Chapter 231- Leveling quickly
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Zhan Yue Chapter 231- Leveling quickly

"You are asking for death, do you really think that you are special!"

Breaking Dawn Dust raised his shield and his face was filled with rage, "Attack together and kill him!"

"You really think you are strong?"

I lauched out loud and activated Quickness. Wind started blowing beneath my feet. A full Agility Assassin was extremely quick. Breaking Dawn Dust wanted to use Assault but how could he even lock onto me. I sidestepped twice and got close to the Mage.


He was stunned. He waved his staff and used Flash. This was precisely what I was waiting for.


I disappeared from the spot, turning into a streak of light which smashed onto the Mage's new position and dealing 200% damage. I nearly broke his shield. My daggers struck 3 times and the instance the shield shattered, I used Godslaying Blade!


One had to say that Mages were just too squishy and were the most squishy out of all. Level 63 Mages could be considered above average for the current players but they had at most 9000+ heath. One Godslaying Blade was enough to kill them.

"July Wildfire, you jerk!"

I heard the sound of wind being broken as Breaking Dawn Dust used Saint Storm.

Ignore him first!

I turned around and dodged Saint Storm's attacks. At the same time, I slashed towards the Archer.



Hunter's Edge!

After three attacks, the Archer fell to the ground and dropped a shining bow that gave off a purple light. To current players, purple bows were amazing. As for people like Shen Mingxuan who got Orange bows, they were just on a whole new level.


I flicked the bow up from the bow string and laughed coldly at Breaking Dawn Dust, "You want it? Come get it!"


His face turned green. Of course he wanted. It was obvious that Breaking Dawn spent a lot to nurture this Archer. For him to be able to get a purple bow, one could see how high his position in Breaking Dawn was. In the next moment, Breaking Dawn Dust used Assault and he locked onto the purple bow!

"Do you have a chance!"

I laughed. When Breaking Dawn Dust charged towards me, I charged towards him too. We brushed past one another and the purple bow flew across his head. I entered White Cloak state to dodge Assault while using Annihilation on his back!


This time Annihilation didn't crit and just dealt 5 times true damage. One could see how tanky Paladins were after using Ash Fortress.

But, this was still not enough!


Breaking Dawn Dust turned around and slashed.

Releasing a bright sword light.

I retreated and spread my palm. Three Cloud Piercing Arrows shot onto his body and each dealt 4000+ damage. He looked as Cloud Piercing Arrows pierced his chest but there was nothing he could do. His last bit of health disappeared to the Cloud Piercing Arrow and he knelt down unwillingly!

"Des... Despicable..."

He shouted in rage before he died.

I walked forwards and kicked his chest. I laughed coldly, "When Breaking Dawn tried to con With You, you were not only despicable, you were disgusting. Scram, as long as I am here, no one from Breaking Dawn can get anything from this map!"


He was furious but he had no health left. His body turned into stars which rose into the air. Like the other two, he was teleported out and he wouldn't have a chance to challenge this place for the next three days.

I bent down to pick up the purple bow. Looking at the stats, this was a level 60 Precious Grade equipment. To me it wasn't anything good but the Attack was high and there was armor penetration and quickness. If I tossed it to the auction, I could sell for over a thousand. No matter how little, it was still money too. No matter how rich I was, I had to be prudent.


I continued to the 11th floor.


Under White Cloak, I appeared on the floor. This map was a damp cave covered in algae. Many spiky monsters appeared. Spike Bugs, level 71 Treasure Grade monsters. Their levels had exceeded me so I had to go around them and not aggro them.

After all, more and more players entered and if I was too slow, they would catch up to me.

Just like that, I finally entered a wide cave. A giant female bug laid on the ground. This was a Treasure Grade Boss and it was one that didn't know how to move. Spike Armor Insect, Level 71 Treasure Grade Boss!

As for challenging a Treasure Grade Boss, it wasn't much of a problem and the experience would be generous too!

I raised my hand and summoned Orange Night and White Bird. I looked at them and said solemnly, "Orange Night attract attention and use Giant Dragon Storm to clear the small Spike Bugs. White Bird and I attack the Spike Armor Insect. Try to avoid damage and protect yourself, don't get injured okay?"

"Yes Master!" Orange Night said seriously.

White Bird's beautiful eyes looked lost, "Lu Li are you okay?"

"I am fine."

She must have recalled what happened at Spirit Swallowing Hole. My heart felt warm and I touched her soft cheeks, "Thank you for last time."


She nodded, "Let's fight, I have been craving a real battle."

"As you wish!"

I turned around and attacked with the two of them. When I attacked the female bug, its body started to tremble and spawn more small bugs. Their health were quite low but their Attack were really high. Luckily Orange Night used Giant Dragon Storm and along with my Apprehension, we basically killed those small bugs in a few seconds.

Within the damp cave, skills shone bright. With us going all out, even a Treasure Grade Boss couldn't tank it. Moreover with White Bird's blue light attakcs, the Spike Armor Insect's flesh split open and green liquid flew all about.

In less than five minutes, with it crying out, the Spike Armor Insect was done.


Large amounts of gold were dropped and from gold alone, Treasure Grade Boss was definitely not something Precious Grade ones could compare to. The moment the Spike Armor Insect expoded, a golden rain covered my body. I had reached level 70!


After which, the level 7 skills in my skill list could gain familiarity points and get to level 8. The higher the level, the stronger they were. This was the reason why skill levels were important in game.

As for equipment, the bug dropped a few unappraised ones. Apart from that, there was a golden skillbook that was unappraised, one couldn't see the skill name at all.

I sucked in a deep breath and laughed, "The company is so shameless. This Purgatory Demon Realm would probably earn them a huge amount just from appraising."

Right, Destiny Corporation games always had a perfect economy system. Players would gain gold from monsters and the NPCs doing the appraisal would take them back. The game would earn money from players charging money and buying packages.

Illusionary Moon, each hour would cost a dollar and this price didn't change.


Anyways, my spending was quite worth it and any item could probably make up for half a month of use.

I continued to go deeper.

12 floor was a Treasure Grade Boss Spectre Cavalry, which dropped three unappraised equipment. 13th floor was a Dark Fire Bird which drop 2 equipment. 14th floor was a Treasure Grade Boss Spectre that dropped four. The unappraised equipment were a mix of light and dark so it was impossible to guage the color just from looking.

15th floor Treasure Grade Boss Spirit Blade took me close to 10 minutes to finish. The Boss's levels were much higher than mine and it got much harder to kill.

"Weng weng weng~~"

Ahead, a blue teleportation gate appeared. This left me a problem. The monster levels would increase. Should I level here or enter the next one? After all, based on the monster grading, the next Boss should be Unique Grade, to fight it alone... Wasn't so easy and it would be risky. It was safer to stay here to level.

Thinking of which, I just cursed, "What is the point, let's just head down. If I can't win then I shall just return!"

Thus, I held my daggers and jumped into the teleportation formation.

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