Chapter 230- Unappraised equipment
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Zhan Yue Chapter 230- Unappraised equipment

Linchen County, east square. Two giant blood colored pillars stood tall beside the teleportation formation. Streaks of golden light shone in between the pillars. After the patch begun, the teleportation formation activated too. Once players walked in, they would enter Purgatory Demon Realm. As for how much they could gain, that would totally depend on themselves.

Time passed second by second and more people appeared on the square. All sorts of voices mixed together and it was a total mess. Most of the time players were all outside training but now they were all suddenly here. That made one realise that Linchen County really had a huge bunch of people!


Not long later, 2pm!

In the crowd, I was the most outstanding one because I was riding on the bone horse. I charged through the crowd and into the golden light. When I appeared on the other side, I heard a bell--


System notification: You have entered Purgatory Demon Realm Mirror 189! You can only enter this place once in 72 hours, good luck!

I was here!

There weren't many people behind me so I rode into the forest and changed accounts. A storm struck the land and July Wildfire appeared. I held my daggers tightly and my face was filled with confidence. As for Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, before it was used, there was nothing abnormal about it.


White Cloak flashed behind my back and I entered White Cloak state. Not far away, two hounds shouted. They charged towards those players who just teleported in. Level 60 Hunting Dogs, they weren't really appealing to me so I walked away!

Behind me, light flashed and more and more players charged in. This map could allow 100 players so there was competition. I had to speed up!

Thinking about that, I charged forwards.

Not long later, a giant teleportation gate appeared in the center of map that showed Purgatory Demon Realm Level 1. This was the place!

Teleportation success!

My eyes lit up and I entered a tunnel. The map wasn't small and in front of me was a demonic wolf. It was a level 61 Super Rare Monster. The level difference was huge and killing them would only waste my time. Time to find the entrance to the next floor!

I went into stealth and walked about. not long later, I found a teleportation gate and in front of it was a giant wolf that roared.

"Boss? !"

I confirmed that this was a level 61 Wolf King Boss!

I was delighted. Since I was here then I would just deal with it. After all, Bosses gave large experience. Since I was the first here, I shall help all the other players clear out the Bosses? In case the Boss killed them?

That made sense!

I summoned Orange Night and White Bird and with these two Battle Puppets helping, I headed forwards. I used Soul Star Explosion and along with the two puppets, we killed this Super Rare Grade Boss in less than 30 seconds. The equipments were quite weird. There was a foggy armor and a foggy ring. I reached out and I couldn't see the stats at all--

Tiger Chestplate (???): Not appraised

Tiger Ring (???): Not appraised


This concept of appraisal has been around for a long time.

Illusionary Moon said during the start of the server that most equipment were already appraised but there were special ones along with equipments that players crafted themselves. One needed to appraise them in the stores and the costs were really high. So some players decided for their secondary job to be appraisals.

As for me, I focused on leveling. Ah Fei's Inscriber Job was my secondary job so I didn't have time for a real one!

Keep it, return to the city to take a look later!

If things were expected, they were trash as at most they would only be Super Rare. To me, Super Rare equipment weren't interesting to me.

I charged into the teleportation gate!

The second floor was a tomb and there was dirt and corpses all around. Luckily my level was high enough and the monsters wouldn't spot me. I passed through the dense crowd and entered a giant room. At the center was an exquisite coffin. Without needing to think, this was the Boss!

I went ahead and after kicking the coffin open, a blood colored person flew out!

Level 61 Super Rare Boss!

Similarly, I summoned my two puppets and used Separated by water, White Cloak+ Dragon Will and ended the battle. The Boss had no more than 200 thousand health and wasn't enough at all. Apart from getting large amounts of experience, there were two more unappraised equipment. Anyways I had a large amount of space so I would just keep them!

Just like that, I didn't touch any of the monsters and only focused on the Boss. When I reached the sixth floor, the boss finally became a level 66 Precious Grade Boss. It roared in rage and we started our battle on the plains.

With my Bloodthirst Banner strategy, such Bosses couldn't threaten me at all. I swept over like that and ended the battle in just two minutes!


This time, three unappraised equipment were dropped!

I felt delighted.


I entered the seventh floor!

Right at that moment, there were messages on WeChat. Lin Xi started it and added me. I realised that Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi were here too--

"How is it?"

Lin Xi smiled and asked, "Which Purgatory Demon Realm are you in? I am in 17."

Shen Mingxuan, "331."

Gu Ruyi, "1026."

I, "189."

"As expected we are not together at all..." Lin Xi smiled helplessly, "How is your situation? Have players started to fight? Mine just did and I killed some of them. Many wanted to party with me but I rejected them."

"Still okay."

Shen Mingxuan smiled, "I partied with another two, one Warrior and one Paladin. The three of us should be the strongest here."

Gu Ruyi said, "Me too, I partied with three other people. I don't know if they will continue adding but it is okay. We are splitting rewards based on need so it should be fine."

"That's good."

Lin Xi smiled, "Lu Li what about you?"

I looked around and said, "I have a mount so I started running ahead to see if there are better gains in the deeper floors. Maybe I can solo a few Bosses."

"Not bad..."

She smiled, "Okay, let's work hard. If we have problems let's just contact each other!"



I continued and I will pretty much search each floor until I found the Boss. I didn't care who entered the same map as me, anyways with me here, they can forget about any gains!

Just like that, I reached the 10th floor and now the Boss became a level 70 Precious Grade one and it became much harder to take down.

But with Bloodthirst Banner, I still didn't have any problems.


it dropped a pile of gold and a few unappraised equipment so I kept them into my bag. The instance when I entered Stealth state, I heard dense footsteps.

Three people walked out from the darkness and one of them was Breaking Dawn Dust, the top Paladin of Breaking Dawn. The other two were Breaking Dawn players too. One Archer, one Mage. The three of them formed a relatively perfect formation.

Enemies really were fated, I was actually able to meet someone from Breaking Dawn here!


The Archer squinted his eyes and looked at the Boss's corpse, "The Boss was killed again. Damn, who is he. He is actually so strong? Is it a group?"


Breaking Dawn Dust said calmly, "I entered within ten seconds and didn't see anyone, how can there be people?"

"Then how do you explain the Boss's corpse, did he suicide?"

"How would I know?"

Breaking Dawn Dust stared at the Archer and was a little annoyed, "Let's go to the next floor. No matter who he is, kill him. If not we would have came to Purgatory Demon Realm for nothing!"


I decided not to hide. I walked out of White Cloak and smiled, "You don't have to find him, I am here."

"July Wildfire? !"

Although Breaking Dawn Dust couldn't see my ID but he could guess who I was. After all screenshots of me appeared all around the forums. Especially with Autumn Moon Cold River and Frostfang, only I had items like that in Linchen County.

"Breaking Dawn Dust, you really are unlucky!'

I laughed, "You ended up with me."


The Mage summoned an Element Shield and said coldly, "July Wildfire we have no animosity with you so you have no need to PK with us here right? One we die we won't be able to enter for 72 hours. Are you sure you can win?"


I smiled, "I don't need to use much effort to kill you three. Moreover, we do have animosity. When my brother was doing his job change, didn't you people come to spoil it? Since all of you are from Breaking Dawn then prepare to die!"

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