Sword Three. I used Gouge to stun him and used Dragon Will to pierce through his chest.


    Sword Three was shocked and tried to defend but it was too late. My combo smashed onto his body like a storm and then I used Apprehension to cover the platform. He didn't even have a chance to drop. He slashed three times to take down 30% of my health before kneeling onto the ground.

    "July Wildfire wins!"

    The elder looked down, "Sword Three are you okay?"

    He rested on his sword and got up, "I am fine."

    He cupped his fists and smiled at me, "Senior Brother July Wildfire really is worthy of your fame, I accept my loss."

    I nodded, "It was close."

    I headed down once more.


    A few minutes later, the outcome was decided. Sword Two and Sword Four won with a huge advantage. One could say that these four Ancient Battlefield disciples crushed all the other younger generation disciples. Land of Reincarnation's Han Shang and Lie Hai were still okay but they weren't their match.

    Thus the round of four ws just the three of them and I. It formed a three versus one, like Lu Bu against the three brothers... And I, was I the Lu Bu?

    "Junior Brother Ding."

    In the distance, Zhang Xiaoshan finally opened his mouth, "July Wildfire really opens my eyes, he is not bad."

    Ding Heng brushed his moustache, "Senior Brother with your three disciples attacking, who knows how far further my disciple can go."

    Zhang Xiaoshan smiled, "That might not be the case."

    Right at that moment, the elder used the space laws once more and the names clashed in the sky. I was up against Sword Two while Sword One fought Sword Four!

    Sword Two, that teen in white that looked quite strong.


    Sword Two jumped onto the platform and smiled.

    I walked up bit by bit and a golden energy current surged around me. Although the way I got up the stage wasn't handsome but my aura was quite solemn and cold. I was like a killer walking into the night, no one could see through my real strength.

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    "Junior Brother July Wildfire, please go all out!"

    Sword Two smiled, "I am different from third Junior Brother, be careful!"

    "I understand."

    My body sunk down and I used White Cloak once more.

    "Come out!"

    Sword Two hollered and his body was covered in sword light. A sword descended from above and it split into five streaks which splashed out, covering all my paths.

    So vicious!?

    At this moment I would only get hit if I retreated. So I just charged forwards and before his sword energy arrived, I used White Cloak+ Annihilation to slash his chest and follow up with a Gouge!


    Stun success! This was the advantage of being a player. I could use skills to suppress him. NPCs basically used real moves, their spears and swords were sharp but rarely stunned or reduced speed. At least Sword Two didn't have any of such skills. While he was being stunned, I wrapped behind him and used Backstab+ Godslaying Blade.

    One had to say that after getting Demon Vine Helmet, these two skills became golden skills that I couldn't lack.

    "Not bad!"

    the moment I used Godslaying Blade, he had turned around. With a "ci la", a lightning light shone from his sword as he swept onto my chest!


    That sword was so painful!

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