Chapter 232- Desert Giant
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Zhan Yue Chapter 232- Desert Giant


    I stepped into the 16th floor and instantly my body was covered in a ball of heat. The scenes ahead was one of a desert and at the same time, a bell rang in the sky--


    System notification: Player Seven Fire has stepped into the 16th floor of Purgatory Demon Realm and is the furthest in the map!


    It actually triggered a system announcement?

    I looked into the sky and felt a little lost, was the system afraid that I wasn't famous enough? The moment this id appeared, even a fool would know that it was July Wildfire!


    In the chat, Shen Mingxuan was speechless, "Who is this July Wildfire, he actually reached the 16th floor so quickly? My party is still on the 8th floor, how did he do it?"

    Lin Xi said, "If expected, he should be only clearing the Bosses and he stealthed through the maps, but... To be able to kill high grade Bosses alone, his strength is indeed quite sick."

    Gu Ruyi said, "I am only at the 8th floor, Lin Xi what about you?"


    Lin Xi's tone was a little sad, "July Wildfire's job advantage is huge. If I was an Assassin maybe I could reach the 15th floor too."

    I consoled, "That is fine, he probably didn't earn much experience. If you kill up step by step, the experience you gained might not be any lesser."

    She burst out laughing, "Lu Li what floor are you on?"

    "I am on the 9th floor, hahaha~~"

    "Not bad not bad, let's work hard and get more unappraised equipments back to the city!"

    "En en!"

    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "We have gotten a few unappraised ones, maybe top items will appear. I am really looking forwards to it~~"

    I laughed out loud, "If they are all green equipment,

I would definitely laugh out loud."


    Shen Mingxuan was speechless, "If that happens, I will go offline to beat you up!"

    "Come, let's fight to the death!"


    I held my daggers and travelled in the desert. This map was huge and was pretty much similar to outside world maps. It wouldn't be so easy to find the Boss and the teleportation formation. I just had to fight the monsters along the way.

    "Sha sha~~~"

    Beneath the sand dunes, many human sized dunes protruded out and turned into a tall monster. Half of its body was stuck in the sand and it just slowly moved over. In the next second, its stats appeared--

    Sand Monster (Unique Grade Monster)

    Level: ???

    Attack: ???

    Defence: ???

    Health: ???

    Skill: ???

    Introduction: Sand Monster, a terrifying native of the sand dunes that are violent and heartless.


    As expected, Unique Grade monsters have appeared. Their Attacks were really strong. I spread my arm and summoned Orange Night and White Bird before charging forwards. I used Gouge and the stun effect missed. Without needing to think, these Sand Monsters were level 76, 6 levels higher than me. The Gouge effect didn't have that high of a success rate.


    In the next second, the Sand Monsters started to counter attack. With a "peng", they smashed my chestplate. I lost 6000+ health, such strong Attack!

    "Head forwards together!"

    With an order given, White Bird and Orange Night attacked together and in a few hits the Sand Monster was ripped into pieces. It dropped 11 gold. Unique Grade monsters' drops were really different, much more than purple ones. I picked them up. Not only did they give large amounts of experience, there was also generous gold drop rate. It was so blissful to be able to hunt for monsters here!

    In the sand dunes, many Sand Monsters appeared. I didn't plan on finding the boss so early so I just started to clear out the monsters in the desert.


    Time passed bit by bit and at 6pm, I was still not able to find the boss. Lin Xi's voice spread out from the WeChat group, "I am hungry!"

    I nodded my head, "I am hungry."

    Shen Mingxuan said, "I haven't ordered delivery, should we head out? Hotpot or Big Bone Soup, or steak?"

    "I am fine with anything." Gu Ruyi smiled.

    Lin Xi said, "I have selection disorder, Lu Li what would you like to eat?"

    I said lazily, "Any tastes good while eating with three beauties. I don't mind anything."

    "You only know how to flirt!"

    Lin Xi's tone was filled with praise.

    Shen Mingxuan burst out laughing, "Since that is the case then let's go drink Big Bone Soup. It helps Lin Xi's legs recover, what do you all say?"

    I said right away, "Agreed!"

    Lin Xi smiled, "En, then let's eat Big Bone Soup."

