Chapter 229- Purgatory Demon Realm
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Zhan Yue Chapter 229- Purgatory Demon Realm

"Sha sha..."

Along with the last bit of his body disappearing, Master Xiao Chen's soul disappeared into the wind. A Celestial Emperor Grade expert left just like that.

I sucked in a deep breath and stood up, solemnly bowing towards where he disappeared towards.

Time to go.

I crushed the City Return Scroll and appeared in the teleportation formation outside of Heaven and Earth Pavilion. Heaven Hound's voice spread into my ears, "Little brat, do you think you can break free of my control just like that? Wait and see. That old man is dead so how can that formation hold me in? The moment I charged out of the seals, I will shatter your brain right away!"

"You don't have to come find me!"

My gaze turned cold, "I am going to search for you first!"

After saying that, I dashed towards the Spirit Swallowing Hole.


Morning, the clouds spread across the wilderness. The plants around Spirit Swallowing Hole were all covered in dew. When I got close to Spirit Swallowing Hole, the Shifang Flame Spiral Eye icon started to shine. At the same time my right eye started to heat up like a natural power was activating it. The formations around it appeared. The formation and Shifang Flame Spiral Eye supported one another. A few seconds later, I actually grasped everything about the formation!


I jumped right into the Spirit Swallowing Hole. The formations below appeared one by one and formed golden vines which supported my legs. They just sent me all the way towards Heaven Hound.


Heaven Hound was furious and shouted, "Little brat, since you went to the old man, my connection with you have been broken. What did you do? Now you even dare to come back? Take a claw of mine!"


He slapped down and it caused the space around to shatter. However, I was really confident and the golden light of my eye shot forth, activating the formation. Golden vines appeared from the stone walls around and slapped onto Heaven Hound, causing his flesh to rip apart!

"Ah ah ah ah..."

Heaven Hound shouted in rage. After getting beaten up by me, he shrivelled up in a corner, "Xiao Chen.. That old man actually passed the Shifang Flame Spiral Eye to you? A kid from the Mortal World?"

"Why can't he?"

I said, "He is my Master. Although he is gone but I will follow my promise and use Shifang Flame Spiral Eye to suppress you. Don't think about going anywhere!"

"You... you..."

Heaven Hound shouted in rage, "Even Xiao Chen couldn't trap me, you can? Little brat, you think too highly of yourself?"

I laughed coldly, "Then why not you charge out from here? Go for it... Why don't you dare? Because Master's Shifang Flame Spiral Eye could trap you even when he was dying. Moreover, I am young and my bloodline is stronger. One is afraid of strong and young fists, I do know that theory. If you are unwilling to say that, I will help you say it out loud."

Heaven Hound was silent, it was obvious that I was right.


normal people might not be able to use the Shifang Flame Spiral Eye but I could. After all Shura Bloodline was a type of God Race bloodline.

"Actually, we don't have to fight and kill one another."

Heaven Hound said, "We might not be enemies. You also called me Brother Dog before. Since that is the case, I will be your brother. Think about it, if we join hands, who will be able to stop us? My Heaven Hound Bloodline, your Shura Bloodline and Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, we will sweep this world. Let's charge out of Black Castle and kill King of Darkness Xuanyuan Yu. We will make Yun Yue your wife and if we want more, we will kill Xuanyuan Empire. We will finish Longwu Emperor Xuanyuan Ying and take his city and concubines. Isn't that good?"

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My mouth twitched and I looked at his cunning eyes, "You nearly persuaded me! Brother Dog, you should just stay here. I won't kill you and you can forget about coming out. It is best if a demon like you don't ever break free."

"You brat!"

He was furious, "Why are you like that? You don't even want such a strong brother like me and you actually want to be with those weaklings from Black Castle!?"

"I am not afraid of other things."

I looked at him solemnly, "I am afraid that the first battle after we head out, you get killed by a Dimension Legion Lord and then my plans of world domination would fail!"


He raged, "Am I so weak? Even if I can't win, I won't lose to the lord do you understand? !"


I got up and stepped on the vines to climb out of the hole, "Just stay here. I will visit you occassionally. Also, don't think about doing anything or I will come over. My Master couldn't kill you but I can!"


It kept silent for a while before cursing once more, "You brat, petty. You are just so stupid. Wait and see you dumbass!"


I laughed out loud and walked out of Spirit Swallowing Hole.

Just like that, after the entire morning, I was not restricted by Heaven Hound anymore. I also got the Shifang Flame Spiral Eye. This morning was a good one.

Noon, lunch time.

Second floor of the studio, we ate lunch on the tea table.

"A new patch is about to refresh."

Lin Xi said, "Be careful. I heard that the maps are really strong and are prepared for players of the current stage."

"New patch?" I was stunned.

Shen Mingxuan laughed, "You little brother, have you gone mad from doing quests? You didn't even pay attention to the new patch?"


I was speechless and took our my phone. As expected, the new patch was called Purgatory Demon Realm that would be opened up in all counties. After players paid the teleportation fees, they would teleport in. Moreover, each map can take in only 100 players. As it is mirror map, it is similar to a dungeon and all players can enter. There would be competition but it won't be too tough.

"Can we form parties?" I asked.


Lin Xi shook her head, "Each person can only form parties after entering. So we will definitely get scattered and the chances of being in the same map is low."

"So we can only go alone?"

I laughed.


In truth, I was happy deep down. If I was alone, my Assassin's advantage would be amplified. If not, using my Paladin account, I had to rely on party members.

Just like that, we finished our lunch.

Lin Xi smiled, "The map will open at 2pm, we still have some time. I want to drink Coconut Milk Tea."

Gu Ruyi stood up, "I will go buy?"


Lin Xi smiled, "Lu Li you can go too, help Ruyi hold the umbrella and don't let her turn too tan."


I was speechless. I was just a security guard and nanny here.


The sun was shining bright outside. I held an umbrella to cover Gu Ruyi. However, I was unable to block for myself and my whole back started to hurt.


I looked at the girl beside me. She wore a T-shit and short dress and looked really youthful. Her long legs were really attractive too.

"Why Lu Li?" She kept her phone and smiled.

"The umbrella is too small."

I laughed, "You should know what to do?"


She got a little closer and I could sense the temperature of her body. My face turned red and my heartbeat quickened. I was kidding but she actually took me seriously?

"Cough cough..."

"Still not enough?" She looked at me and then lightly grabbed my hand. Her face flushed red, "No telling them this!"

"I won't, I won't..."

I touched my nose in case I had bled. This brat was just too pure~~

"That's good." Her voice was soft.

"Actually Ruyi, what I meant was that you can use the umbrella yourself, I didn't mind being in the sun."


Instantly, her face turned even redder.


Not far from the villa, there was a milk tea store.

We carried four cups back. We watched television for a while and at 1:50, we went back online.


I appeared in Black Castle and I went to repair all my equipment and fill up on potions before heading to Linchen County and changing to my Paladin account.


I rode my horse into the city and looked really arrogant. After entering, I cleaned up my Paladin's equipment and adjusted my level to 65. I wore the Blood Giant Armor. Now, my Paladin's stats were quite overbearing and I was comparable to Lin Songyan!


A message came from Ah Fei, "Ah Li, you are heading to Purgatory Demon Realm?"

"En, why?"

"Actually I want to go too. I want to level, if not I can't learn level 6 and 7 inscription techniques."

"Sure, but you are too famous so I don't think you should. If you want to level, find Little Black and tell them to bring you."

"En, actually I want Lin Xi to bring me to level..."

"Scram! You call that leveling!?"

"Hahaha~~ Don't say it like that~~"

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