Chapter 227- First Master Servant Quest
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Zhan Yue Chapter 227- First Master Servant Quest

Just as expected, I only woke up in the afternoon. When I got up, Shen Mingxuan had carried the delivery food from the outside and she said towards me through the window, "Lazy pig time to get up, time to eat!"

"I know I know, I am coming!"

I washed up and went upstairs.

"What is the plan today?" I asked.

"No plans."

Lin Xi smiled, "I am getting to level 70 on my own while Mingxuan and Ruyi are leveling together. Either you follow me or them, up to you."

Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Don't, I already have my orange bow. With Ruyi, we are able to insta kill monsters. We don't need any heals and any protection at all."

I was annoyed, "Have I become the guy that With You does not need?"

Lin Xi giggled, "That is okay. Before meeting us weren't you training alone anyways. Since we are all busy leveling then you should level yourself. You can find others too."


I nodded my head, "When I am needed just call for me."



After lunch, I went online.


My Shura character appeared beside Wind Cloud Platform and the moment I was online, a message came from Ah Fei, "Ah Li, the Guild Creation Token has been sold. Guess how much?"

"How much? 500 thousand?"

"Too little!"

He laughed out loud, "3 million. The highest bidder is someone from another county and he bid 2.9 million but in the last few seconds, Breaking Dawn Ash made a 3 million bid. Deducting the 10% fee, we have earnt 2.7 mil. I have transferred all of them to your account."

"Ah? !"

I smiled, "No, half half!"


He shook his head, "I have principles, you got the Guild Creation Token so I have to give it to you. Inscriptions are our partnership so I can take half but definitely not the Guild Creation Token. I can't take your money without doing nothing."

"Then round it down, give me 2 million."

"That is fine..."




Not long later, my new bank account had 2 million. Finally I had some safe cash and wasn't empty handed anymore!

Just when I was happy, a low voice spread into my ears, "Kid, come over here!"

My body instantly turned into smoke and disappeared. I appeared in Spirit Swallowing Hole and in front of me was the Heaven Hound who was staring at me, "I didn't call you here for much, just to ask some questions."

I jumped up and sat on a piece of stone in front of it. I said lazily, "Ask then."

Heaven Hound frowned, "Black Castle is still under Xuanyuan Yu,

he is still the King of Darkness right?"



His gaze was filled with disdain and he smiled, "That young immature brat actually became the King of Darkness, then... Yun Yue? What realm has she reached?"

"I don't know, the gap between us is too huge." I had to protect Senior Sister Yun.


Heaven Hound continued to ask, "What is the Dimension Legion planning? A disciple I ate said that they are trying to suppress Black Castle once more."

"That was a while ago. Dimension Legion's Blade of Twilight Talon led the army to fight Black Castle in Burning Forest but we ended in a truce."

"Scoff, Talon..."

Heaven Hound laughed coldly, "The guy that grasped both light and darkness? When I wasn't even sealed he couldn't even help me carry my shoes!"

I was speechless, "Brother Dog, be careful not to bite your tongue while bragging. I think if Talon fights you, you might not win."

He raised his head, "Brat, you are looking down on me too much. If I regain my full strength, even the ten lords added together, I... Might not be killed by them..."

My mouth twitched and I didn't say anything.

Heaven Hound continued to ask, "What about the other places on the continent? Has Xuanyuan Empire fought with Dimension Legion and Black Castle? What about those brats from Blood Dynasty?"

I thought about it and said, "Black Castle is neutral now and we are fighting against Blood Dynasty. Xuanyuan Empire is against Dimension Legion. Based on what I know, Emperor Longwu set Bahuang Marquis to take control of Donghang Province and his troops are in Linchen County to prevent an invasion of the Dimension Legion."


He was in deep thought, "Xuanyuan Ying, that kid that awakened the god dragon bloodline 70 years ago? Hehe... Interesting, the only person who awakened it in 200 years actually got the title Longwu Emperor. he even dares to fight the Dimension Legion, amusing, hahaha~~"

I frowned, "Why, is your era really great?"

"Not much."

His eyes were filled with pride, "But there were so many god dragon bloodlines like dogs running around and Demon Conduits and Sword Saints roamed the land."

I was shocked, wow their era did sound quite strong! After all, based on my understanding of Illusionary Moon, Xuanyuan Ying should be the strongest of the human race. Moreover, Black Castle's King of Darkness Xuanyuan Yu also awakened the Darkness God Dragon bloodline. They were people who relied on bloodline to rule. As for what Heaven Hound mentioned about there being so many god dragon bloodline members, that was probably a time which we could only look up to.


After a few seconds of silence, I said calmly, "Brother Dog, did you summon me just to hear you brag?"

Heaven Hound frowned, "Do I look like such a shallow person? I summoned you over to get you to help me to do something. If you can do it, maybe I might remove the contract and set you free."

"Ah? !"

I smiled, "What is the matter?"

"This is a long story..."

The light in his eyes disappeared and he started to recall the past, "My Heaven Hound race is an ancient one and during the Shanhai Era we developed into a huge and powerful race. But in the era of so many gods, those humans started to hunt us, such that I became the only remaining Heaven Hound. I was chased by a fierce evil god over here and he used a Heaven Grade treasure to smack me down before sealing me in this Spirit Swallowing Hole!"

His eyes were filled with unwillingness, "Heaven Hound Race never did anything to humans but those human experts kept hunting me down. I have to take revenge!"

I smiled, "Then what do you need me to do?"

It looked deeply at me and a silver light shone in its pupils. This silver light was the one that killed Elder Zhi. But it didn't stare right at me and just said calmly, "The god that hunted me down was badly injured by my technique so he used this restriction to lock me up. Recently, I sensed that his life force is slowly disappearing."

"He died?"

I asked.

"Nearly." It said calmly, "Even if he didn't die, he should be on the edge of dying. Moreover, his lifeforce was used to seal me here. Even if he reached the level of a god, he wouldn't last longer than one from Heaven Hound Race. I want you to go there to confirm that he is dead, if not, help me kill him!"

His eyes were filled with viciousness, "If I hadn't remembered wrongly, your daggers are really sharp so your strike can definitely kill him! You have to promise me as you have no way to fight back. I can kill you with just a thought."

I frowned, "Understood. Where should I find him?"

"Head all the way west from here and you will notice a whitee stone piece. That is the Celestial Race's hiding technique. Shatter it and you can see him. Remember to kill him right away!"


Heaven Hound closed his eyes and a blood colored light carried my body out of the Spirit Swallowing Hole. At this moment, the area around the Spirit Swallowing Hole was blood red. This place was a forbidden part of Black Castle but I wasn't restricted by the rules so I could come in and out as I pleased.

What should I do next?

Did I really have to help Heaven Hound? I had no choice at all.

I held my daggers and disappeared into the wind. I ran towards the west to help Heaven Hound find for that piece of land.


20 minutes later.

I saw a piece of land that caved down. Mist formed around and I couldn't see anything at all. I continued forwards and this place looked familiar. Right, when I chased Blood Emperor from the Sealed God Temple, he suffered from a palm that descended from the sky which dealt huge injuries to him!

"Right, this was the place!"

The palm that Blood Emperor suffered from, was it from that Celestial Emperor that Heaven Hound mentioned? If it was him then he was helping the world get rid of a demon!

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