    "Head out!"


    15 minutes later, Big Bone Soup shop.

    After ordering, we waited a while and the soup was in place. We ordered a few other dishes. Maybe because everyone was hungry, our eyes were filled with desire to wolf down the food.

    After a bowl of dishes, I felt much better.

    Lin Xi looked at her phone and said, "Lu Li which map are you in?"

    "189, why?" I asked.

    She frowned, "Breaking Dawn Dust posted and said that July Wildfire is in 189, moreover he killed the few from Breaking Dawn. You haven't bumped into him right?"

    "Ah? !"

    My heart jumped. If I knew it I wouldn't have said my real map. I shook my head, "I hadn't seen him. Damn, no wonder I haven't seen a boss at all. So he had cleared them all out!"

    Lin Xi burst out laughing, "I empathise with you... To share the same map with them, you won't even have a chance to drink soup at all."

    I scooped another bowl for myself, "Since I can't drink soup there, I can only drink soup here."

    Shen Mingxuan giggled, "Lu Li actually it is good that you are on the same map, anyways he is above and you can't reach there. The Boss will take a long time to refresh so you can just focus on the monsters."

    I was speechless, "Your idea is not bad. I shall reach 12th or 14th floor."

    "Not bad."

    Lin Xi looked at me and said, "The monster experiences of Purgatory Demon Realm have 25% addition. The effectiveness would be much higher than outside. Moreover there is a chance of dropping unappraised equipment, if you are lucky, you might get two Treasure Grade equipment."



    Night, I went online and continued.

    At 8pm, when I arrived on the back of a hill, dust blew and the entire area was covered in dust. A giant formed. Finally I had found where the boss was at. Moreover, no other player was at the 16th floor. My chance was here!

    I walked in front of the boss and not long later, its stats appeared. As expected, this was a Unique Grade orange boss--

    Desert Giant (Unique Grade boss)

    Level: ???

    Attack: ???

    Defence: ???

    Health: ???

    Skill: ???

    Introduction: Desert Giant, one of the elemental protectors of the earth. Desert Giant has the sand element but they are really cruel and kill for fun. They do many evil things in places with sand, launching attacks on humans, elves, dwarves etc. In any light faction camp, everyone has bounties on Desert Giants.


    I couldn't see its level and its stats but I knew that this was a level 76 Unique Grade boss!

    Come! Battle!

    I raised my chest and started to place Bloodthirst Banners around. "pa pa pa", Bloodthirst Banners appeared all around. When I stuck the 8th one, I struck out.

    I kept Orange Night and White Bird as they were easily killed by high grade bosses. It was best if I dealt with them alone. After all if I messed up and died then I would just lose one level. But if they were killed, the losses would be huge. This was not a price that I could take!

    I raised my hand and shot out towards the Desert Giant!

    "One Cloud Piercing Arrow is like a giant army!"

    I added some sound effects.


    Damage numbers flew up. Cloud Piercing Arrow had 200% of my damage which meant that my basic attack only did 2400+ damage on basic monsters . This level suppression was huge and most of my stats were being suppressed. Without having to think, this battle would definitely be difficult.


    Desert Giant hollered in rage. My body moved along with the wind. Although it was quick but it wasn't an instant teleport so things were much more simpler!

    "Die humans!"

    He raised his arm formed from sand and struck down!

    I opened my arms and when I was about to be hit, I activated White Cloak. A large miss appeared above my head and then I used Annihilation on the boss's chest. It was a critical strike!


    The damage numbers were still pessimistic but I could see that the Boss's health dropped to 99. This meant that his health was around 5 million. This really wasn't optimistic!

    "Prepare to die!"

    The Desert Giant hollered in rage and summoned a storm!

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    "Desert Burial!"

    The calm desert started to ravage like a giant wave smashing towards my head.

    "Let's go!"

    Fortunately, I laid out the Bloodthirst Banner and used Dark Shadow Jump over. Moreover, I dodged his attack. I turned around and used Cloud Piercing Arrow on it. Once he got close, I activated Blood Drawing Blade. I followed it up with Gouge, Backstab and Godslaying Blade.

    After that, I used Dark Shadow Jump to flee once more!

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