Chapter 228- Celestial Emperor Xiao Chen
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Zhan Yue Chapter 228- Celestial Emperor Xiao Chen

In this piece of low laying land, there were shrubs and trees all around. It seemed like a long time since anyone had came here. Mist spread around in the air and made this place seem like a paradise. However, I couldn't sense any aura and life force at all. It was as if this place was like an illusion.

"Sha sha..."

I walked hundreds of meters forwards and in front of me was a jade white stone piece. This was what Heaven Hound mentioned. As long as I shattered this, I would be able to see that Celestial Emperor!

I sucked in a deep breath and my daggers shook in my hands.

But I didn't do anything. A thought flashed in my mind. If I followed Heaven Hound's words, I might breakfree from him but what if he lied. What if this was the key to open his restrictions. What if this was a life extending artifact of that Celestial Emperor?

If I was rash, I might hurt him instead!

I kept my dagger and walked forwards. I placed my hand on the cold stone and didn't say anything. I just chanted to myself, "Senior, if you can sense me come out, if not things won't be good!"

I had to see him quickly if not Heaven Hound would find out!


The moment that thought appeared in my mind, the ground started to shake. The stone piece started to break off and golden inscriptions appeared below it. The ground below my feet also started to break apart.


I was shocked and fell down right away. I had no chance to flee. Along with my body's weight, I fell deep into the ground. A streak of light also followed me into the deep cave.


With a loud explosion, I finally landed. I didn't break my leg as I had expected as a gentle force had caught me. The instance that I landed, the stone walls started to buzz. A golden formation formed above my head that seemed really pure!

It seemed like I was in the right place!


On the side, below the stone walls was a really weak voice.

I dashed forwards and saw that there was someone sitting over there. His body was torn and tattered and he didn't look like a human at all. His flesh was like withering grass. His hair meshed into one piece with the rain and grass. His legs had started to merge with the stone below like he had sat here for 10 thousand years and only half his body was left.

As for his face, it was really old. Only his right eye shone bright. As for his left, he was probably blind and there was a hole there. It seemed like if I just touched him, he would just turn into dust.


I frowned, walking forwards and kneeling down to look at his face, "You are the Celestial Emperor that sealed Heaven Hound?"

He looked at me with a self mocking gaze, "What Celestial Emperor, I am just an old man whose life is about to end..."

He was the one!

I was a little emotional,

but I didn't know where to start.


He looked at me and said with a hoarse voice, "You are smart and didn't listen to Heaven Hound to smash my secret key, if not... Heaven Hound would have broken out and caused harm to the spirits in the world."

"I knew it..."

I frowned.


His gaze was filled with some sadness and a spinning circlet appeared in his right eye that was really mysterious. Under his gaze, I felt like I had no where to hide and I was being seen through. He said slowly, "I didn't expect for Heaven Hound to tie his life contract seed to you."


I nodded, "He captured me."

"Forget it, maybe this is cause and effect!" He sucked in a deep breath, "Kid walk closer."


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Although I was confused but I still walked slowly forwards. When I was less than half a meter away, his right eye shone bright and the rays of light pierced through my body. Instantly my blood felt like they were all evaporating. The black runes in my body that was imprinted deep in my soul were being wiped too.

This process lasted for five minutes and after the glow in the old man's right eye dimmed, the mark in my soul was cleared out!


I was really emotional and said gratefully, "You... You helped me to wipe out the contract?"


He nodded his head, "Kid, what is your name?"

"Lu Li."

"Okay, Lu Li." His voice was a little rushed and he coughed, "I don't have much time, are you willing... Are you willing to make me your Master?"

"I... I..." I was hesitating, after all I had a Master. Ding Heng, Senior Sister Yun, actually she was my Master too.

He saw through that and smiled, "I don't blame you for hesitating because you know nothing of me. Lu Li listen up, I am the Celestial Race Ancestor during the Era of Ruins. I am Xiao Chen and am called Celestial Emperor Shifang. When Heaven Hound Race caused chaos, they clashed with my Celestial Race and in the end, I came to this world to hunt the strongest Heaven Hound. But due to my heavy injuries, after sealing him, I had no strength to return to the Celestial World. So, my soul can only remain here and wait until both my body and soul gets wiped out."

He looked at me and was really calm, "Kid, I don't have much time. Decide, I don't want the Celestial Race's legacy to land to people who are not righteous. That would really cause an even bigger storm in the three worlds."

I gritted my teeth, "Understood! I, Lu Li am willing to make Xiao Chen my Master. I will never betray you!"

"Good... Good.. Good.."

He looked at me happily, "In a few breaths, my lifespan will finish up. I don't have time to teach you all sorts of skills, so... I can only pass the strongest legacy of the Celestial Race. Kid, look into my eyes."


I looked at him and noticed the deep gaze from his right eye. Dense circles spun in his eyes. I had seen such an eye before, oh right, Heaven Hound. He used it to kill Elder Zhi, but... Xiao Chen's ones were more exquisite and dense. The power was naturally stronger too.

Heaven Hound's eyes should be from him? That made sense.

"This eyes is called Shifang Flame Spiral Eye."

Xiao Chen looked at me and his aura was really weak, "It contains the strength and depth of my Celestial Race, and you... You have the Shura Bloodline and can carry this power. The heavens are treating me good, before I died they gave me such a strong and kind heir. Come, from today onwards, this Shifang Flame Spiral Eye will belong to you. I hope you use it well and not disappoint me."

"En, I will!"

I said seriously.

"Now, look at my eyes!"

He shouted, when I lifted my head, his Shifang Flame Spiral Eye shone bright and flame spirals spun in his eyes like they were showing some sort of phenomenon. They were really deep and magical. In the next second, my right eye felt a peircing pain like my entire eye was being scorched and melted. But my body was sealed and I couldn't move at all. The pain nearly caused me to faint.

At that moment, Xiao Chen's right eyes turned into golden runes that flew into mine. New flesh and blood was formed and a whole new eye appeared. A few seconds later, when I was about to stop breathing, the legacy was passed. My right eye had a fiery feeling to it.


System notification: Congratulations, you have obtained Shifang Flame Spiral Eye (End of the Universe Grade)!


A Shifang Flame Spiral Eye mark appeared in my interface. As for how to use it, I probably had to search for it myself. Xiao Chen's only eye withered and he was now a blind old man.


I wanted to help him up but I was afraid that my touch would accelerate his death.

"I am find... Kid..."

He smiled, "After having the Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, you won't have to fear Heaven Hound. This eye can suppress him and let him spend another thousand years in the Spirit Swallowing Hole."

"Master, you..."

"I am fine."

He smiled, "Kid, I have been arrogant in my life and apart from you, I have no other disciple. Unfortunately, I don't have much time. If not, I would tell you about all the things and demons I had killed. I don't have anymore time..."

"It is okay... It is okay Master."

I gritted my teeth and felt very complicated. This Master not only saved the world and when I fought Blood Emperor, he also saved Black Castle. Today, he too saved me and passed me Shifang Flame Spiral Eye. Unfortunately, after just a short few minutes of meeting, he was about to die.

At this moment, his body started to turn to dust.

His arm turned into sand that drifted into the wind and his body was disappearing too.


I knelt down and looked at him disappear.

"Kid, remember, don't show Shifang Flame Spiral Eye easily. Many people want to get it."


"Also, if you see my descendant, help me tell them something."

"Master please speak..."

"From today on, any descendant of Celestial Race, must not flying to the outer skies, remember, remember..."

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